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Issue: 004

Date: 1st Sep 07

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Srila Prabhupada Uvacha... VOICE/YOGA Seminars Training Program for VOICE leaders 1 1 2 Upcoming events-Sri Krishna Janmasthami 4 Hare Krsna to you-Birthday Celebrations “Arpan for NVCC” 4 4

Srila Prabhupada Uvacha
Owing to ignorance, one does not know that this material world is a miserable place where there are dangers at every step. Out of ignorance only, less intelligent persons try to adjust to the situation by furtive activities, thinking that the resultant actions will make them happy. They do not know that no kind of material body anywhere within the universe can give life without miseries. The miseries of life, namely birth, death, old age and diseases, are present everywhere within the material world. But one who understands his real constitutional position as the eternal servitor of the Lord, and thus knows the position of the Personality of Godhead, engages himself in the transcendental loving service of the Lord. Consequently he becomes qualified to enter into the Vaikuntha planets, where there is neither material, miserable life nor the influence of time and death. To know one's constitutional position means to know also the sublime position of the Lord. One who wrongly thinks that the living entity's position and the Lord's position are on the same level is to be understood to be in darkness and therefore unable to engage himself in the devotional service of the Lord. He becomes a lord himself and thus paves the way for the repetition of birth and death. But one who, understanding that his position is to serve, transfers himself to the service of the Lord, at once becomes eligible for Vaikunthaloka. Service for the cause of the Lord is called karma-yoga or buddhi-yoga, or in plain words, devotional service to the Lord.

VOICE/YOGA Seminar…….
VOICE, Now an Official Club at NIT Suratkal College
VOICE recently got the status of an official club at NITK. The student members of the club will also be getting academic credits for their membership and services to the club. The club is now enlisted in the official booklet & Academic Curriculum of NITK. Dr.G.K.Shivakumar, Ex-Director and Senior Prof (Physics Dept) is the Faculty Advisor for VOICE at NITK, who himself came forward to take up the role. In his words, “I am highly pleased to be associated with the VOICE group.” Another important thing was getting official permissions for book distribution, one-time program, DYS course inside the college campus.

On 30th July, VOICE organized one-time program on ‘Art of Self Management’ by Vishal Kaushal (Alumni VOICE).The highlight of the program was Dr.V.R.Sastry (Dean of Student Affairs) as the 1

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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
Chief Guest. The result of the program was 107 students registering for DYS. 1) “VOICE is a distinct club… We have many clubs at NITK, but VOICE is distinct.” says Dr. G. K. Shivakumar, Ex-Director of NITK 2)“At NITK, we give a lot of importance to extracurricular activities and I am sure VOICE will do a great job in imparting value-education to the students based on our culture & moral principles of life” says Dr. V.R. Sastry, Dean of Student Affairs. HG.Tulsi Pr gave seminar on Proactive leadership. Director Sandeep Sancheti commented “Usually it’s very difficult to get good number of boys to this kind of seminars, but if VOICE conducts, large no of students are motivated to come, like today”. At the end certificates for DYS were also distributed. Venkatesh (NITK VOICE), 4thYear B.Tech Acharyaratna Pr, HG Acharyaratna Pr and HG Chaitanya Charan Pr. d) VOICE Frontliners Meet HG Radheshyam Pr conducts two morning SB classes for juniors (Thu) & seniors (Fri) of Mayapur VOICE, GiriGovardhan VOICE and COET College. These are based on ‘SP speaks out’, SP pastimes, & SB lectures to put a solid foundation on KC philosophy through interactive learning. Apart from the above, Corporate VOICE is in the process of selecting about 25 to 30 candidates to be trained as ‘Corporate Seminar Preachers’ (CSP) who can give 3 hrs seminars in companies and 1 hr seminars in colleges on topics like ‘Stress Management’, ‘Time Management’, ‘Self Management’ ,’Proactive leaderships’ etc.

Mangers and Leaders AssociationBy Vamshi Vadan Pr on “Facilitation”
He explained that the important things in a presentation should include 1) Introduction, body and conclusion 2) A certain amount of stage-fear is useful since it gives speaker an impetus for good preparation. 3) To have good confidence in speaking, we should be prepared by good sadhana and reading. 4) One has to depend on Krishna. Ultimately he will inspire us to speak the right words at the right time.

Training Programs for VOICE Leaders…….
HG Radheshyam Pr has been over the years offering seminars on how to manage Krishna’s resources successfully in preaching and propagating KC. Recently he officially announced the fallowing one year training programsa) Mangers and Leaders Association (MALA)Sunday morning Just like in a japa mala all these mangers will be future leaders in VOICE & YOGA centers to take up KC far and wide. The candidates eligibility for joining this weekend 2 hrs course is that one should be in some managerial capacity – MMC leader, facilitator, facilitator preacher, internal manager, overall coordinator, project manager etc.. b) Preachers Forum (PF) -Saturday morning All MALA members are necessarily PF members, but all PF members need not be MALA members. Here training is given for understanding deeper aspects of KC philosophy to obtain Vaishnava qualities and to become a mature preacher. c) DYS Preachers Forum- Saturday evening Here the MMC leaders, facilitator, facilitator preacher, overall coordinator-are trained in giving DYS course effectively through public speaking training program by HG Radheshyam Pr, HG

The speaker also explained different ways of learning like i) Knowledge transfer or didactic way of learning:This is the traditional Vedic way – the teacher speaks and students hear; since there is no feedback therefore the audience may lose interest.

ii) Interactive learning - Facilitation methods 1. Whole class discussion 2. Group task-Always the task should be given
according to audience level

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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
3. Brain Storming 4. Demonstration –The theme can be explained with the help of picture or some model etc 5. Games, Dramas, Debates 6. Visual Presentations & Playing part of SP tapes iii) Experiential learning-This has four aspects:




1. Could be a drama or a role play 2. Reflective experience based on past experience 3. Conceptualize means to bring out what he has learnt from that experience 4. Modify: “what actions I will take based on the past experience?” This is very effective way of learning and also very strong impact on the audience Answering to a question HG Vamshivadan pr, explained if there any many questions we can restrict the number of questions by choosing who will ask the question.

- Ankur Gupta (Murlidhar VOICE), Design Engineer (R & D) Nvidia Pune

conditioned by three modes of material nature, four fold miseries, how one has to suffer by six whips and undergo six changes. He also explained how a living entity is bound by karma; we cannot choose our body or parents, and we are forced. There is no disease like lust, no enemy like illusion, no fire like anger and no happiness like the happiness attained by spiritual knowledge. He also gave solution how to come out of these bonds. According to Chanakya a student desiring education must give up the fallowing things in order to get rid of these bonds, i) Illicit sex ii) Gratification of tongue iii) Showing anger iv) Greed v) Caring for personal beatification vi) Moving in fare for entertainment vii) Excessive sleeping & excessive recreation In order to rise above the modes of ignorance and passion-one has to give up attachment to wrong things and aversion to right things. Suraj Rungta a first year student from PICT expressed that in order to get rid of these bonds I have to chant regularly, read the scriptures and I have to associate with the devotee friends. Six hundred boys attended the seminar. Vipul Agarwal (Murlidhar VOICE), Software Engineer, IBM Pune

Saturday Youth meet on “Break free of bonds”
Dr Sujata Vaidya discussed about consciousness and shown many images of a person in various circumstances called Carolinian images which were able to represent the changes in consciousness caused by different stimuli.

“Revival-A festival of joy and Inspiration” at NIT Jamshedpur
In NIT Jamshedpur VOICE, the semester began with Prerana festival, where HG Sankirtan Anand prabhu explained how VOICE training helps one throughout life. He also explained what things are expected from one who voluntarily wanted to associate with VOICE. Main objective of VOICE is to guide the misguided youths of modern world by giving them proper spiritual education based on the timeless Vedic wisdom of Bhagavat-Gita. It also helps how to incorporate values and principles in our lives based on Shastra mainly Bhavagat-Gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam. Neeraj a 2nd year student says “My direction of life has changed after coming in contact with VOICE. Now I can clearly discriminate what is good and what is bad. My studies, mental health, character, personality have improved a lot. He expresses his gratitude for his senior students of VOICE. At the end, VOICE students presented a drama on “Mind Your Mind”. Almost 50 boys attended the seminar. Rambharat (NIT Jamshedpur VOICE), 4th Year B.Tech (Mech) 3

HG Radheshyam pr explained about thought waves and aura. Then he discussed how a living being is

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Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

HG Radheshyam pr’s visit to NIT Warangal VOICE
Discussion on “Ask the question why am I suffering?”
“This was the most thought-provoking seminar that I ever attended in my life,” says Natwar a student of NIT Warangal. He liked the analogy of small bird trying to get it into the hole in a pole and one of the Prabhupada’s disciples covering it with paper and the bird could pull the paper out, but when the hole was covered with paper tightly the bird couldn’t. The bird then called its friend, but couldn’t pull the

paper out. Thus after getting frustrated the birds left the attempt. Similarly people are like the bird who cannot understand the superior brain which places suffering; they don’t try to enquire the cause of suffering, At the end provided the solutions to get out of the material suffering by taking shelter in the association of devotees, in turn taking shelter of the lord. HG Radheshyam Pr gave seminar on ‘BG and Art of work’ for boys, girls and Professors of NIT Warangal. The Hyderabad YOGA devotes joined the camp and made it more colorful. Manish (NIT Warangal VOICE) 4th Year B.Tech

Upcoming events………
Sr.No 1 2 3 4 Name Of Event Mangers And Leaders Association (MALA) Previous day of Janmastmi –Darshan, Abhishek, Kirtan, Lecture and Mahaprasad Sri Krishna Janmastmi Festival- Darshan, Abhishek,Kirtan, Lecture and Mahaprasad Saturday Youth Meeting By HG Jaigopal Das –Architect on “The 7 Wonders & BLUNDERS of the World” Date 02 Sept 03 Sept 04 Sept 08 Sept Time 7:45 am to 09:30 am 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm 6:00pm to 12:30pm 5 :30pm to 7:30pm

Hare Krishna to you…Birthday Celebrations
Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 Name Of Devotee Venkatesh Purushottam Kuldeep Kale Praveen Gyan Prakash Singh Birth date 29th Aug 29th Aug 29th Aug 30th Aug 05th Sept VOICE / YOGA Krishnagatipur, IIT Kgp NIT Jamshedpur Bhishma,Bangalore NIT Jamshedpur Murlidhar

“Arpan” for NVCC……
Sr. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 No of Sq fetes 215 157 119 111 62 34 26 25 11 08 VOICE/YOGA Atmanivedan-Pune Krishnagatipur- IIT Kharagpur Mithila- Pune Vrindavan- Pune Murlidhar -Pune Karunasindhu- Pune Bhisma -Bangalore Hrishikesh-Hyderabad Chennai Srirangakshetra - NIT Warangal

-Compiled by Rajshekhar (Murlidhar VOICE) Professor in Electronics, VIT Pune
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