The Sales Star Inventory (SSI) is a practical assessment of how sales people are distinguished from others by their

own specific way of processing the world around them, processing information, learning, problem-solving, selling, communicating, and relating to others. SSI was created by Raymond Phoon and introduced in his book, "The DNA of a Sales Superstar"; which was clinically adapted from the Directive Communication Psychology Colored Brain Communication Inventory by Arthur F Carmazzi. The Colored Brain Model is a part of the Directive Communication Psychology developed by Arthur F Carmazzi, and depicted in his original Book "Identity Intelligence", Veritas Publishing, 2002. Having a proper understanding of your Sales Star Color Brain will help you discover and harness your ideal Sales Identity, turbo-boost your strengths and achieve outstanding sales results. The following assessment will take approximately between 15-25 minutes. This is an inventory assessment, not a test. Feel free to change any of your answers until you are satisfied with them. Upon completion, you will receive a series of reports and illustration of your profile and relevant information to help you understanding your results.

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Each item in the inventory starts with an incomplete sentence, followed by four different scenarios. You are to spread 10 points among the four scenarios to show how frequently it is like you to relate in each of the four ways. For example, you can rate between 0 to 10 for any scenario with 0 being the lowest preference and 10 being the highest preference. Ensure the total of all four scenarios add up to the score of 10. You will see a checkmark on the right hand of each question if you have completed it correctly. Example:When talking to a potential customer for the very first time... I observe his "style", watch out for key words about his needs and adapt accordingly. I allow the customer to talk first, so that I can get analyze the situation before taking the next move. I remain friendly and humble in my approach, to ensure that the customer feels comfortable in dealing with me.

1) I usually feel most comfortable in a sales meeting, when

When I am able to deliver the presentation complete with the details as originally planned

I am able to have overview of the presentation; sufficient enough to talk it through with the customer

When the customer's bod language and gestures sho support of my presentatio

2) I will most likely be able to sell a product or service at a price that is higher than market average

If the customer is new to me rather than selling to someone that I already know well

If I am fully convinced myself that it is worth the price after comparing with other competitors

If I am given the autonom to decide as to how I wou sell it

Sales is about averages. the more I try.3) My customers like me because I am honest and straightforward I am friendly and helpful I am flexible and articula ideas well 4) I am most comfortable when I have full confidence and understanding over the product features. the better the chances I am able to build a good relationship with the customer 5) I am most effective when circumstances are manageable and situations are under control situations are challenging and customers are demanding everyone is accountable t their role in the value cha process 6) I dislike customers who Don't seem to keep their word Don't follow the agreed terms and conditions Are proud and think they know it all 7) I feel fulfilled working with management who Leads by example and keep to promises Respects me for who I am Think through their strategies and execute the promptly . service model and warranty/support turnaround times I keep on trying.

so that you can provide right answers to close a long term client. quickly share a possible reason and promise that it will not happen again Calm the customer down first and personally take responsibility to solve it Ensure that the situation i logged in and documented immediately. you will Briefly apologize.8) When there's a serious customer complaint about your organization's service. so that it do not repeat itself 9) My most comfortable closing style is Convincing the customer that buying from me is the best and assured choice Showing the customer proof that my product / service is the best choice Allowing the customer to read the materials and ask questions. 10) When working on a new deal. resources or financial wise Is to find out who the decision makers are and see if you have friends who know them Is to check out the competition and the expectations of the custom . my first inclination Is to think whether or not we are capable to handle the project ie.

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