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Issue: 002

Date: 21/07/07

The VOICE Messenger

Srila Prabhupada Uvacha…...
Srila Prabhupäda: “This Krisna consciousness movement means preaching. Without preaching, one can have no taste. And without taste, you won’t be able to go on with this Hari Hari Bol. If you don’t preach, in a few years after I leave, there will be no more Hare Krisna movement. Because no one is preaching in the churches, they are all closing up. So why don’t you get serious about this preaching work? Practically speaking, my Guru Mahäräja has invented this movement for that purpose. My ambition is that you make a revolution against this godless society. That is my mission. That is why I continue on, even at this advanced age. We want to guide everyone. So you have to know my books. Read and preach—both things must be there—then you will have potency. Preaching means fighting” (Conversation, 12/12/73)

VOICE/YOGA Summer Camps 2007…….
Vaishnava Training workshop (VTW) & Software Training workshop (STW) .. A Historic Event...
“VTW/STW is one of the most special annual events hosted by Krishnagatipur VOICE, which aims at training the youths nationwide in the Vaishnava culture and philosophy along with other skills like software aptitude and personality development. Public speaking, dramas, interactive lectures, classes in cooking and music skills, services, management, etc and all aspects of the life of a trainee devotee get enriched leading to amazing advancement”, says Sattyadarshi a second year student of from IIT Kharagpur. NIT Warangal, IT BHU, NIT Jamshedpur, Pune attended the program. Simultaneously a new additional aspect of software training in C, C++ and JAVA, was arranged by final year IIT Devotees.

VTW/STW- 2007
This time one-month VTW/STW was held from 20th May to 24th June. The main attraction of STW was to have IIT Professors for teaching the devotees in software skills utilizing computer facility of labs and course certification by IIT. If this could be done, then anyone would be happy to join our STW-VTW program every year as it affords a spiritual and academic advantage. By the hard work Prof. Kanchan Chowdhary Pr, Bh Pavan VSK and Bh Ashish Agrawal, Prof. Rajadatta of Electronics dept. agreed to the proposal “This conforms, KC is very amazing and full of adventures”, says Ashish Agarwal, a 4th Yr student of Mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Another specialty was for the first time accommodation for most of the students was arranged in IIT hostel, where Prasadam was made available in the mess.

Highlights of the past years:
Initially the workshop started in Dec 2004 holidays for two weeks with 15 KGP and IT-BHU students. In 2005 the workshop was arranged for one month duration. During the workshop HG Jananivas Pr visit was very special. Last year 65 first year students from various institutes like NIT Suratkal,

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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education sultry scorching summers of Kharagpur VTW-2007 (20th to 28th May)
Life was busy at Krishnagatipur VOICE. After an enjoyable morning program lectures for both seniors and 1st year devotees encouraged participation by involved group assignments, topics starting from basic philosophy to various qualities of devotees like humility, Vaishnava relationships were discussed. Daytime included preparatory ‘C’ classes by Bh Indresh (KGP VOICE Alumni) & Bh Satyadarshi (2nd yr IIT KGP) whereas Bhagavatam classes were arranged for the seniors. The weekly Boys VOICE meetings helped many students in gaining confidence for speaking what they learnt in spiritual life and giving public presentations. Sadhna card system was introduced to regularize the spiritual life.

nectarine. By the mercy of the Lord we could clearly see in every leaving devotee the qualities that would make him a worthy leader for spreading the mission of Prabhupada and Lord Chaitanya,” says Bh Pankaj a 2nd year engineering student from COEP Pune. The very next day, boys left to Mayapur for annual UTKARSH festival.
-Report Submitted by Bh Ashish Agarwal and Bh Aporav (Krishnagatipur VOICE)

Preachers and Managers Forum
“In order to execute any task one needs special abilities and skills. It is therefore necessary to fan the spark if one possesses it. This Preachers and Managers forum will be the step towards training tomorrow’s leaders”, says Bh Rammohan, Project Manager Infosys. The speaker HG Radheshyam pr discussed three points in the first meeting, 1) Need of management for a spiritualistAt ISKCON, we want to propagate the substance of KC to a larger society. We want to first learn, practice and then preach it through the medium of book distribution, Govindas, Festivals, College program, Children programs etc. Such outreach to people involves organizational effort. Thus hard work combined with management skills to channelise those efforts, guided by a great vision to reach out to the masses becomes necessary.

STW-2007, (29th May to 15th June)
Course Inaugurated by Dean – IIT

The most fascinating event was the course inauguration at Electronics Dept, by Prof. Bani Chatterjee - Dean Continuing Education and HOD Electronics Dept, Prof. Raja Dutta. Bh Pavan VSK – represented the VOICE and gave presentation on objectives of the workshop. The cause was aptly appreciated by IIT authorities who were happy at such an endeavor. Dean thanked VOICE for organizing the course and said “VOICE has given a chance to IIT Kharagpur to help students from various prestigious colleges of India”. The course included intensive Software Training during daytime followed by 2 hr study slot regularly. The course was concluded with Certificate distribution by HOD, Electronics Dept. “With a hope to come again, we left Kharagpur with many added facets in our spiritual lives and missing the rare association, which made even the

2) Preaching manager and managing manager Preaching manager is one who preaches to the people, delights in studying and speaking scriptures and thus he manages. Whereas managing manager will have a brahminical board that will give 2

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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
spiritual knowledge but he himself will be a manager. In order to manage efficiently one needs inner strength, ability, and integrity. He mentioned that, management has to be kept minimum and preaching maximum… shravanam kirtanam smaranam 3) Leader, Manager and producer A Leader is visionary and a Manager manages a group of devotees to make that vision happen. A producer is one who expertly does the work, himself. HG Radheshyam Prabhu mentioned that “actual preaching is-to instill faith in heart of people to chant the Holy Name. He also pointed out that, before going for action we should first have clear vision”. We want to become servant leaders to accomplish great goals for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupad. then person becomes inside & outside same. The speaker HG Radheshyam pr presented eight practical tips for positive thinking, which are 1. Give up unreasonable expectation 2. Right definition of success 3. Give-up unhealthy comparison. 4. Count the blessings of god upon you. 5. Don't be bothered about what world thinks of you 6. Tolerate the svabhava or nature of others. 7. Give up blame game: see sunny side of people 8. Desires should not be expressed/ suppressed, but should be sublimated. The speaker mentioned that there is a wide gap between expectations and actual reality because of this stress and in turn fear is created. Instead of becoming greedy we should count the blessings which God has given to us. We need to learn to transfer material desires to spiritual ones. He clearly mentioned who is poor and rich. If our assets are less than our desires then we are poor. He concluded at the end “if we give positive inputs then positive outputs are expected”.

1st Saturday youth meeting
Topic: Eight practical tips for positive thinking In the modern times people are going on externals ex. shaking hand, plastic smile etc. When one has qualities/virtues like truthfulness, honesty, loyalty

Preaching in Kota-July 2007
Why preach in Kota?
Kota is situated in south eastern Rajasthan and is the second biggest city after Jaipur. Students preparing for IIT-JEE, AIEEE and various other competitive exams including medical come here from every part of India in the hope of getting their dreams fulfilled. There are around 1 lakh students here in the age group of 17-22. There are about 35,000 students preparing for IIT-JEE alone. Most of the students who prepare for IIT-JEE either end up in one of the IIT’s or the top NIT’s and colleges like IT-BHU etc. Since we have VOICE centers in some of the top NIT’s, IIT KGP, IT-BHU and many more will come up in the future, preaching in Kota has long term benefits and every VOICE can benefit with some readymade devotees coming in from. Realizing the tremendous potential for preaching here, HG Acharyaratna Pr came last year with a group of six devotees and organized a two day program for the boys.

Activities and Events, July 2007
Day DAY 1 Special Events Wonderful drama in the beginning itself (the story of the very famous bhola bhala who fell prey to the tricks of his mind but whose mind later on became a devotee) ‘MIND YOUR MIND’ PPT by HG Chaitanya Charan Pr. Inspiring talk by ten IIT devotees who spoke their realizations on “Why chant Hare Krishna?” fallowed by Mantra meditation in chorus for 5 minutes. Seminar on the topic of “Time Management” presented by the IIT KGP devotees Two small skits to further illustrate the Housekeeping and Time Wasting concepts. fallowed by Mantra meditation in chorus for 5 minutes.


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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
DAY 3 Counseling session where IIT student devotees interacted personally with students. We presented Study Tips on “How to study for IIT-JEE & exam day analysis” prepared from the valuable tips given by some of our experienced devotees who had prepared for JEE in Kota. We also gave them modified version of our sadhana card to help them manage their time & asked them to sms or mail their scores to us every week or month to keep them accountable. The talk by IIT devotees on “Why chant hare Krishna?” was a big hit with the students. Since the students were looking for ways to improve their concentration, memory power etc the devotees presented the process of mantra meditation as the best means to improve memory, focusing ability. These are some insignificant by-product benefits that chanting Hare Krsna gives, although it’s real goal is to offer the chanter Krsna prema, Love of God. After the chanting session a total of 238 beads were sold. Despite heavy rains, the programs received an overwhelming response with many students staying back to ask questions after the sessions. Sl No Session No of participants 1 MIND YOUR MIND – morning session 250 2 MIND YOUR MIND – evening session 150 3 TIME MANAGEMENT – morning session 180 4 TIME MANAGEMENT – afternoon session 150 5 COUNSELING – morning session 16 6 COUNSELING – afternoon session 14 The book sales was also excellent with HG Chaitannya Charan Prabhu’s latest release “Spiritual Scientist – Selected Newspaper Articles” being the best seller. Sl No 1 2 3 4 5 Name of book Stress Management AOMC PTMC DYS Spiritual Scientist newspaper articles book Number distributed 239 275 97 53 50

Special Features

HG CCP spoke the ESCAPE formula to control the mind : E – Give up unrealistic Expectations, S – Have right definition of Success, C – Give up unhealthy Comparison, A – Appreciate God’s blessings, P – Be Principled; don’t worry too much about worldly opinion, E – Endure difficulties through faith.

Some Benefits of chanting Hare Krishna as explained by IIT devotees:
One devotee mentioned that the mind is like a swift flowing river, very difficult to control and the two banks are like our parents and teachers who guide us; the third most important factor in controlling river flow is a dam which is compared to God who can help us in controlling our mind. So we must build the dam of God to control our mind by mantra meditation. Another devotee mentioned that along with physics, chemistry and mathematics there is another vital factor in getting through JEE, that is mental stability. There are so many cases of brilliant students getting tensed in exam & going completely blank or unable to perform to their expectations. And the best way to achieve mental stability is by chanting Hare Krishna.
-Report Submitted by Bh Arjun (Krishnagatipur VOICE)
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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

Special Achievements…….
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) . Bh Vivek Agrawal (3rd Year Computer Engg) from GGD VOICE has got placed in TCS Bh Manish Singh (3rd Year Chemical Engg) from GGD VOICE has got placed in Wipro Bh Rambharat K from NIT Jamshedpur VOICE got placed in TCS. Bh Gaurav Srivastav from NIT Jamshedpur VOICE got placed in Wipro. Bh Ravinandan Prasad from NIT Jamshedpur VOICE got placed in Accenture. Bh Nirajkumar from NIT Jamshedpur VOICE got placed in BOC. Bh Saurabh Khatri with CGPA 8.6 Topped for 1st Year in Electrical Engg from COEP Pune. Bh Omkar got 3rd rank with CGPA8.23, 1st Year in Electrical Engg from COEP Pune.

Hare Krishna to you…birth day celebrations
Sr. No 1 2 3 4 Name Of Devotee Bh Dnynesh Kabra Bh Ullas Bh Sravan Reddy Bh Raghav Birth date 15 July 19 July 27 July 30 July VOICE / YOGA GGD VOICE Krsihnagatipur VOICE Krsihnagatipur VOICE Krsihnagatipur VOICE

Upcoming Events… HG Krsihna Smaran Pr’s visit to Pune
Sr. No 1 2 3 Name Of Event Preachers and Mangers Forum –“Qualities of a KC Leader”-By HG Krishna smaran Pr Youth meet on “Mercy”- By HG Krsihna smarana Pr“ (For all 16 rounder devotees) 4th Saturday Youth Meeting on “TRANSFORM …..your Worst Enemy into your best Friend” By HG Chaitannya Charan Pr Sunday feast Lecture on “Realizations in KC-What is the secret”? By HG Krishnasmaran Pr Date 28 July 28 July 28 July Time 8:00 am to 9:30 am 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


29 July

10:30 am to 12:30 pm

“Arpan” for NVCC……
Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 No of Sq fetes collected 50 40 14 08 05 VOICE/YOGA Vrindavan Mithila Murlidhar Karunasindhu Atmanivedan

-Overall report prepared by Bh Rajshekhar
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