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JUNE 13, 2013

(Corning, NY) - Employees of Guthrie Corning Hospital overwhelmingly approved a new union contract in balloting held today. The new agreement comes after months of sometimes contentious bargaining, including employee picketing on Thursday, June 6. Both sides met on June 7 and a tentative agreement was reached late Saturday evening, June 8. The new contract extends to April 30, 2016 and includes across the board wage increases totaling six percent (+6%): 2% in January, 2014;; 2% in July, 2015; and 2% in January, 2016. Employees will also continue to receive step increases based on years of service. The Hospital’s payment for health insurance premiums, one of the most hotly contested issues in the talks, will remain unchanged at the 90% level for single, two person, and family coverages until January, 2016, when it will go to 85%. Health benefits are guaranteed for the length of the contract and only one significant plan change was made, an increase to co-insurance for out-of network services. The Hospital will also be required to hold open enrollment for its health plan at least once a year, a practice that it had previously refused to do. Additionally, Employees secured increases in shift differentials, charge pay, employer payment for dental insurance, pension contribution rates, and an expansion of certifications giving eligible employees more compensation. Nurses currently participating in the Clinical Ladders program will see no change in their compensation. New entrants to the program will receive a lower rate. Union and management negotiators also agreed on a set of principles governing staff placement and duties when Corning Hospital relocates to a new facility next year. The Hospital had sought significant economic concessions from its employees including large increases in employee health insurance costs, a freeze on wage step increases, and a payfor-performance scheme. None of these provisions ended up in the final agreement.

“I think it’s a decent contract, especially when you consider where we started in the talks.” said Caitlin Cunningham, RN. “ I am satisfied.” “It was a hard fight to get what we got.” said Terri Gee, Radiology Technologist. “The majority of the staff are pleased with the results.” “I am very pleased with the outcome.” Peg Clarkson, ER Registration Clerk. “I think both sides will be able to move forward in a very positive direction. We are looking forward to moving to the new facility and to working hand in hand to provide quality care to our community.” Negotiations for a new labor contract covering approximately 450 Guthrie Corning Hospital employees began in late February. There were eighteen day long collective bargaining sessions. The negotiations were conducted under the supervision of a Federal Mediator since April. Employees covered by the union contract work as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical technicians, clerical, service, and maintenance employees. The employees were represented by a sixteen member employee committee and assisted by union staff. They are members of 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. Management was represented by a six person committee and assisted by an outside consultant. Corning Hospital’s principal location is 176 Denison Parkway East in Corning where it is licensed for 99 acute care beds, as well as emergency, surgical, laboratory, and outpatient services. It is part of the Guthrie Health System. 1199 SEIU members work at many Upstate New York health care facilities including Founders Pavilion and Absolut of Three Rivers in the Corning area, Cayuga Ridge Extended Care Center in Ithaca, Strong Memorial Hospital of the University of Rochester Medical Center and Auburn Memorial Hospital. ###

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