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GEMS Education
The education sector is characterised by high growth across much of the world
Constant school age population growth:
The world’s population is currently growing at a rate of 1.14% each year; the school aged population alone grew 22% between 1991-2011. [Source: UN data]

Rapid urbanisation and aspirations:
The high rate of urbanisation results in higher aspirations for parents to provide high quality private education to their children. Over half of the world’s population now lives in cities. [Source: UNESCO data]

Higher per capita income:
Higher income and spending levels have led to an increase in living standards and a growing willingness by parents to pay for private school education, particularly in emerging economies. The global average GDP per capita (US$) rose 27% between 2005-2010 (from $8,855 to $11,204). [Source: UNESCO data]

Better quality of education:
Private schools have been proved to be better than public schools in most of the regions that we operate. Private schools now account for 27% of all education provision globally. [Source: UNESCO data]

Government support for private sector:
Emerging economy governments cannot afford to replicate Western state education systems, and instead increasingly allow for-profit private schools to operate and improve the current quality of education.

Migration of citizens:
Rapid globalisation and the high number of expatriates have led to greater demand for quality international private school education. More than 200 million people were living outside of their home country in 2010. [Source: UN data]

Growing demand for skills aligned to economy:
In the next two decades, the world is likely to have too many workers without the skills to find full-time employment. In both developing and advanced economies, policy makers will need to find ways not only to produce high-skilled workers but also to create more jobs for those who aren’t as highly educated. [Source: McKinsey 2012]

GEMS Education
The education sector has demonstrated strong financial performance
In 2010, the world’s top ten global education companies generated over USD $26bn in revenue
Education projects generate between 15% to 35% IRR

Education, like the health sector, is a ‘counter-cyclical’ sector, performing well even in recession
The international schools market has shown continued resilience throughout the recession with continual annual growth in both school supply and enrolled student volumes

GEMS Education
Our Vision

To be the world’s leading provider of quality education, enriching the lives of millions of children and the communities in which they live.

GEMS Education
How we achieve our Vision?
We work across the spectrum:
• In the Private Sector we are making private education more accessible to communities by providing a range of school models with different price points and curricula, thus making private education more affordable. In the Public Sector we are working with Governments to deliver efficient, high quality public education provision globally. Through our philanthropic arm, the Varkey GEMS Foundation is improving the standards of education for underprivileged children.

GEMS Education
Global network of award winning international schools.
Over 130,000 students from 151 countries. 11,000 education professionals, specialists & staff from over 80 countries. Largest employer of British and Indian teachers outside home countries.

GEMS Education

The Largest K-12 Education Company in the World

GEMS Offices

Countries : Operations/Active Projects

GEMS Education
GEMS Education is a global education company that owns and operates high performing schools and offers education services to support both the public and private sectors.

GEMS Education
Tailored to the community
GEMS enters each country at the “Top End“ of the market We dominate the mid market segment scene across curricula with a compelling proposition, benefiting from economies of scale and efficiencies across the network.

We also create affordable solutions for the local community by delivering national curriculum schools

GEMS Education
Tailored to the community
The GEMS school model is UNIQUE in the world because it offers a range of internationally recognized curricula and a range of tuition fees making quality education more accessible and affordable to the broader community.

GEMS Education

Global network of award winning schools
1. Working with the world’s LEADING EDUCATIONAL ARCHITECTS. 2. BEST FACILITY within each city or country - by far. 3. FEATURE SPACES at all sites. 4. SEAMLESS technology enabled environments.

GEMS Education
University Acceptances
Over the last 4 years alone, GEMS students have been accepted into 590 universities in 41 countries.

GEMS students have gone to 12 out of the top 15 universities in the world and have been accepted to 32 out of the top 50 universities worldwide.
In fact, GEMS students have been accepted into 37 out of the top 50 universities in the US.

In the last ten years alone, GEMS students have won over 700 national, regional and international awards for academics, sports and the arts.

GEMS Core Values
All schools promote their ‘values’!... BUT GEMS schools live and breathe THEM

World Citizenship World Citizenship Universal Values Universal Values

Creating students with a local and global perspective.
Accepting that we are all different, recognising that we are all the same. Developing each student’s individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to discover his or her potential. Developing skills for the future.

Leadership Qualities Leadership Qualities Forward Thinking Forward Thinking

Little GEMS International
There is an enormous demand for quality pre – schools that combine education and care with a flexible, extended service for parents. Little GEMS International pre-schools cater for children from three months of age to the start of school (from 6 weeks of age in some countries). Every step in Education is important but it has been scientifically proven that the pre-school years are the ‘most important’ as they lay the foundations for future learning and success. Our unique LGI curriculum is designed to enhance cognitive development through movement, music, performance, world languages and digi learning. Our team of world renowned educationalists has spent over thirty years researching into how the brain functions in relation to early childhood development. The Little GEMS International approach is based on four pillars: quality education, quality, care, quality staff and partnership with parents and the community. It is successful because we have designed a programme which is firmly based on published, scientific and educational research.

GEMS Education Solutions
Government advisory services and managed schools
GEMS Education Solutions is a specialist education consultancy providing strategy, consulting and programme implementation across the education sector. As part of GEMS Education, GEMS Education Solutions can draw upon the best of the group’s global private school network and educational expertise. GEMS Education Solutions takes the learning and benefits of 50 years experience in school management and professional development to partner with governments to achieve transformation across school and tertiary sectors.

GEMS Education Solutions
Range of Education services (1 of 2)

Education Strategy
We provide technical assistance, policy development and research; as such, we aspire to be strategic partners to ministries of education around the world. Our staff includes State Superintendents (New York and Washington, DC) and senior education officials (UK, USA, Australia and the Middle East).

School Improvement
GEMS Education Solutions delivers school improvement. In the US we have pioneered a ‘Turnaround’ model. In Abu Dhabi we have pioneered school transformation through a Public Private Partnership with the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Our model includes curriculum reform, teacher education, English language development and leadership development.

Managed Schools
We specialise in managing schools on behalf of both public and private operators. Education Solutions can set up joint ventures and manage outsourced schools that will raise standards, improve educational outcomes, professionalise teacher CPD, and deliver value for money.

GEMS Education Solutions
Range of Education services

Vocational and Higher Education
Guidance and targeted development will help align supply and demand in Higher Education and work.

Teacher Training
GEMS offers a tailored training service, that ensures that teaching staff and school leaders benefit from cutting edge professional development programmes.

Parental Engagement
As essential partners in education, we believe that parents are the key to releasing the potential of their children. We have developed a range of strategies, based on extensive research, to engage parents in students’ learning outcomes.

The Varkey GEMS Foundation
Changing Lives Through Education
VGF is the philanthropic arm of GEMS Education. We are a not-for-profit organisation, established to improve the standards of education for underprivileged children. Through our expertise, networks, resources and partners, we ensure that our projects deliver quality education. Our goal is that for every child at a GEMS school, we aim to impact the lives of 100 children who are in need. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is the Honorary Chairman of the Varkey GEMS Foundation.

The Varkey GEMS Foundation
Changing Lives Through Education
“There will rarely be people who launch something with so much potential to lift the hopes and spirits and dreams of children as this foundation has done tonight. The benefits from an educated child will affect not only the child itself, but his or her family and the wider community. The Varkey GEMS Foundation's commitment will bring that opportunity to millions more children around the world".
Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton speaking at the launch of the Varkey GEMS Foundation

The Varkey GEMS Foundation
The Foundations Projects Providing Access to Quality Education:
Rebuilding a school in Kibera, Kenya
In partnership with the Raila Odinga Centre, we are rebuilding a school in Kibera, Kenya, Africa’s second largest slum.

Establishing Learning Resources Centres in India
We are establishing 10 highly replicable, low-cost Learning Resources Centres in India with an ambition to create 500 Resource Centres across India over the next 5 years.

Rebuilding schools in Pakistan
In 2010 Pakistan was hit by its worst natural disaster when floodwater inundated up to one fifth of the country and destroyed many local schools. We have committed to building ten schools to support the region’s education crisis.

The Varkey GEMS Foundation
The Foundations Projects
Providing school uniforms and dignity
We believe that a school uniform can instil a sense of pride and collective endeavour in children, so we have made donations in Lebanon, India and Egypt to provide uniforms for students in need.

Improving global teaching capacity:
Improving School Leadership
In partnership with UNESCO, we have committed to providing leadership and professional development training to 10,000 school principals in Kenya, Ghana and India over the next four years.

Girl Power
We are working with UNESCO on a project to increase the numbers of girls and women in science and technology in Kenya and Lesotho by providing creative, gender-sensitive training for teachers and school principals.

GEMS Education
Our Global Partners

GEMS Education

GEMS has a Dynamic Management Team

GEMS Education

Founder and Chairman – Padmashri Sunny Varkey, Founder and Chairman
The Founder and Chairman of GEMS Education, Mr. Sunny Varkey has guided the company’s remarkable expansion. A visionary education entrepreneur, his formula for creating schools of excellence includes an enterprising blend of high education standards, innovation and customer service.
Sunny Varkey believes passionately that all children have a right to a quality education. In his ongoing mission to effect qualitative change in society, his philanthropic commitments have helped improve the lives of thousands. Sunny Varkey believes that education is the most important issue in the world today because of the effect education can have in reducing conflict, prejudice, poverty and intolerance. He believes we must lift education standards worldwide. At the heart of the challenge is the inconvenient fact that there is a global shortage of good schools. In the developing world, too often there are no schools at all. Sunny Varkey believes that the private sector can work with governments, powerfully, to invest in building more good schools and in turning round those that are weak. If the two sectors work together, he believes we can move much more quickly to create schools that inspire children, schools which value scholarship and develop character, schools which spare no effort in preparing young people for tertiary education and a happy and prosperous life. Sunny Varkey actively promotes the concept of multi-cultural understanding and World Citizenship as an integral part of the educational programme across the network of GEMS schools.

GEMS Education
Dino Varkey – Group Chief Operating Officer

GEMS Professional Executive Management Team
Nick Guest – Chief Financial Officer Nick is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and a fellow of the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He was Group Treasurer and Director Finance of Stagecoach Group plc and later became CFO of the largest UK surface mining operation company and was a key executive in the delivery of the significant growth in revenues and profits. Nick has significant international debt and equity capital raising experience and has worked on flotation processes on the London Main market, AIM and Irish stock exchanges. Dino spearheads the strategic development of the global operations of GEMS Education. He is active in the ongoing development of key relationships across a broad spectrum - government and regulatory, sector specialists and strategic business partners to ensure that the organization's goals, continued leadership in the sector and aggressive yet sustainable growth on an international scale are achieved. An accomplished public speaker, he ensures compliance, risk management, sustainability of investments and the efficient implementation of policies and processes. Dino has a B.A. Honors degree in Business Studies and Economics from University of Sheffield.

Jay Varkey – Senior Director , Business Development and Commercial

Chris Kirk - Chief Executive Officer – GEMS Education Solutions Chris Kirk joined GEMS from PricewaterhouseCoopers as CEO of GEMS Education Solutions, our global consulting practice. Chris has 17 years experience in the education sector, from both a public and private sector perspective. He has been with PwC for the last 11 years, where he leads the UK Education practice and is Chair of the Global Education Network, which links 70 PwC offices across the world. Prior to PwC, Chris was in the UK Government’s Department for Education and Skills, where he was in the Civil Service Fast Stream. Chris’ work focuses on designing and implementing educational policies and programs, and on helping education organizations to maximize their potential for the benefit of learners.

Jay Varkey, leads the global business development function for GEMS Education. Jay has a M.A Honors from the University of Edinburgh. He is active in developing professional and beneficial relationships with clients and partners both globally and regionally. His knowledge and background in social infrastructure in the education sector, leaves him well placed to lead the groups development activities.

C. N. Radhakrishnan – Senior Executive Director , Varkey Group

Radhakrishnan (Radha) is Senior Director of Varkey Group (VG), and is a member of the Board of GEMS Education and its various subsidiaries. Radha has over 30 years of experience working in a variety of organizations in manufacturing, healthcare and education sectors across India, China, Europe and the U.A.E. He joined VG in Dubai in 1998 as Vice President (Finance & Planning), and since then served VG in various capacities as Director (Finance & Administration), Executive Director of VG. Radha has a BSc in Physics (University of Kerala), MBA in Finance & Systems (XLRI Jamshedpur) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (University of Pune).

Vikas Pota –Global Head of Corporate Affairs and Chief Executive of the Varkey GEMS Foundation
Vikas Pota joined GEMS after selling his corporate affairs & strategic communications business, which he founded in 2003 in London. In this business, he provided advisory services to leading businesses and CEOs wanting to engage with emerging economies and vice versa. Prior to this, Vikas headed up an independent Parliamentary group in the British Houses of Parliament, where he advised leading Government Ministers, civil servants and stakeholders on various strategic issues. He also worked for HSBC on their Graduate Training Programme, and thereafter for Alcatel Telecom in the UK.

GEMS Education
Mark Ryder – Head Property / Real Estate

GEMS Professional Executive Management Team
Margaret Atack – Group Senior Director Education Margaret is an education professional with over 35 years of experience in both the public and private sectors. She joined GEMS in 2005, since then she has gained experience through her role as Director International Schools and Senior Director of Quality Assurance. She has a successful track record of ensuring that schools fuel the GEMS constant search for excellence
Mark is Global Head of Real Estate for GEMS. He has over 20 years of experience within the property industry working as a planner, solicitor and developer at senior strategic positions. From its inception in 2001, Mark was the Chief Executive for 6 years of one of the UK’s first public/private asset backed investment vehicles – Isis Waterside Regeneration with a portfolio of over £1bn. Before joining GEMS in October 2011 Mark ran his own property and consultancy business for over 3 years. He has also worked as a principal with private development companies such as Mace Real Estate, Harrison Varma, MCD and the Ardmore Group.

Graeme Fisher – Director Design & Infrastructure
Graeme has 17 years of school design experience and plays an important role in developing a range of new designs across many of GEMS schools. Prior to joining GEMS he was a Partner at Godwin Austen Johnson, where he led a team of 20 architects & interior designers dedicated to primary, secondary and tertiary education projects

Alison Arnold- Group Director – Marketing Alison has worked in a number of senior positions most recently at PepsiCo International as Vice President Marketing – Indo China. Alison has a proven track record of delivering significant sales and profit growth on both established and new brands through strategic analysis, creative insight and execution.

Hervé Marchet – Group Chief Technology Officer
Hervé is an international figure in the application of technology for better learning outcomes and a recognized visionaire in the field. He held an executive leadership position for 12 years at Apple Computers where he led sales, marketing activities & business development of the EMEIA Education markets, a $1.5 billion business unit.

Richard Forbes - Director –Corporate Communications Richard has been involved in Communications for over twenty years His previous roles have included: Group Manager of Publicity and Media for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Senior Media Advisor for the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and more recently General Manager Corporate Marketing and Communication at Nakheel based in Dubai
Sumit Jamuar– Director - Finance
Sumit Jamuar was formerly member of the Financial Institutions Group Executive Committee and Managing Director & Global Head - Sales & Global Clients for Financial Institutions in Corporate Bank at Lloyds Banking Group. He led a global business with institutional clients in over 90 countries.

Ravi Ramani – Director Operational Finance Ravi has more than 12 years of experience in Financial Analysis and Modeling. He joined GEMS in 2005 as Senior Financial Analyst and has played key role in restructuring in GEMS to bring in a strategic investment partner.

GEMS Education

GEMS Professional Executive Management Team
Servee Palmans – Director School Administration & Business Operations Servee has over 18 years of experience working with hospitality industry for the past 17 years with Hilton International and Starwood Hotels & Resorts in the United Kingdom, Germany, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE. He has extensive experience in hotel operations, guest satisfaction, brand assurance, change management, innovation and corporate responsibility Elmarie Venter – Director School Enrolments & Customer Care Elmarie has over 15 years of multi national experience in customer care, business development and quality assurance. She is actively involved in driving enrollments and developing admission strategies in all GEMS schools.

David Wilson – Director Asian Schools &Chief Academic Officer, GEMS India David has more than 36 years of experience in education and training from pre- school provision to adult education. Much of this experience has been gained through his military service with British Army, where has was Director of Education. In this role he has also advised at Senior Board level or organizational change and improving Human Capital.

Noel Motha – Group General Counsel
Noel is Group General Counsel responsible for oversight of all Legal, Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Governance work for GEMS Group operations. He is a graduate of Manchester University and Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, & is a qualified solicitor with over 15 years’ international experience – in private practice at the law firm Allen & Overy, then in senior in-house roles at Hitachi & most recently as General Counsel a subsidiary of Dubai World.

Vinay Gupta – Director Internal Audit Vinay is a Fellow Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has more than 16 years of post-qualification experience in Audit and Business Advisory services in India, Fiji and the UAE. He joins us from PricewaterhouseCoopers, UAE, where he held a Senior Management position in the Assurance division. Andrew Short - GEMS Education Solutions Director - MENA
Andrew has over10 years’ experience in public sector and education reform implementation in the Middle East. He was previously a regional director for New Zealand’s largest private education consulting firm for 5 years (MEST) and a Former School leader and national developer of professional standards for school leaders, teachers and boards of trustees. He has led education projects in both the public and private sector in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, South Pacific and New Zealand.

Sahar Cooper - Purchasing Director , GEMS Education.
She is responsible for developing and managing strategic sourcing activities globally for GEMS owned and managed schools worldwide. She has over 18 years of commercial experience in global education and has strong strategic, operational and procurement management skills. She has particular experience in managing businesses though periods of start-ups and substantial growth.

Andrew Lee--Director Director– –Human Group Human Resources Fara Siddiqi Resources and Corporate Administration
Andrew has considerable consulting specializing in organizational development Fara Siddiqi has over 13 years of experience, multi-national experience in strategic human and change recruitment, leadership. Heemployee has worked with energy, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, resources, relations andbanking, performance management healthcare and retail clients and has consulted with McKinsey & Company and the Boston Prior to joining GEMS MENASA, she was at Bank of America where she was Consulting Group. He was a board member of the UNITE Group, one of the U.K.’s top 200 responsible for all facets of Human Resources businesses, and Chairman of a high-tech biometrics firm in England.

GEMS Education

Unrivalled Education Expertise

Margaret Atack Manny Rivera Group Senior Director of Education CEO GEMS Americas & GEMS Education Global Partnership Schools

Dr. Martin Stephen
Director of Education, GEMS Education UK

Mel Curtis Chief Academic Officer GEMS Education Europe

Professor Pat Preedy (PhD) Wayne Ible Chief Academic Officer - Director Chief Academic Officer Little GEMS International GEMS Education East Asia Adviser, Early Childhood Education

David Wilson Director Asian Schools Chief Academic Officer GEMS Education India

Alan Marshall Director of Standards GEMS Education

Tim Emmett Business Development Director GEMS Education Solutions

Dr. Ana Tilton Chief Education & Program Officer GEMS Education Americas

Raminder Vig Chief Academic Officer GEMS Education Africa

Andrew Short GEMS Education Solutions Director Middle East & North Africa

GEMS Education

Our Global Network of International Advisors

Lord Andrew Adonis
Former UK Schools Minister

Dr. Joyce Epstein
Director at Johns Hopkins University

Sir Eric Anderson
Former Headmaster Eton College

Mark Vaile
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Greg Crafter
Former President of the IB Board of Governors

Prof Stephen Heppell
Advisor, Technology & Education

Prof Bill Lucas
Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester

Sir Mike Tomlinson
Former Chief Inspector, OFSTED UK

Barnaby Lenon
Chairman Independent Schools Council UK

GEMS Education

GEMS Education is a proud partner of the Clinton Global Initiative
“In my travels around the world, I’ve seen that while intelligence and ability are equally distributed, access to a quality education is not. Members of our Clinton Global Initiative have made hundreds of commitments that have opened the doors to education for more than 8 million young people around the world. The support of Mr.Varkey and GEMS Education will help us do even more to address this and other pressing issues.”
Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton

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Learn. Aspire. Be.