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July’ 08

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It is the Sincerity of purpose that matters… Corporate devotees retreat in Jatayu’s Home 1 1 How TechM Chants Hare Krishna In Puri began the summer festivities 4 4

High tides of Krishna Consciousness in the hills of Pune 2

It is the Sincerity of Purpose that matters…
In my opinion, a single sincere soul can maintain a center. You know I started the center at 26 Second Avenue alone. I took the risk of 200 $ per month for the rent. At that time there were no assistants. Mukunda was at that time just a friend. Gradually Kirtanananda and Hayagriva joined, but they did not take any responsibility. Still I was maintaining the establishment simply depending on Krishna and then Krishna sent me everything – men and money. Similarly, if a sincere soul goes out and opens a center in any part of the world, Krishna will help him in all respects. Without being empowered by Krishna, nobody can preach Krishna consciousness. It is not academic qualification or financial strength that helps in these matters, but it is sincerity of purpose which helps us always.
>>> Adapted from a letter by SRILA PRABHUPADA published in ‘MY GLORIOUS MASTER’ by HG Bhurijana Pr

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A new phase in international preaching: HG Radheshyam Pr visits UK & US; University programs in Stanford, Cornel and Arizona State Univ.
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Corporate devotees retreat in Jatayu’s home
On 7th June 2008, the busy working youths, 25 of them, from different YOGAs left for a refill at Nasik. At Jatayu Sthan, the place where Lord Rama ushered holy water from all the tirthas to the holy banyan tree, HG Nama Prabhu Pr narrated the theatrical combat between Jatayu and Ravana. Then, the devotees traveled 15kms inside the forest to arrive at Kapil Dhara, near the serene lake filled with crystal-clear water from the surrounding mountains. At this place where Lord Kapila instructed Mother Devahuti, Keshav Anand Das lectured on ‘The 4 pillars of religion’. The next day, devotees visited Sita Haran Sthal, Sita Cave, self-manifested Kala Ram Mandir, Kapaleshvar Mahadev and the Balaji Temple which was visited by Lord Chaitanya & Srila Prabhupada. After this they had purifying bath in the holy river Godavari, followed by a Harinaam procession. “Naam brings dhaam”, says the melodious Mantra lead-singer HG Mandali Bhadra Pr, who also led kirtans throughout the journey. I feel, “This camp boosted the boys’ faith and conviction and opened their hearts to accept spiritual truths”. By Keshavanand Das Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||

142 new students visited Mayapur dham and most of them are chanting 16 rounds of Hare Krishna.

Pavan VSK along with four other recent alumni of IIT KGP VOICE assisting ISKCON Kolkata in College Preaching activities.


Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

High tide of Krishna Consciousness in the hills of Pune
VOICE, the Jet-age Gurukul, trains the students in the principles of sense-control and austerity for Krishna, and also facilitates their entry to ashram of their choice so that they becomes exemplary grihasthas, or exemplary brahmacharis. HG Radheshyam Pr & HG Krishna Kishore Pr- Nityananda Sabha orients the leading speakers the future grihasthas; Gauranga sabha orients the prospective celibates. From 19th to 22nd June, more than 240 young devotees from all over India celebrated their annual get-together and the Gauranga Sabha & Nityananda Sabha camp in the spacious and comfortable Shivraj Pratisthan near Purandhar fort, in the outskirts of HG Gauranga Pr - 10 instructions to Pune. Brahmacharis The Gauranga Sabha camp began in Shri Shri Radha Kunj Bihari Temple on 19th June itself. HH Bhakti Vikas Swami Maharaj, the author of ‘Brahmacharya in Krishna Consciousness’, addressed us about qualities prerequisite to join brahmachari ashram. A Grhastha is not a Grhamedhi – HG Shankar Pandit pr For the next three days, we began at 4.30 a.m. with chanting, dancing & singing. This continued till 8:00 a.m. and what followed was a series of enlightening discourses and interactive sessions by senior Brahmacharis and Grhasthas till 7:30 p.m. 20th June was the most special day because of the magnetic presence of HG Gauranga Pr on his very appearance day.

HH Bhakti Vikas Swami maharaj- A Brahmacari is much more than just a celibate

Enlivening Lectures and Inquistive Aspirants

Two souls – one message.

Bhajan Sandhaya

Seminar on ‘Constructive Criticism’ for Nityananda sabha by HG Mukundananda Pr.

In the common lecture, “Is youth meant for enjoyment?”, he told about Kal Ram, the 32 yr old Indian CEO of the US-based Start-up – ‘Global Futures’ who chants 8 rounds daily, finished reading the first 10 cantos of Srimad Bhagavatam, and donated shares worth Rs 6 Crores to ISKCON, Silicon Valley. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | 2 Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||

Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education
Next day onwards we had separate classes for the seniors and juniors (first timers). The Gauranga sabha boys heard the personal experiences and convictions of senior brahmacharis and the fresh batch of celibates. The Nityanand sabha devotees heard from the senior grhasthas and the recently married VOICE Alumni – Aman Pr and Vishal Kaushal Pr. Amol Bandal, a Nityananda sabha devotee from GGD Voice, Pune puts it "This camp inspired each of us to continue Krishna Consciousness process more enthusiastically and without stopping in any situation.”

Mega Mangal Arati

Tulsi Arti

HG Radheshyam Pr pointed out that such a camp is a platform where all senior devotees could be seen together. This is generally rare due to busy temple schedule. It is an opportunity for the boys to see, associate and derive inspiration from senior and equal devotees to develop their good qualities and take Krishna 'Go Deep Into Life' - says HG Acharya Ratna Pr Consciousness more earnestly. The grand Harinaam Sankirtan on the hillside was a fit climax to wrap up the memorable Gauranga sabha – Nityananda sabha camp. By Swapnil S, KS Yoga. HG Sriguru Charan Pr - Cutting the Knots

Lessons from Saubhara Muni - HG Murari Pr

HG Jai Gopal Pr, Architect speaking to Nityananda Sabha

HG Mukundananda Pr teaches from Kardama Muni's pastimes

Vishal Kaushal(IIT KGP) - Ideal Grhastha

Realizations of Celibates - Fresh and Experienced
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||


Vedic Oasis for Inspiration Culture and Education

How Tech Mahindra Chants Hare Krishna
INITIAL SEED: It started when Tech Mahindra's CSG (Community Service Group) donated 10 computers to VOICE, last year. To reciprocate, HG Ananta Shesha Pr, the Exec. VC of Corporate VOICE, proposed six free Management seminars for TechM employees of Karve Road branch. The first seminar was on "Stress Management" presented by HG Radheshyam Prabhu. This was attended by more than 120 people and was rated as excellent by most of them. The last seminar which was presented by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu impressed TechM's HR Head, Pratima Salunkhe, especially because of the scientific presentation of Spirituality. And she agreed to begin the "Discover Your Self" course in TechM. DYS & PT: The first batch of DYS, presented by HG Tulasi Pr, was initiated on 20th Dec 2007 and lasted till 7th Feb 2008. The 2nd batch of DYS, by HG Ram Priya Pr, from 20th Mar 2008 to 15th Apr 2008, also took place in the Karve Road branch office of TechM. The third batch of DYS started in Viman Nagar branch, on 12th June, by the same speaker. RESPONSE: Currently, 17 employees of TechM chant Hare Krishna. Arvind Bhosale, a participant of first batch, is currently chanting 8 rounds and his wife is chanting 6 rounds. VOICE began conducting seminars in the houses of employees, this April. Currently, HG Tulsi Pr and HG Krishna Kishore Pr are teaching the "Self Manager" course for the first batch; HG Ananta Shesha Pr is teaching the "Positive Thinker" course for the second batch. Organizers: All this would not have been possible without the sincere desire and hard work of Nitin Mehendale Pr, Corporate Head with an experience of 11 years and HG Ramarati Pr, Project Manager. Nitin Pr got approvals from the management to conduct, for the 1st time in the history of VOICE, ‘DYS’ in the premises of an MNC; while HG Ramarati Pr invited the speakers from VOICE and provided all facilities.
By Siddhartha.

In Puri began the summer festivities
14 of us from NIT Warangal visited Jagannath Puri from 24th to 28th of April. We were led by HG Sundarshyam Pr and HG Krishnabhajan Pr. Beginning with darshan of Lord Jagannatha, we saw Siddha bakula, Gambhira, Sweta Ganga, Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya’s home, Totta Gopinath, Chaitanya Math, Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur’s bhajan kutir, Chatak Parvat and Srila Haridas Thakur Samadhi. Special attractions were Jagannath maha prasadam from Ananda Baazar and ecstatic ocean bath. Throughout the day we heard the glories of the holy places in the Purusottam Ksetra and the various pastimes of Lord Chaitanya and His associates. “Even at the Dancing near Siddha Bakula time of dissolution (during night of Brahma), Purusottama Ksetra is unaffected. The demigods see all the living entities of Puri, including animals, in Four-handed Vishnuduta forms.” This yatra rejuvenated our lives after the hectic End-semester examinations. By Rahul Kumar, ECE, BTech 3rd year, NIT Warangal.

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