Every day in America, 4,000 babies die a horrific, violent death at the hand of a medical professional. This generational genocide is conducted under the protection of our laws, placing the weight of these children’s deaths not only on individuals but on our nation. For over 30 years, the church has protested, but rarely provided any answers to the question “Who will care for these babies if they are allowed to be born?” 400 years before the birth of Jesus, the prophet Malachi spoke of a day when the hearts of the fathers would turn to the children and the children to the fathers. He went so far as to say that until this happened, Jesus would not return to earth. The Zoe Foundation seeks to further adoption as a positive option to the travesty of abortion in a way that reunites generations, places children in Godly families, and offers birth mothers hope for a better future for them and their baby. We believe that the Church will embrace the spirit of adoption not only for the purpose of caring for children but also as a prophetic declaration to the world that these children are wanted. The Zoe Foundation was founded by Randy & Kelsey Bohlender and named for their first life-changing adoptee, whose very name means life.

“See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers....” Malachi 4
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Promoting Adoption as a Positive Alternative to Abortion

The Zoe Foundation exists to further the cause of adoption as a positive alternative to abortion in America. It endeavors to do this in multiple ways.
Helping fund the adoption of children into pre-screened families living out a lifestyle of prayer and fasting. Saving the life of an infant is a noble thing. Redeeming that life for an eternity is a sovereign work of God far more likely to happen in the structure of a Christian family that is living their life centered on honoring God.

Leadership Randy and Kelsey Bohlender, Founders
Married since 1989, Randy and Kelsey have spent their entire adult life in ministry as youth pastors, church planters, pastors and prayer missionaries.

Assembling a national database of thousands of state approved, home-study ready Christian families who have said ‘yes, I can and will adopt a child’.
Often, the question is asked of pro-life people “Are you ready to take care of these children?” The church’s answer should be an unqualified “Yes!”. The Zoe Foundation will educate people on how to become ready to adopt at a moment’s notice, and centralize a list of people who have taken those steps so that a birth mom can be presented with options that meet her desire for a Christian home for her baby.

They live in Kansas City, Missouri, where in addition to The Zoe Foundation, they serve as prayer missionaries with the International House of Prayer and on the senior leadership team of TheCall. They are proud parents to six children - three biological sons, Jackson, Grayson, and Zion, and three adopted daughters, Zoe, Anna and Mercy. “Randy and Kelsey Bohlender launched TheCall into a vision of mobilizing 1 million adoptions. Having adopted three children, they now are carrying spiritual authority to forge the way for a great movement that I believe could help end abortion in America.” Lou Engle - TheCall “I am a huge fans of what the Bohlenders and others akin to them are doing. It takes an amazing heart to even ponder the kinds of things they have set their hearts and hands to in life. In my book, only God can provide this manner of thinking - the Big God of the scriptures that most dream of meeting one day. Meet them and you’ve met Him up close and personal.” Steve Sjogren

Providing for quality care for mothers who are choosing to offer their babies for adoption rather than aborting them, along with follow up care after the child is born.
The church’s responsibility extends to both the baby and the mother. Both lives are precious in the sight of God. We endeavor to provide for both sides of the equation by funding ongoing care for young moms who resist the temptation to take what some would call the easy way out, choosing instead to carry their baby full term to be matched with a Christian family.

Assembling a national database of health-care and legal professionals who will assist in a limited number of adoptions on a pro bono basis each year.
The body of Christ is made up of many members with a variety of skills - many that are helpful in defraying the costs of adoption. We network with professionals who are willing to step in and help speed the process of adoption in those cases when finances may slow things down unnecessarily.

Educating the church about the redemptive power of adoption, the effect it can have on their own congregation, the difference it will make in eternity, as well as the practical steps to adoption.
It is said that you rarely find one adoptive family in a congregation - if you find one, you find a dozen. Adoption is more than just giving of yourself - it serves to transform all those around it. We speak to leaders and congregations about the beauty of a community that is focused on redeeming lives and give them the next-steps to take towards becoming that very thing in their city.

The Zoe Foundation Board

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