The Editor responds to Rogelio Colon mexrrican@gmail.

com regarding his comments on Garcias Gang García's Gang decided to stay quiet this week, wonder why? Well they decided the best course of action was stick to the plan, which means continue buying buses, room nights and most of all buying the rights of people (buying their votes), taking off the rights democracy just simple buying a two days vacations in Las Vegas and a couple of beers. The Editor Response: The Puerto Rican government, under the governorship of Luis Fortuno who was with the pro-statehood party of the PNP, paid for Margaret Moran’s candidacy by financing the campaign with over $1,000,000.00 each year in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Luis Fortuno’s PNP was shellacked in the 2012 elections in Puerto Rico by the PDP, a pro-status party, so the days on hundreds of thousands of government monies are over. Moran’s campaign is spending as much money as Garcia’s campaign. The only problem is we do not know the sources of Moran’s finances. Part of the money is coming from Walter Martinez. Martinez is the person whom Margaret Moran, Oscar Moran, and Manuel Escobar sold the Corpus Christi Hacienda LULAC apartments to for a net to National LULAC in the sum of $250,000.00. Walter turned the purchase into a $10,000,000.00 apartment re-development project 10 days after the purchase. To Garcia,s Gang it does not matter the consequences this practice will do to the League, it does not matter if there is any or no contribution at all to LULAC, it does not matter what it cost to the image of the organization and to the image of the Latino Women. Sounds funny imaging just if we a Puerto Rican running this quest....yes one of the same people from a LULAC charter that elected the last five LULAC Presidents, and without their help non of what we called Past National exist. The Editor’s Response: The Editor had an English professor read this part and concluded that the writer does not know what he/she is saying. Sounds Puerto Rican, could be a female, probably is a Puerto Rican from the island, given that island Puerto Rico has been in LULAC since 1994. But the record needs to be corrected. Island Puerto Rico was involved with the election of the LULAC President in 1994 through 1997, 1998 through 2001 and 2010 through 2012. These terms involved three LULAC Presidents, not five. From 2002 through 2009, the federal government had rounded up island Puerto Rico politicians who were involved in graft and corruption and send a few off to federal prison. Island Puerto Rico was out during those years. The PDP in island Puerto Rico ended the freewheeling days of Luis Fortuno and the PNP in LULAC mainland politics. Gracias a Dios. The are thousand things to fix this crisis, the crisis for power, but i string believe that is not going to happen during this upcoming National Convention. Because Garcia's Gang will try to create a chaos, yes a chaos....they will bring lawsuits, statements and some non sense arguments with the sole purpose of delaying General Assembly business. Also in the matter of the election for president is going to take a long ride, because Garcia wants to run no matter what the judge said, he will try the 3/4, after that i will assume one of the lawyers Dovalina will try to address the assembly with some legal argument, after that Flores will try to throw from the floor an other candidates like Rene (from TX) or Dave (from CA) or

whoever. Assuming also if they don't quit after loosing the presidency, the are going to still fighting for the other seats on the board, which i so far think that just the Farwest is without competition. They have a slate (which by the way is a non-democratic way to do things), a slate even including the Convention Site for the 2016, in which i heard that Puertorico wants. So lets wait and see "quien se atreve a coger el torro por los cuernos". The Editor’s Response: Garcia’s Gang wants justice, fairness and transparency in LULAC. National LULAC sued Linda Chavez, Bea Martinez and Joey Cardenas in 2012. National LULAC sued Domingo Garcia in 2013. So me thinks you got the lawsuiting upside down. The judge did not rule that Domingo Garcia could not be a candidate in LULAC elections. He simply said, let LULAC work it out, which is what Garcia’s Gang is going to do. Garcia’s Gang is going to fight for all of the seats. That is what elections are about. A slate is not nondemocratic, I think you meant undemocratic. Margaret Moran has a slate. The 2014 Convention site will be in Luis, Texas. The 2016 Convention site will be in Houston, Texas. Now after Garcia,s Gang fail their quest the question is who lost? Well my friends LULAC lost, the organization we all love lost, just for the simple quest of a person that needs to get exposure in order to get close to DC. The Editor’s Response: LULAC has been around longer than any LULAC’er that will be in Las Vegas, 94 years. Politicians lose, not LULAC. LULAC always wins. LULAC is not for the simple quest of any one person. LULAC has had over 40 National Presidents and over one thousand national officers since its founding. LULAC has included leaders from all walks of life. This Convention does not alter that. What kind of exposure is Margaret Moran after? The Editor: Go back to school and learn how to write. Rogelio Colon-Dorado Council @11411