Nama Mata Pelajaran / Subject Name Kod / Code Status Mata Pelajaran / Subject Status Peringkat / Level Nilai

Kredit / Credit Value Prasyarat (jika ada) / Prerequisite (if any) Penilaian / Assessment Tenaga Pengajar / Lecturer Semester / Tahun Diajar / Semester / Year Taught Hasil Pembelajaran / Learning Outcomes

Malaysian Studies / Pengajian Malaysia MPW 2133 Keperluan Nasional / National Requirement Sarjana Muda / Bachelor 3 - Nil Midterm Exam 20% Assignment and Presentation 40% Final Exam 40% Dr. Raja Ahmad Iskandar Raja Yaacob Dr. Muhaimin Sulam Mohammad Kamal 1/4 At the end of this course, students should be able to: 1. explain the history of the nation state as well as the development of Malaysian society in socio-cultural, political and economic terms. 2. recognize the efforts and contributions of those involved in defending the nation’s honor and sovereignty over history 3. relate to the nation’s identity and citizenship 4. recognize Malaysia’s role and contribution in the international arena. The course seeks to study and comprehend Malaysia from a multidisciplinary perspective, i.e. principally the historical, the sociological and the political. In so doing, its discusses the formation of Malay society, plural society, Malaysian society, the Malaysian Constitution; the formation of community and dimensions of integration and unity; nation development, and contemporary issues. Lect . Tut. Lab

Sinopsis Mata Pelajaran / Subject Synopsis

ideologies and belief systems • Main National Policies • Education Reform Contemporary Issues: • Development in science & technology Issues on human and Community Development • Issues on environment and development • Issues on culture and expression 16 hrs 16 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs 8 hrs Texts Total Hours 1. Malaysian Studies.Rangka Mata Pelajaran / Subject Planning History and Politics: • Pre-history • The Malay archipelago • Hindu colonies in the Malay world • Early Formation of Southeast Asian States • The coming of Islam • Melaka • Colonial Malaya • Malay nationalism • Federated and Unfederated Malay States • The Emergency • Independence • Formation of Malaysia • System and Structure of National Administration • Democracy and society in Malaysia. Nazaruddin M Jali (2003). Malaysian Constitution: • The Federal Constitution • Major provisions in the Malaysian Constitution. Federal Constitution (as at 5th March 2008). Petaling Jaya: International Law Book Services 56 primary text / bacaan utama . unity and pluralism • Multi ethnicity in Malaysia • National Integration and Unity • Mahathir Mohamad and the Malay Dilemma National Development: • Planning and Vision for national Development • Vision 2020. Community and Unity: • Society. Kuala Lumpur: Prentice Hall. 2.

3. Ghazali Shafie (1998). Bangi: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia *And other readings to be announced later supplementary texts / bacaan tambahan . Memoir on the Formation of Malaysia.

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