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elcome to Sanitasole, the Premier Place for Senior Health! We offer a broad range of healthcare services tailored to the personalized needs of our clients, as well as providing respite for caregivers. If there are additional programs and services you and your loved one need, please know we are eager to accommodate as we work together to design the ideal plan of care. Sanitasole’s professional staff is here to assist you in effectively managing your healthcare challenges that will result in an improved quality of life. We all age differently. While some still take a morning swim at age 90, others may require assistance with activities of daily living at age 55. Our empathic team of healthcare providers offers stimulating and enjoyable programs and services. For those who want to remain active and socially engaged, to those requiring ongoing healthcare management, Sanitasole is here for you.

Many have described Sanitasole as regal, stately and majestic; but the real beauty of the place happens on the inside.

r Place for Senior Health.

We offer a caring, comfortable atmosphere where everything from the décor to the staff is warm and welcoming. We know you will enjoy being a part of the Sanitasole family. This brochure outlines our many programs and services that will make life more fulfilling. We invite you to visit our beautiful Tuscan-inspired facility and meet our friendly staff to discuss your particular healthcare needs. We’re confident you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite like Sanitasole in all of Southwest Florida! We look forward to serving you and helping you get more out of life.

When one’s ability to manage or perform everyday tasks becomes daunting, we offer insight and assistance to our clients, their families and long distance caregivers. With long-term care central to our focus, the practitioners at Sanitasole specialize in Gerontology and Geriatrics, the two healthcare fields dedicated to aging. These professionals are equipped with the tools needed to address the health and well being of our seniors, including those challenged by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other forms of cognitive impairment. Our personalized care management begins with an inhome assessment by a registered nurse, ideally with a caregiver/family member present. Through this intake process, the practitioner becomes acquainted with the senior’s personality, lifestyle and levels of function critical to maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Senior Care Management

The ultimate goal of the Care Manager is to facilitate a safe, secure, and stress-free lifestyle in the home of each of our seniors. Through access to a coordinated array of services, we help them maintain optimal independence.

What could be more satisfying than a stimulating, state-of-the-art facility and a watchful, encouraging eye?

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Once the assessment is complete, Sanitasole’s Care Manager formulates a comprehensive plan that is then recommended to the client and caregiver (and/or designated family member) for approval. The plan outlines the personalized goals of optimal care, recommended services, and a projected time frame. When all parties agree, implementation begins. Upon implementation, your Sanitasole Care Manager will provide expertise in navigating what often times can be a confusing array of disjointed services. Aspects of home safety, ordering of medical supplies, counseling, nutritional and medication management and financial advisement all come into play. The care manager might also be requested to arrange for other at-home services such as bill paying, housekeeping, lawn care, transportation, grocery shopping, meal delivery and personal care issues. Sanitasole’s Care Manager works directly with you and

your loved one in achieving the goals and objectives of the Care Plan. Be assured that throughout you can consult with your care manager at any time regarding the ongoing challenges of the aging process.

Adult Day Services

For many seniors facing the challenges of daily living, the biggest burden of care falls on the caregiver. Without a network of support services at hand, the caregiver’s health and quality of life can rapidly become compromised as every attempt is made to accommodate emerging needs. Even in cases where the loved one requires seemingly minimal assistance, risk factors and potential dangers are ever present. Also, the alternative of a live-in facility may be undesirable. It can impose unnecessary expense and a decline in familiarity and independence. Enter Sanitasole Day Services!

caring friends.

At Sanitasole, our Day Services Program provides an engaging alternative of care that is welcoming, stimulating and invigorating. Rehabilitation therapy, socialization, monitoring of medication and nutrition, are some of the components that comprise the personalized plan of care. A day at Sanitasole is pleasant and productive. Depending on one’s interests, a typical day might include gardening on the patio, reading in a quiet corner of the library, creating crafts, enjoying a classic film, a card game, or a workout in our state-of-the-art gym. Perhaps a swim in our therapeutic pool is just the thing to relieve the stiffness that’s inhibited flexibility. All this unfolds in the company of other friendly seniors in the relaxed, homelike setting of Sanitasole. Additionally, Sanitasole offers savory cuisine designed to accommodate the personalized preferences and nutritional requirements of the clients.

A day at Sanitasole

Is the management of medications and doctor appointments becoming problematic? Sanitasole can help by assisting you with a coordinated approach.

Rehabilitation and Referral Program

For many seniors, physical rehabilitation is prescribed by a physician to optimize strength and flexibility following injury or surgery while expediting recovery. In caring for such clients, or those with degenerative long term disabilities, Sanitasole is here to support you and your loved one in dealing proactively with all rehabilitative needs. Early stage education, in coordination with the delivery of a wide range of therapeutic one-on-one services, assures the success of the rehabilitation.

One of Sanitasole’s greatest assets is the gift of sunshine!

is pleasant and productive.

Through our network of licensed affiliate providers, Sanitasole facilitates access to programs and services for all stages of rehabilitative recovery. Some examples include: Transitional Inpatient Rehabilitation: A program designed to advance recovery through intensive clinical services provided by experts in neuro-rehabilitation. Neurobehavioral Inpatient Rehabilitation: Similar to Transitional, but with the addition of a fully integrated staff specializing in the treatment of clients with a behavioral component to their injury or condition. Clinical Services: Therapeutic intervention that may include: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speechlanguage pathology, recreation therapy, as well as social work, psychology and psychiatry services.

Community-Based Programs: Designed to provide personal assistance and clinical therapy in the comfort of home. Day Services: Provides daytime opportunities for you or your loved one to improve social skills that promote participation in a satisfying and constructive leisure environment while engaging the senses through art, music, exercise, water aerobics and community outings — all within a supportive and loving family environment. Physiatry: Provided by physicians specializing in rehabilitative medicine and behavioral disturbances attributable to an injury. Clients receive treatment for physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges.

How do you describe Sanitasole? It starts with Encouragement, Empathy and Understanding.

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Wellness Program

Sanitasole’s Wellness Program provides health education, exercise therapy, performance tracking and the support of a team of health care professionals in our beautiful state-of-the-art facility. Our program is designed to help ensure a healthy, happy and longer life. The first phase of this program begins by conducting a lifestyle assessment, identifying current health issues, lifestyle risks, needs and interests. Next, our team of trained professionals creates a customized Wellness Plan that includes such things as specialized diet, fitness regimen and health education. Our professional team plays an active role in achieving the goals of the personalized health plan. Depending on need, it may be comprised of a registered nurse, nutritionist, psychotherapist or counselor, and health educator. We also offer personal fitness training, water aerobics, massage therapy, yoga and Pilates.

In addition to offering a professional, supportive team, Sanitasole’s Wellness Program provides our clients with ongoing health education with an emphasis on prevention. We know every client is unique. We tailor each client’s Wellness Program to reflect components that focus on different aspects of care such as improving and maintaining an ideal weight, enhancing muscle tone, balance and gait control. We hope you will allow us to assist you in improving your physical and emotional well-being with our customized programs. We want to help you achieve a fuller, longer and healthier life!

Home Healthcare

For some seniors, the idea of receiving care outside the home can be unavailable or unrealistic. That’s when it’s time to consider home healthcare and Sanitasole is here to help.

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We work with a variety of caring specialists whose goal it is to assist and improve the quality of life for our clients on a short- or long-term basis in their home. Sanitasole can facilitate two types of home healthcare and both are licensed by the state: the Medicare-certified agency and the private-duty (private pay) agency which is not covered by Medicare insurance. A Medicare agency requires that your physician specifically prescribe treatment needs in terms of skilled services delivered by a licensed professional in accordance with diagnosis. Often times this is most critical following discharge from a hospital facility. Professional nurses from our affiliates provide general care, wellness counseling, disease management, safety and medication compliance. Physical therapists direct the rehabilitation program following injury or surgery.

The thoughtful

Occupational therapists provide training in securing the tools and techniques necessary to perform grooming and other day-to-day activities that enhance esteem, comfort and appearance. Speech therapists help with difficulty in speaking, swallowing and eating. Home health aides provide necessary assistance in bathing and grooming. Senior Care Managers help educate and coordinate resources available in the community for aiding and expediting recovery. With Sanitasole’s Medicare-approved affiliate there is no co-pay and no deductible required. Our Private Duty affiliate offers all other aspects of nursing and personal care including medication oversight, mobility and transfer assistance, shopping and light housekeeping. Both affiliates are on call 24/7 and Sanitasole oversees the quality of all your care.

Sometimes the best medicine is the enduring presence of a dear friend.

touch of kindness.


With some medical issues the best that medicine has to offer is simply greater comfort. When a diagnosis has advanced beyond the possibility of recovery, Hospice is prepared to step in immediately with professional assistance for you and your loved one. Sanitasole has partnered with the nation’s leader in Hospice services and will facilitate your access of care by this outstanding team of skilled and caring professionals. The goal of Hospice is to attend to the comfort, care and happiness of the terminally ill during the precious time remaining. The Hospice benefit differs from the home health care benefit in some important ways that offer an enhanced alternative to coverage for end-of-life issues.

When beneficiaries are being cared for, Medicare is responsible for paying these Hospice-related home healthcare benefits directly related to the Hospice diagnosis: 1. All prescription and over the counter medications. 2. 100% of all durable medical equipment related to the management of the Hospice diagnosis. 3. Personal supplies related to the Hospice diagnosis. 4. Bereavement and Family Counseling before and after the beneficiary’s death. In choosing Hospice rather than traditional home healthcare, Medicare beneficiaries incur no charges for prescriptions related to the terminal diagnosis determined by a physician. Sanitasole understands how difficult this time can be for the entire family.

At the end of the day, the secret of Sanitasole can best be attributed to its founders, Paula and Richard Robinson.

Sanitasole. Where life is lived to the fullest.
With Hospice care, our role is to facilitate compassionate care while easing access to the myriad of Hospice services available. Most importantly, we strive to create an environment that is supportive, sensitive and loving.

Lecture Series and Seminars

Additional Services

Sanitasole offers in-house salon services where clients can relax in the lap of luxury as part of their personalized plan of care. How about a massage, manicure or pedicure to provide that extra boost to well being? Or perhaps it’s finally time for that new hair style you’ve been admiring in that magazine? Our fully equipped salon is staffed by outstanding affiliate professionals who seem to know your needs even before you request them. When it comes to health and wholeness, good grooming plays a vital role.

The professionals at Sanitasole, in collaboration with other health care providers and distinguished guests, offer free lectures and educational seminars that are open to the public. Topics vary and include such cutting edge healthcare issues as finance, world affairs, travel and tourism. Some classes also offer continuing education credit (CEU) for healthcare professionals. This venue provides an interesting and enjoyable way to stay informed and meet new friends and colleagues.

Library and Educational Services

The library at Sanitasole offers an educational ambiance that is unsurpassed. It houses a large selection of health related, educational materials (many in large print for easy reading) for casual or serious readers. Clients are permitted to check out books, journals or audio-visual resources so the learning adventure can continue at home


Everyone knows that all work and no play can make for a very dull lifestyle. At Sanitasole, having fun is our specialty! A huge debt of gratitude, however, is owed to the beautiful gift of sunshine in Southwest Florida. Yes, it does have its dangers but with sunscreen always at the ready, the days are blissful and bright and provide the perfect backdrop for any endeavor. We have a wide selection of interactive games, music, crafts, and other fun things to enjoy. Feel like taking in a film? Our movie theater screen and sound system can accommodate any DVD. Are you eager to get that green thumb back in the dirt where it longs to be? Located on the patio at Sanitasole are raised garden planters that are specially designed to allow you to stand while you sow and grow. There’s no need to bend, stoop or kneel while you’re cultivating your blue ribbon petunias. And just wait till you

taste your prize winning vegetables at lunch time! Also, each planter is outfitted with an encompassing umbrella to shield you from the sun. Be a part of Sanitasole! Whether you and your loved one reside in the area year round or seasonally, please know we are here for you. Feel free to contact us in person, by phone or e-mail and schedule a tour of our lovely, Tuscan inspired facility. And don’t forget to visit us on our website, (just click on “contact us” or browse our menu for more information). We can discuss your needs and explore options for care that you might not have known existed. Most importantly, we want you to think of us as your informed advocate, committed to assisting you in successfully navigating the complexities of today’s healthcare system. We look forward to welcoming you to the Sanitasole family!

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