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Piano by Melody Newsletter

PAGE 2 Meet the student! In this issue meet Elijah W.!

PAGE 3 Recital preparation June 9th 2:00 Piano party June 23rd 3:00 Recital PAGE 4 Ultimate Studio Makeover Challenge Update PAGE 5 Concerts around town


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Where no piano has gone before

This piano was made by Seiler Pianos. It was designed with the architecture of a bridge in mind or something to that effect. I think it looks like a part of a spaceship. What do you think?

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Piano by Melody Newsletter

VOLUME 2, NO.3 June 2013
Editor in Chief-Melody Garber

I would like to thank my students and parents for your patience through this trying time due to family passings and my illnesses. I hope these newsletters bring you joy, inspiration, laughter and information. As always feel free to email, text or give me a call with any questions, or plain old confusion with this newsletter or any other aspect of the studio! Enjoy!

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Meet the student

Meet Elijah, Age 14
favorite show is Naruto. My favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon.

Favorite piece currently working on:

Ive Got Music Piece you wish to learn: I would like to learn Toccatina
What do you like about playing the piano:

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would it be: I am torn between Washington DC and Las Vegas, Nevada. Chocolate or fruit avored candy: CHOCOLATE. Hersheys Milk Chocolate and Yakult are my favorites. Share any other fact(s) about yourself: I enjoy being on the computer and playing games. I enjoy singing and hope to join a choir soon.

I like learning music. I enjoy music. Music makes me comfortable and gives me condence to do other things. Any other instruments you play/enjoy listening to : I like to listen to acoustic guitar, horns, and the violin. Other favorite songs or composers/artists: My favorite artist is Miley Cyrus.

Favorite book, show, movie:

My favorite book is Percy Jackson, the last Olympian. My

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Recital Preparation
Prior to the Recital Arrive 15 minutes before the program begins. This allows for time to create a calm environment. Notify your teacher that you have arrived. Dress Code Girls should wear dresses or skirts and blouses. Mini skirts are not appropriate. Platform shoes and tennis shoes are also not recommended. Boys should wear dress slacks and a dress shirt. Suits, jackets, sweaters and ties are not required but welcomed. Dress shoes are appropriate; no sneakers. During the Recital The use of flash cameras during the performances is prohibited. Video cameras may be used discreetly from the rear of the room if they are quiet and unobtrusive. Food and beverages are not allowed during the performance. Parents and invited quests with small children are responsible for their behavior. Please seat smaller children close to an exit to quietly remove them from the hall should their behavior become distracting. Performers and families must extend the courtesy of remaining for the entire program. If you or any member of the family needs to get out of your seat, please do so in between each performance. Cell phones, beepers, and watch alarms should be silenced. Reception The reception will be held in the back of the recital hall. Food can be placed on the reception tables before the start of the recital. Please allow plenty of time to do this so you can be on time and in your seats for the start of the recital.

Thank you and have a great recital!

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Ultimate Studio Makeover Challenge Update

Thank you piano families for volunteering! So far these items will be taken care of: +The upholstery cleaning + Curtains + Cabinets

Children's artwork project deadline has been moved from July 1st to August 1. Don't forget to check out my artwork in the studio.

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Concerts around town

Hollywood Bowl

--Warner Brothers Presents Bugs Bunny at the Symphony II july 5, 6 8:00pm --SYMPHONIE FANTASTIQUE
July 18 8:00 PM DUKAS: The Sorcerer's Apprentice GLAZUNOV: Violin Concerto BERLIOZ: Symphonie fantastique


August 6, 8 8:00 PM BEETHOVEN: Coriolan Overture STRAUSS: Don Juan BRAHMS: Piano Concerto No. 1


August 10 8:00 PM GERSHWIN: Cuban Overture RACHMANINOFF: Piano Concerto No. 2 SCHOENBERG: Bounce (LA Phil co-commission, West Coast premiere) GERSHWIN: Porgy and Bess: Symphonic Picture

Found on

--Golden State Pops Plays Favorites from Star Wars Universe

June 15 8:00 PM (A Piano by Melody parent plays in this group!)

--Big! World! Fun! Family Series Package at Ford Amphitheatre "Gather the family and get out of the house! This offer gets
you a month's worth of tickets to Ford Theatres' Big! World! Fun! family series of events on Saturday mornings. These hourlong music, dance and theatre performances are geared toward children ages 4 to 12 and their families. It's a great way to introduce your kids to a wide variety of sights, sounds and stories from around the world while building a strong foundation for a lifelong love of the arts. And the length of the event is just enough for an enticing peek without stressing those short attention spans. Arrive early and you'll be able to enjoy hands-on creative projects that you can take home -- all materials are provided. Please see the full event listing for the lineup of shows in July and August." http://