Save Food Save Lives

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Rupack Ranjan Halder
Dept. of Chemical Engg.

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

World Environment Day 2013‟s Theme •An anti-food waste and food loss campaign •Encourages you to reduce your foodprint. .

Why this campaign...? Wastage of food Death of many people Imbalance of nature .

the main motto is… Think before you eat And help save the environment .So.

Data regarding wastage of food • According to UNEP.unep.. FAO estimates that a third of global food production is either wasted or lost..” Food Production 2013 Food Consumed Food Lost or Wasted Ref: .“While the planet is struggling to provide us with enough resources to sustain its 7 billion people (growing to 9 billion by 2050).

which in turn requires water. retailers. water. etc. etc for upbringing of the cow Lettuce and tomatoes produced in farms requires several working hours.Background cost of a Burger Bun made from wheat which includes several working hours. fertilizers. water. grass. farmers Beef mince used to produce the hamburger cutlet comes from cow. . water. etc Cheese produced from cow's milk where upbringing of cow requires grass. fertilizers. etc Transportation cost of consumers.

php/the-most-precious-resource-of-all-save-food-save-water .. Ref: http://www..thinkeatsave.Water footprint of some commonly consumed

Average National Water Footprint per capita • The USA has an average water footprint of 2480 m3/cap/yr • China has an average footprint of only 700 m3/cap/yr • Global average water footprint is 1240 m3/cap/yr.waterfootprint. Ref: .

The foundation has links with more than 1500 food donors . shelter homes next morning.. individual. keeps them overnight in refrigerators.ece .. orphanage.... restaurants.thehindu.Measures for anti-wastage taken Ref: http://www. slum dwellers.. The foundation's van collects food. marriage hall.. • Contribution by Annakshetra Foundation in India.serves to labourers.

org/wed/infomaterials/downloads/posters/new/UNEP-WED-Garbage-Bin-Poster.pdf .Creating awareness has already started abroad to avoid wastage of food by creating colourful and bright posters Ref: http://unep.

specially the ones where buffet facilities are provided. offices etc. colleges universities. • From our country‟s perspective… Wastage is seen mainly in top restaurants. . for example school.It‟s necessary to first start at home…. awareness needs to be created specially in restaurants and in places where the customers of these restaurants go. Thus to reduce wastage.

.Awareness should start in.. Schools Buffet restaurants Office canteens .

What can be done from the restaurants and food chainshops? Introducing extra charging system upon each extra mass of food wasted Attaching posters throughout the restaurant to grasp customer‟s attention Providing any type of extra privileges according to the restaurant‟s ease for the customers not wasting food .

and what to discard Do regular waste food audits and increase food donation .) Cut down food menu to an efficient one by surveying customers and deciding which food to include in the menu.What can be done from the restaurants and food chainshops? (contd.

olympiads etc based on the theme . arranging workshops Arranging seminars separately for the parents Arranging competitions like poster designing.Creating awareness to schools. colleges and universities can be done by… Making the students understand about the matter deeply by showing them short-awareness video clips. painting. quizzes.

Creating awareness in the offices by…. Informing the employees at first about the issue by usage of posters in canteens Arranging seminars to make the practice travel from office to home Awarding “Green Officer of the month” .

...What can be done from the consumer's end. from restaurant . • Shop smart • Understand expiry dates – “best before” & “use by” • Zero down your fridge. before buying more • Buy "funny" fruits and vegetables.funny • regards to the oddly shaped fruits and vegetables Take the leftover foods back home.

especially in developed countries. This all goes to waste when we throw away perfectly good food. Just think about all the energy. . We all need to THINK about and be mindful of our food consumption patterns. we all need to EAT. we can reduce the harmful impacts on our planet done by the human activities. transportation and storage. and we all need to SAVE food. water and packaging used in food production.Think ! There are serious environmental implications to wasting food. The amount of food we throw away is a waste of resources. If we can „Reduce our Foodprint‟.

Thus a brighter and future generation depends upon a healthy and wealthy present nation. .

pdf http://www.pdf .php/the-most-precious-resource-of-all-savefood-save-water http://unfoodsecurity.waterfootprint.php/partners/message-to-partners • • • • • • • • • • • • • http://england.facebook.pdf http://www.pdf http://www.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwreforum.php/multimedia/food-waste-around-the-world http://www.

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