A Wednesday

When the shutters came down at PaGaLGuY HQ

About this book
This book is about a story that transpired on a sultry Wednesday at the PaGaLGuY.com HeadQuarters in Sion, Mumbai. It all started as a harmless photoshoot for passport size photographs. And then all hell broke loose. This book is Copywrong 2009, Inzane Labs Private Ltd.

A Wednesday
What happens when the insanest workplace in India stumbles upon a camera? All shutters break loose. Set in the offices of http://www.pagalguy.com/ - India's biggest education website.


This is a story about a crazy set of people working at PaGaLGuY.com, an online company based out of Mumbai, India. To the outside world, they run India's biggest education website. Behind the scenes, there's much more to it, as you'll shortly fi out. nd



It all started with a harmless mugshot shoot for the office ID cards at the PaGaLGuY.com HeadQuarters. You know the kind, where everyone lines up to get their picture clicked one-by-one.

Predictably, it wasn't long before people started getting restless and distracted.



Concentration levels began to drop everywhere. All code on the Tech team's computer screens started to morph into an undecipherable language nobody could make sense of.

Before and After.



Just the right time to gather everyone to pose for a group office photograph, don't you think? Look how nicely we've all lined up.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Everyone of PaGaLGuY HQ, circa April 2009.



All the oldies. (L-R) Harsh, Soumik, Aditya, Rohit, Khushbu, Ganga, Sharmishtha, Apurv, Harmeet, Allwin and Sandeep.

These are the Batch of 2009 of PaGaLGuY HQ, the newbies. (L-R) Bilkis, Pooja, Devadutt, Priyanka, Aneetha, Sukita, Ashwin and Amreen.


At this point, imaginations started to run wild.
After all, how long can one keep posing for group shots?


Boredom started finding an outlet. Apurv, Rohit, Allwin and Soumik decided that it was time for the daily ritual of paying respects to His Insaneness, the venerable MG.



Not to be left behind, the Tech team decided to form a MacBook Mafia with Sandeep as the fearful Don. (Please look at the picture and feel scared)

We then tried to take a print out of Khushbu's Orkut profile, but look at what came out of the printer!


Frustrated since long that they didn't look anywhere like designers, the Design Team decided that it was time they gave themselves a more contemporary hair style.

One thing led to another. Like they say, adversities accentuate the real you.



Trust me, you don't want to be around when they are armed with ping-pong bats and bottles. These angels receive their instructions over Skype and Google Docs. All hail Girl Power!

This season never made it to TV because halfway through the screening, the censor board asked for psychiatric help.



We would like to make one thing clear here. At PaGaLGuY HQ, all of us are fanatical foodies and will do anything for the cause of good grub.

Design - Aditya and Apurv Photography - Priyanka, Apurv and Allwin

PaGaLGuY.com HQ
Nothing official about it. Learn more about us at http://www.pagalguy.com/slog/

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