Taurus Sensitive and sensual, you’re a deeply emotional character – in a rough around the edges bull’s clothing.

Primal by nature, you may also be highly artistic and have trouble letting people in. Zodiac Signs and Meanings

Taurus - The Bull April 20 – May 20 Taurus zodiac signs and meanings, like the animal that represents them, is all about strength, stamina and will. Stubborn by nature, the Taurus will stand his/her ground to the bitter end (sometimes even irrationally so). But that's okay because the Taurus is also a loving, sympathetic and appreciative sign. The Taurus is very understanding and when we need someone to unburden ourselves to, we often share our deepest fears with the Taurians of the zodiac. Taurians are very patient, practical and efficient, they are excellent in matters of business and are also wonderful instructors/teachers. Although initially they may have their own best interest at heart, they are ultimately & endlessly generous with their time, possessions and love.
Zodiac Sign Dates: A Quick Reference

Security, Subtle strength, Appreciation, Instruction, Patience
Symbolism of the Planets

Zodiac: Libra and Taurus Tarot: Empress and Lovers Number: Six Symbolic Attributes : Beauty, Harmony, Attraction

The Empress: The creation of something. Making something real. The Lovers: the impulse, that send one “out of the garden”. Can be sexual desire as well as a duty or the wish to go on an adventure. Once one leaves the garden, there is no turning back.
Astrological Flower Signs

Poppy "I provide beauty to your senses."

and have a flair for classy elegance in fashion and home décor. With your intelligence comes a natural ability to retain knowledge and you often impress your company with the ability to expound on subjects from memory. Willow Celtic tree astrology signs are bursting with potential. This gives you a realistic perspective of things. Celtic Animal Signs Cow/Bull April 15 . This means you are highly creative. It is your powers of perception that ultimately allow your true nature to shine. a good eye for detail. and know how to keep a secret Burmese Zodiac Animal Signs Zodiac animal sign:Elephant (with tusks) Day of Week Born: Wednesday Morning Ruling Planet: Mercury . and a knack for putting things together with style. and you inherently know that every situation has a season. loving. Poppy people are about pleasure: giving and receiving it. and what leads you to success in life.May 12 If you are a Willow sign. These signs are as trustworthy as the day is long. Those with the flower sign of the poppy are very resilient too. Willow signs join well with the Birch and the Ivy. and you love to share them with other people. Cows/bulls are the ones you turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on.May 12 Strong. These Celtic animal signs have bullseye intuition and can spot a liar from a mile away.The Observer April 15 . intuitive (highly psychic people are born under the sign of the Willow) and intelligent. and you have a classy way about you that others find alluring. Because they're highly intuitive. They have excellent taste. and also causes you to be more patient than most tree signs. Refinery comes natural to you. stable and sure are the watchwords for the bulls of the Celtic lunar year. You enjoy security and comfort. you are ruled by the moon. Celtic Tree Astrology Willow . You have a keen understanding of cycles. and can weather any storm because of their patience and headstrong nature. and so your personality holds hands with many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. They also come by stubborness honestly. but have a tendency to hold themselves back for fear of appearing flamboyant or overindulgent. You have a flare for design. they can be misunderstood as moody or over emotional. honest opinions and solid advice (particularly in relationships).April 20 – May 19 If you are a poppy among the zodiac flower signs you love the finer things in life.

you are excellent at promoting yourself and your works. etc. I love the synchronicity of Wednesday landing in the middle of the week because it gives a pervasive sense of connectivity. It facilitates clear communication. letters. You are very successful (especially in business) and you are able to accomplish achievements on your own terms. You are independent and like to be in control of all situations OR Zodiac animal signs:Elephant (no tusks) Day of Week Born: Wednesday Afternoon Ruling Planet: Rahu Ruling Direction: Northwest Personality/Attributes of the Elephant (no tusks): You can be hard to figure out because of your contradictory nature. However. Native American Zodiac Animals . In a way. You are spontaneous and people love you for your passion. Chinese Zodiac Signs Rabbit: Element: Wood Partners well with: Sheep and Boar Characteristics: Trustworthy. caretakers. and carries new information to our awareness in extremely precise and effective ways. diplomatic. but only if it's a sure thing (little risk involved). if Mercury is not in a retrograde) too. so plan your day trips accordingly. phone calls.it's like the network server of the week (to use computer terms). Astrological Meaning of Days Wednesday : Mercury Mercury is the messenger of the heavens. empathic. You have a taste for danger and action that sometimes gets you into trouble. Wednesday is a good day to sign contracts (that is. Mercury also augers higher perception too. modest. Mercury is also a beneficent energy for short travel. sincere. Best tasks for Wednesdays: Communication of course! Catch up on emails. Wednesday is the vital communications link to all other days . thank you notes.Ruling Direction: South Personality/Attributes of the Tusked Elephant: You are unpredictable and enthusiastic. You are a private person and do not like people meddling in your business. You like taking action. sociable.

4.as his/her mental acuity is razor sharp.this is the Beaver motto. and cunning the Beaver is a force to be reckoned with in matters of business and combat.May 20 Take charge.however tendencies toward "my way or the highway" get them in trouble. but the bearer of this Native American animal symbol may need to work on tact. Mostly business. Zodiac Gemstone Meanings Emeralds: Opens up creativity and a feeling of connection. self-disciplined and dignified. One might also think twice about engaging the Beaver in a match of wits . lapis will help you regain your connections to that which is most important to you.moons are reserved. Lapis Lazuli: If you're feeling unstable. you are often mistaken as unfeeling. Brooding. Yes. . They should learn to relax and approach things with tranquility. In control. they have formed a hard peel around their emotions though. arrogant. Taking into account their sense for order and organization on one hand. Also helps with intuitive clarity. they are usually right. Strategic. their sense for money and power on the other hand the preconditions for advancement are given and good. capable and thorough. Moon Signs Personality Types Moon in Capricorn: To those who don't know you well. This means you make everything you do look easy. overcome . In a nurturing environment the Beaver can be compassionate. They wish to get somewhere in life. cowardly. In their relationships they are faithful and reliable.1975 Waning Moon Moon Sign: Capricorn The ambitious Capricorn . as well as boosts self-esteem. careful and perseverant. and over-demanding. generous.Beaver: Apr 20 . calm and tough sometimes close to doggedness. Also a protective stone for Taureans. melancholy and a tendency towards lone wolfship have been put in their cradle. Moon Sign Calculator Birthday: 30. possessive. adapt. helpful. so that their partners often have to draw everything out of their nose. You're extremely productive. which can also put people off. and loyal. the Beaver is gets the job at hand done with maximum efficiency and aplomb. so that they can enjoy their own successes. that they dispense of short-term compensations in favor of longterm objectives and professional success. Left to his/her own devices the Beaver can be nervous. They are so disciplined. caring feeling. therefore they persecute their objectives with great diligence. you appear as cool as the moon. The Beaver has everything going for him/her . Rose Quartz: Wear for social occasions and when you want your environment wrapped in a loving.

they deal well with the personal. Like the butterfly that chooses to remain hidden in its cocoon until it is ready and prepared to emerge. You also win respect from your peers easily because you don't just talk the talk (you rarely boast). Often nature and pet lovers. Because they hate to be put in jeopardy of any kind. Taurus Your element: Earth Your ruling planets: Venus Symbol: The Bull Your stone: Emerald Life Pursuit: Emotional and financial security Vibration: Determined energy Taurus Secret Desire: To have a secure. And accomplish goals is a forte. and admire your integrity. physical senses and consequently all the pleasures associated with what they can see.They have no idea beneath your cool exterior you are pragmatically planning the next five moves in your strategy to accomplish your goals. smell and taste. Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. when Taureans manage to operate very adequately on their own form of automatic pilot. You're also remarkably dependable. they are actually gathering in their inner reserves to deal with the outside pressures. Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean. Their feelings. even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. In love. The truth is. Taureans are closely associated with all things off the earth and nature. boring. This sign is also very closely connected to 'feeling good'. is rather similar to talking to the trees – they simply won't budge. Taureans manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd. And. Your special ability to stay collected under pressure makes you a fantastic leader. touch. . or even sulky. Description: Underneath their cool. you actually walk the walk. they can switch off from the world around them very efficiently. People really look up to you for that. but only so close as they want them. rather than leave it to fate. An earth sign. That's why Taureans are sometimes regarded as snobby. calm and collected exterior. should they not want to hear you. withdrawn. others naturally seek you out for guidance and advice. this is the sign that strives to create tomorrow in advance. Taureans are regarded as extremely sensual beings. Most Taureans like their creature comforts and hate change because it takes them out of their automatic pilot condition of separating themselves from the world around them. so the true Taurean spirit remains hidden behind a veneer of day-to-day activities. willingness and dogged determination usually insures victory. fears and desires often run far deeper than anyone around them would guess. And when they do switch off. They will let others get close. there is no such thing as an open-book Taurean. You prove your value through consistent action. happy and wealthy life/marriage. A unique mixture of patience. add up to a special delight to them.

The Bull's penchant for sensual pleasures. and along with that comes the expectation that these folks are bull-headed and stubborn. A self-indulgent beast? Perhaps. It's the Bull that serves as the Taurus's mascot. dogged persistence that winds up being viewed as stubbornness. Beauty to the Bull also comes in the way of a happy home life. Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus was the Goddess of Love. so they'll work hard on keeping their mate happy. Taurus loves the rewards of the game. Taurus adores comfort and likes being surrounded by pleasing. The good life in all its guises. That said. a lovely goddess who didn't deny herself many things. They simply want to get things done. At the end of the day. so expect that things will occasionally grind to a halt. enjoying a tender. as it were. this sign has a Fixed Quality attached to it after all. but Bulls really aren't interested in living without beauty in their lives. Taurus values harmony in their personal lives. The good news for Bulls is that once they get to the finish line. Bulls are fond of all things pretty. whether it's in their home. since they'd much rather be on terra firma. those born under this sign are happy to stick with their projects until they have reached a successful conclusion. and they are happy to plod along. they also favor a good meal and a fine wine. touch. and Taurus has pretty much taken up where she left off. but if you toiled as laboriously as these folks do. Bulls tend toward conservatism. they'll swaddle themselves in material goods. for those born under this sign revel in delicious excess. Taurus’s are true romantics and loyal to the core. soothing things. Taurus much prefers to take each day slowly and steadily and work toward their ultimate goal. Along these lines. In ancient Roman mythology. Life as one sweet pas de deux is how the Taurus-born like it. is heaven on Earth to the Taurusborn. in pursuit of their goals. They are also extremely patient and . Bulls are actually among the most practical and reliable members of the zodiac. however. Hey. you'd need some goodies. the second sign of the zodiac. To onlookers. is all about reward. Taurus doesn’t start out with the intention of getting stuck. at a museum or on the stage. even sensual. can only help things along! Bulls can also be the sappiest of sentimentalists. They are also a tactile lot. No far-out schemes (that's Air) or shrieking ultimatums (more like Fire) here. Unlike the Aries love of the game. The Element associated with Taurus is Earth. they are. and it's that steady. although these folks do have to manage their tendency to latch on a bit tight. these folks are artistic as well). whether it's the arts or art of their own making (yes. Will all this overweening attention to their mate turn a Bull into a possessive mess? Probably not. Along these lines. and this is often seen in their day-to-day behavior. Think physical pleasures and material goods. of course. Yes. this may look like so much materialism and blessed excess. too. one that includes a partner and a stable relationship. Beauty and Pleasure. No pie-in-the-sky for these practical folks.Taurus.

romantic and somewhat possessive. For every one person who considers the Bull a pain. Does that sound earthy enough? The only kink in this well-oiled chain is the heckler in the gallery that tries to upbraid the Bull. since these folks would much rather be Zen. ideally in a warm (and soothing) earth tone. The Earth in this sign does tend to act as a balancing mechanism so that things never get truly out of hand. which is why the opera or ballet is right up a Taurus's alley.dependable along the way. Indoor adventures are also favored by Bulls. These folks may not have a hairtrigger temper. Bulls in a hissy fit can get pretty argumentative. the Taurus-born are devoted. but it's short enough. When it comes to love. Bulls want to get the job done. Seeing as how Bulls are generally strong and well-built. and they will. since it keeps Taurus close to their beloved earth. The great strength of Taurus is in their stability. What better way to get the riches they so fervently crave? . Expect to find a Bull engaged in a spirited game of hoops or mountain climbing. Their sensual nature has a way of erasing any mistakes! Since Taurus rules the neck and throat. it's no surprise that these folks enjoy testing their strength on the field of play. Bulls would be wise to keep a silky scarf at hand. there are two who will say 'No way!' and happily take the Taurus' gentle charms any day. but eventually they'll calm down and come back to center. loyalty and dogged determination. Hiking is also a favorite pastime.

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