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The Illuminati and Benjamin Creme

As we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit, tenaciously focused on

the contents of our own personal lives, the "endtime players" have been secretly
planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their
sinister agenda, in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, ---Lucifer, the
highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or "the devil." While the higher
level angels have been setting the stage for "the final act," rank and file foot
soldiers in Satan's army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues.
Since this is the last email newsletter that my lukewarm readers shall receive,
let me make some things plain, and hopefully, you won't forget them. There is a
fake Jesus. He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God.

The fake Jesus is a demon that calls himself "The Christ."

There is more than one high ranking demon who specializes in false religion.
The high ranking demons call themselves "ascended masters."
Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon
assigned to every one of us.
Very often that same demon comes into persons who have experienced being slain in
the spirit.
There is also a counterfeit of the biblical "speaking in other tongues."
This counterfeit tongue may very well be the manifestation of the power of the
beast in the book of revelation, where it is written that the beast "calls down
fire from heaven." In fact, word of faith, pentecostal and charismatic preachers
and teachers often call their conferences "fire from heaven."
These circumstances add understanding to what the real Jesus Christ stated:
Some shall prophecy, cast out demons, etc. in His name and He is going to say "I
never knew you."
Perhaps the reason that Jesus never knew these professing Christians is because
they were worshipping, giving praise, sending up prayers, making proclamations,
making declarations in the name of "another" Christ. A demon. This could be the
reason why the real Jesus does not know those who perform various exploits in the
name of "another Jesus."
An unknown number of the elect of God are sitting in church. Millions of them
believe that they are saved, but they are not. He WILL reach them, but they may
have to flee the organized church for the Holy Ghost to do so.
It cannot be denied that in Revelation Chapter 18, the Lord cries out to the elect
who remain in Mystery Babylon, "Come out of her, My people or you will receive of
her plagues." After 25 years, I myself was led out. In fact, I literally had to
be THROWN out when my time came for I had become "comfortable." The church had to
mess with my comfort zone for me to leave.
Perhaps that will be the case for you. But if you are among the elect, you will
either walk out yourself, or the Lord will allow the devil to use fake Christians
to PUSH you out. But out you MUST come out to survive and escape the plagues that
are coming upon those still "in the housel"!!!
My warning to "the lukewarm" is taken from the words of Paul to Timothy and the
words of Jesus to the church at Laodicea. We are living in the last days, where
some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of
devils. You who are lukewarm, like Jesus, I spit you out of my mouth, for you are
poor, blind and naked. I am sorry that I removed those from my list who sent me
those little curt notes of "Please unsubscribe me, God bless and thank you," An
average of 3 professing Christians, per each of the 20 issues sent me these rather
polite, yet distasteful, phony emails. We are therefore talking about an average
of 60 people, more or less., If I had not removed them completely from my list,
they too would have received this last issue. As I focus this issue to the
"lukewarm" who have read each of 20 issues yet you did not request to be emailed
continued issues, let me quote the beer commercial by declaring "THIS ONE'S FOR
YOU!!! If you choose to continue reading future issues, then you are welcome to
periodically visit this website at anytime to keep up with "what's goin on." I
will not be contacting you by email again.

So what is the bottom line to Satan's not so tender trap? How was the devil able
to get into the church, and not only secure a seat in the back row, but actually
make his way to the pulpit? Well, through a gradual infiltration that has taken a
century or two, Satan finally has his seat in the pulpit. You see, the gateway for
the religious demon is "by invitation." Invitations can be either formal or
informal. Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal
to Satan's services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person
has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness.. When signs,
wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost
are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without
hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. When
sermons are preached by wrenching scriptures out of their context for the purpose
of making three points that have nothing to do with repentance, rebirth or the
resurrection, an invitation is made to the religious demon. When salvation is
taken out of the sovereign calling and election of God and put into the hands of
man to "make a decision for Christ" then Satan moved from the backseat into the
pulpit. When unsaved people came to church altars "chanting" after speaking in
tongues, they invited demons to enter them and countless of these folk are now
tormented, almost fully demonized.

As would be expected, the sheep followed the preaching of a distorted gospel,

looking for blessings, success, and prosperity to come in the abundant life they
are taught that Jesus promised them.They have been seduced into believing that
"they have a right to the good life" and all that prosperity entails. Rarely do
preachers even mention that serving Jesus Christ can also bring trial,
tribulation, trouble and in some cases, even death. Consequently, Satan's seat
has been securred by the gradual elimination of the cross from the gospel
preached in most pulpits. Can Satan be unseated by the organized church?. How can
he be? Though short lived, the bible tells us that Satan will have his day, when
he officially takes his seat in the endtime synagogue, today called "THE CHURCH!"
The organized church is fastly ringing true to her final name, Mystery Babylon.
Furthermore, the time for repentance may already be OVER, if judgement of the
household of faith has already occurred. The remnant within the church shall
prevail along with the rest of the 144,000 righteous remnant. Whether an actual
or a literal number, the truth is this. The way to the True Jesus is narrow and
straight and the very few are those who enter in and find the real Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the Father.

So who are the ENDTIME PLAYERS?

Let us deal with the human ones first. God's people. Every one of us who is saved
today believed on Jesus Christ through the gospel that the first apostles
preached. In this regard, the gates of hell can never make a claim on a born again
child of God because any prayer of the Lord's was answered by the Father.
Therefore, the gates of hell have not and shall not prevail against the saved. The
Lord did not pray for the organized church in John 17. He could have, but He
didn't. It was about to be formed. No, Jesus prayed for its first leaders, the
11 Apostles, with Paul being the spiritual replacement for Judas. A serious cause
for the confusion over who Jesus was referring to as "the church" is that for
centuries, the organized religious system has made no distinction between its
own bureaucracy and the eternal body of true believers in Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. In fact, in many churches, it is assumed and presumed that those who
regularly attend on Sundays, pay their tithes and offerings, and partake of the
means ofgrace are members in good standing, and therefore they are considered
"saved." This practice began with Catholicism and eventually carried over into the
Protestant churches.

Nevertheless, the assumption that every one on the church rolls is saved is
certainly without scriptural justification. Some of you might turn to a verse
in Ephesians where Paul writes that the Lord is coming back for a church without
spot or wrinkle. Charismatics, particularly those who preach "dominion theology,"
contend that as long as the organized church is a toothless ole hag in a soiled
wedding dress, the Lord is not coming back for her. Dominion theology boasts of
present day apostles who are expected to reform the organized church to cause her
to be a presentible bride. These folk are seriously deceived because there is not
one thing that man can do to affect God's timetable. Some of you "foolish virgins"
need to put some oil in your lamps and come to terms with the reality that the
Lord is NOT coming back for the organized church. He is coming back for his
invisible, eternal kingdom made up of the elect. Once saved, we no longer have
"spots or wrinkles or any such thing" because a bonafide Christian has been washed
in the blood of the Lamb. Once Jesus Christ returns, we all shall finish out the
cleansing by the resurrection ofour dead bodies or the putting on of immortality
by those of us who are alive at His coming, when we who are alive shall meet in
the air those who preceded us in death.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is only one event that I
believe determines when the Lord shall come back. I believe He will come back
when every name that was written in the Lamb's book of Life before the foundation
of the earth was laid, has heard the gospel and has been led to the cross by the
Holy Ghost. Jesus prayed that He would have ALL ofthe elect. If there is one
among the elect who has not yet been born, He will wait on that person hearing the
gospel and being drawn to Him by the Holy Ghost. The ministry of the 144,000 will
bring in every soul among the chosen of God who is alive just before the Lord's


Today's men and women who call themselves pastors may feed the sheep with sermons,
bible studies , even provide some occasional pastoral guidance. They may even do
hospital visits. Even so, it is a rare thing to find a real biblical pastor today,
who has on his or her heart not only the 99, but the one who may be in need or
even in danger. I have been in the company of pastors who fellowship in
ministerial alliances and committees, where they "chew the fat" by "dogging-out"
those that they pastor." Simply put, if a disgruntled pastor perceives that
his members disapprove of him in any way, some take it real personal. Therefore,
it is not that unusual for an offended pastor to neglect to make a deathbed
visit if he or she has an unresolved contention with the dying. In my mind,
men and women of this nature are to be counted among the false prophets, along
with those who lie, cheat and deceive the sheep they are called to protect.

Have you considered who is tending the sheep in the churches while they are
being spiritually abused by hirelings? How many of today's pastors desire to
rescue those who are perishing under the weight of sin? Most present day
ministers know little to nothing of the dangers of occult subjection, of seducing
spirits that teach and deceive. Religious demons continue to take advantage of the
way that the word of God is preached and taught as their foundation for the
enactment of spiritual abuse upon the sheep. The spirit of Jezebel armors itself
as it seeks out pastors and church leaders who are amenable to deception as well
as sheep who are prone to vulnerability. The religious demon sets the stage to
preach the word of God into a defiled heart who will also teach a defiled word
from the pulpit into spirits that have already been damaged, building a demonic
fortress within the organized church. It appears to be a done deal.

When things have gone wrong in your life, when you seem damned if you do and
damned if you don't, when you look around to blame SOMEBODY, we have all pointed
our finger at the invisible man. We accuse " THE MAN." The MAN may even have a
title like Uncle Sam, or the Boys in Washington,City Hall, or even that low life,
"Mr. Charlie." Well "the man" has yet another name. The Illuminati. An accurate
description of the Illuminati is difficult because it is a secret, ancestral,
occult society, comprised of the filthy rich and often the highly educated. If
you descibed the Mafia and threw in the flavor of Aryan Germany Naxis, and added
the 32 degree freemasons into the equation, you would have a decent description of
the Illuminati. The Illuminati's historic roots can be traced back to the Knights
Templar, to the Greek and Gnostic initiatory cults,to Egypt and even to Atlantis.
Rather than distracting myself from the main issues at hand, I reviewed the
writings and testimonies of some former Illuminati's like John Todd and others who
keep their real identity anonymous. Simply put, the influence of the Illuminati
is staggering, crossing several systems: banking, the media,politics and the
legal profession, education, labor,energy to name a few.. They also rival the
Mafia in their criminal connections. As an endtime player, there influence in
religion is a thing to keep a serious eye on.

The importance of the Illuminati as an endtime "religious" player is a sinister

Catholic connection as alluded to in the movie, Godfather III. The plan is to
merge religion into the apostate one world church that will serve Lucifer. The
informers warn that the Illuminati has infiltrated world governments,toward the
end ofbringing in a new leader who will usher in a Luciferean reign of joy,
prosperity and rewards for the faithful. The dangerous element to this group is
that like Hitler and his evil regime, they see themselves as a superior race who
in their minds is not evil. The Mafia know who they are and we know who they are.
However, the Illuminati consists of billionnaire aristocrats who will hire
"whoever" for "whatever" to control the masses. Strangely, they are convinced
that their secret efforts to dominate and control the masses is for the greater
good of humanity. Actually, they see themselves as "the good guys" who weed out
the weak and the unfit as they develop among themselves a superior human being.
The Illuminati will put it's support behind the BEAST.


This white haired sweet, unassuming little man has been the messenger of a high
ranking fallen angel whom I believe fits the biblical description of the anti-
Christ better than any human being on earth. Since July 1977,Creme first
contacted a demon he calls an ascended master. I got into the kingdom just under
the wire, ---4 months BEFORE the demon Maitreya made his first appearance to
Benjamin Creme. For 3 decades, Creme, referred to as the John the Baptist of the
anti-Christ, has been traveling the globe, telling audiences that the second
coming of Christ will not be in the clouds, but that the Christ has been here for
30 years, hiding out in the Himalayas. A British author, artist, and occult
practitioner, Creme has progressively obtained worldwide credibility in high
places around the world. Creme claims that the Masters are our elder brothers who
have been stimulating and enlightening us since man's creation. In the next issue,
I will address in more detail how Creme has supported his claim that Maitreya
and the other ascended masters are here and ready to solve our most critical

Simply put, Creme validates his claims by pointing to various miraculous events
that have occurred around the world: ie. statues that weep real tears and blood.
In England, holy messages have appeared when housewives cut the vegetables. The
seeds are rearranged, spelling out the following message, "Allah is Great.
Mohommad is his prophet." Healing waters have also appeared worldwide, as
atTiacote in Mexico, some of the most miraculous cures from cancer, AIDS, warts
and boils have allegedly been manifested as miraculous healings. Then there is
"the milk miracle" which occurred in the Hindu community, where the milk offered
to the gods disappeared, as if the idols actually drank the milk. Creme claims
that Maitreya and a group of ascended masters made the milk disappear. The danger
for God's people is that Benjamin Creme is considered the most credible source of
information about endtime revelations. As for me, I look to the clouds and not to
the Himalaya's, the deserts or any other part of the world to find Jesus. So
Beloved, look to the clouds!!!!