(Graduate Program)

Teaching and learning processes are conducted in various kinds of process, so it assists the understanding of teaching material profoundly. These sorts of processes are: 1. TEACHING AND LEARNING ACTIVITIES Teaching and learning process is between the lecturer and students in order to provide theoretical and practical knowledge for the students. This activity is conducted in a classroom, which consists of max. 30 students 2. FIELD STUDY Field Study is also one of the teaching and learning processes, which is aimed at enhancing the practical skills and knowledge. This activity is either an individual or group activity, depending on the subjects and the lecturers. 3. GROUP DISCUSSION AND MENTORING SYSTEM This activity is designed to solve or discuss certain problems. This program provides mentors to assist the students in a group discussion. Mentor will be the supervisor for the group and obliged to guide the members of group discussion necessarily. Furthermore, mentor will evaluate the leadership component and students’ activity. 4. TUTORING Tutoring system is available to provide a deeper understanding toward difficult or complicated courses. This activity is guided by the competent tutors outside the class. 5. SEMINAR Seminar is obligatory academic activity attended by the MM students. This seminar is intended to give essential input to the professional and expected to provide the practical and professional thinking. The materials, guest speaker, time and place for the seminar will be arranged by the coordinator of the seminar.

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6. INDEPENDENT WORKING Independent working is designed for the students to implement all the courses that the students gain in daily activity. The students can conduct this activity at home, library and/or other university facilities. GRADING SYSTEM Grade points are computed as follows: GRADE RANGE LETTER GRADE 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D AVERAGE 0-59 F GRADUATION REQUIREMENT To obtain MM degree at IBMT, The students are required to have: 1. Grade Point Average is not less than 2.75 without D and F 2. Completing Comprehensive Paper (Thesis). Grade minimum B QUALITY POINTS 4 3 2 1 0 EXPLANATION EXCELLENT GOOD AVERAGE BELOW FAIL

TYPES OF MM PROGRAM 1. REGULAR PROGRAM Class starts at 18.30-22.00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, 30 minutes break time for dinner conducted by IBMT and students gain 3 credits for teaching and learning process everyday. 2. EXECUTIVE PROGRAM Class starts at 08.00-16.30 p.m. on Sundays, 60 minutes break time for lunch conducted at IBMT campus and students gain 6-10 credit hours for teaching and learning process. 3. MODULE PROGRAM

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MM PROGRAM LECTURER CONCENTRATION: INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT MM program at IBMT is supported by experienced and senior teaching staffs who are mastering the international management for both theoretical and empirical issues. Guest lecturers, who are derived from professional international management expertise, are also teaching to enhance the MM students’ perspective ADMISSION TEST Admission test includes: 1. English Language 2. GMAT 3. General Management Knowledge 4. Basic International Economic Knowledge After having the written test, the students will conduct the interview to notice their motivation and to recheck their entrance test result. The students who pass the test will be notified 3 days after the interviewed is held and soon finish the administrative registration. ADMISSION SELECTION PROCEDURES

1. Fill out the registration form (the students can get the form at IBMT, Jl. Raya
Kupang Baru No. 8 Surabaya 60189, telp. 031. 734-6789, fax. 031. 7346448, e-mail: If the students are outside Surabaya, the committee can call them or send the registration form to the students’ address.

2. Submit the application form with 3 photos 4x6 cm and certified documents
(S1 certificate, academic transcript, job references or other important document to the IBMT MM PROGRAM office). 3. Registration and entrance test fee Rp. 200.000,-

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