Katelyn White Mar.

8, 09 Classroom Philosophy I believe that a part of being a teacher is teaching our students to be good citizens, and whole people. Content knowledge of subjects like math, science, literature and reading are all very important, but so is the knowledge of how to be a contributing member of our society. Respect, empathy, and a sense of community are all things that I plan to teach my students and make a part of my classroom. I don’t plan on doing this by rewarding them with treats or the promise of a pizza party whenever they behave as I am trying to teach them because then they are just trying to get the reward and that losses the value of the action. How I plan to teach my students this is by expecting a lot from my students because I believe that they are capable of meeting my high expectations. In my experience I have noticed that students will rise to the expectations that you hold for them because they want to be better than they already are and they want someone to believe they can be better. I will be up front about this policy with all my students at the beginning of every year and this policy will stand throughout the year. The major part that I will play on this is being consistent with this policy in order to keep my students trust and not break their belief that I believe they can do great things. As for my classroom philosophy in the area of teaching my students content knowledge I believe that students learn best when they are allowed to learn through experience. I believe that text books have their value too and they will be utilized, but as a secondary to letting my students learn from experience. I will let the students learn science through doing science experiments and then use the text book to reinforce the ideas of what they learned from the experiment. Math will not just be learning a concept and then practicing it through a bunch of homework assignments because what I have learned from experience is that learning this way usually only leads to the students memorizing how to do the problem, but never really learning the concept of

what they are doing and why it is important and useful. One way that reading and literature will be sublimated is by allowing the student to make plays that go with we are reading in class because the act of making the play and acting out the book I believe will allow a better understanding of the book. Learning through doing things instead of sitting and reading a text book, I believe is a more effective way to teach kids because it provides visuals and keeps their interest. Teaching my students to be whole people and allowing them to experience what they are learning is how I would run my classroom.