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McDowell Booz Allen Vice Chairman Mike McConnell FAMILY PUBLIC Certain People really dining outside of a 'closed WH' just about Sequestration?

[Me: I know this is “old news” but interesting nonetheless. I was looking for McConnell info and found this. There is a connection between Booz Allen McConnell and Snowden. The talking heads who invade your privacy insist their secrets must remain so. In reality they're just trying to save their own necks.] THE GOLDEN THREAD 2013 #1 Post by ann on Mar 9, 2013, 9:50pm

Well, seeing the writing on the wall they (6) finally had enough of what my bother-inlaw (Dan) was doing and in their minds was clearly intending to do with the 13th seat.

They freaked out because they are afraid he'll do the UNTHINKINABLE with the 13th. seat.

So, they have charged him in a vote of 6/5 (1 mandatory abstain/ #1 was not given a chance to vote) with Violating the CHARTER HE WROTE! >:(

We were in Barstow, California, on the way to Corona del Mar when we learned of the vote then our PRIVATE TELEPHONES went dead!!! >:(

This switchoff happened from Las Vegas, Nevada and not even Frank could bypass it, so he moved to protect eventhying else first.

When we learned of of their bullsht vote they called "An EMERGENCY CONDITION."

This all happened through planning on teleconferences from around the world.

It's all hinging around the word "FAMILY" which they say cannot be applied to the public, then they used an outvoted Charter Rule from McConnell's time to prohibit Dan from speaking with the public about anything we're doing.

The guy on the phone with me told me he could talk about the "weather" with people if he liked? >:(

This situation affects HERE, all private and public forums, they;re even saying EAGLES DISOBEY!

You can betcha what my sis Marce has said to that: "They can go f- themselves!" >:(

D and the Guard and the LADY GUARD >:( are in control of the Consistory but there are rules to be followed.

Every step is being taken by D carefully: the first problem: he wasn't given a chance to VOTE before a Chair protem- slammed a gavel.

He can Plead to the Charges, Resign any number of thngs.

He's not resigning, things are ON THE WAY >:(, and if necessary he said "I don't mind a good Trial every once in a while." >:(

They picked this time to add terrible personal pressure because of the coming Dolmain Conference hoping he'd Resign just to handle the conference.

They've way under estimated the man. >:(

They called another vote but we were there, so D just TIED it. 6/6 for no action.

An attorney for one of the numbers (People's Republic of -) sent a letter into D's office "Commanding" ;D him to release all info about the "FAMILY" members he's spoken with.

Don't worry: all your info is safe, and so is the the PRIVATE FORUM - FRANK HAS SECURITY OVER IT AND IT HAD NOT BEEN ENTERED, THE SAME HERE.

They were too busy threatening and by the time they may have thought about anything, Frank knew he had control. ;)

D set back a 1 word formal reply to the "PR_ attorney": "No."

I have been told I can be ARRESTED >:( by the Consis for even typing this.

Everyone around me (especially D and Marce) says 'if they try, it will amount to another insurrection and force will be used to repel them.'


To talk privately, D and Marce went to a place.

They even remembered to take a photo of a little bug for the contest.

Per Fran, who has also been threatened >:( if she posts tells me the next GT Contest, for the AMMONITES, gets going tomorrow! >:(

D has 1 MESSAGE he told me to print tonight for all of you:

"Have a nice evening. I apologize for the interruptions and delays...some powerful people...are very afraid of 66 years of history...

(you don't think certain people were really dining outside of a 'closed WH' just about Sequestration did you? ;D)

... but don't worry 1 time: YOU ARE GOING TO WIN IN THIS STRUGGLE TO BE HEARD!" :-*

Ann M. McDowell


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