 Have a strong commitment to achieving our mission and goals IBMT is in the business of preparing its students to be successful. It matches the needs of society with the interest of students. This mission is encompassed at all levels of organization and involves the lecturers and staff, companies associated with IBMT, the Foundation and the School Administrations.  Use English as the medium of instruction English used exclusively on campus, whether in the classroom or in outside activities.  Employ active modes of teaching Active modes of teaching encourage students to be responsible for their own learning. Several examples of this are our use of peer tutoring, independent study methods, group study methods, and case study methods.  Establish a strong grading system Our grading system includes components designed to teach appropriate learning and work behaviors includes counting absences and class participation, homework, papers, punctuality, midterm tests, final exams, etc. This is so designed to provide academic excellence as well as to install discipline and mature behavior in the students.  Foster a true learning community IBMT’s quiet environment and professional educational system provides the best learning community possible for students and faculty.

 Design an innovative curriculum for academic excellence
IBMT understands that the future changes rapidly, continually presenting new challenges and opportunities. IBMT solves this problem by designing and implementing an innovative curriculum and educational system in order to achieve academic excellence.

 Encourage student - faculty interaction
IBMT demonstrates its commitment to quality of education by maintaining small class size to create. Close interaction between lecturers and students. Lecturers are resources for students to absorb knowledge and experience. When the ratio of student/faculty is small the teaching process can be maintained and monitored. Moreover, students are more likely to participate in the classroom discussion, presentations, and other learning methods when the class size is small.


 Provide opportunities for faculty development IBMT offers opportunities for its faculty to grow professionally by supporting them to conducting extensive research, to join significant seminars, and so forth.

 Sponsor student extracurricular activities
The greater the students’ involvement in college is, the greater the learning and personal development of the students will be. This means that the effectiveness of any educational system is directly related to its capacity for increasing student involvement. We acknowledge this in setting our priorities.

 Possess sound academic advising
IBMT staff and faculty participate in the academic advising program to help students be successful in their academic life. Advising each student starts from the very beginning of the enrollment process and continues until the student graduates and sometimes beyond.

 Provide a tutoring program
To provide a means for improving students’ academic performance for all students at selected courses, IBMT offers a tutoring program. Students facing difficulty in following lectures and assignments first get help from the lecturers as early as possible by making appointments with them after class. Students are encouraged to maximize the benefit of the tutoring program.  Provide counseling services Counseling is provided for students who need attention and care on nonacademic matters. It is held on voluntary basis and it is free of charge. The confidentiality of the student is maintained. The objectives of the counseling program are to increase the learning interests of students, to help students to be responsible, mature, self-disciplined, and independent, adults with a positive attitude, lastly, we provide students with alternatives for resolving personal problems related to learning activities and personalities.  Offer a unique Transfer Program IBMT’s curriculum is compatible with those of the universities in the United States and Australia. This allows students to transfer easily, especially with the 2+2 program (two years at IBMT and two years at the preferred university in the US or Australia). Complete information regarding transfer program can be found in the “Transfer Student’s Handbook” and in this catalogue.