Claudio Perrone

Most IT projects fail

Will yours?

Software development productivity would skyrocket...

Neal Ford .“ …if the least effective 30% were fired tomorrow --.


How do you get results? .

Dude. check this technology out Sir. people matter too! . I urge you to revisit your process Darling.

Once upon a time I was a successful software developer… .

My technical skills made me feel invincible .

Until one day… .

…I entered a world of deception .

It was Hell from day 1 .


What would you do? .

I choked .

…but then. I decided to fight back .

This is what I tried: 2 1 Agility Effective Communication 3 Deliberate Creativity .

Agility 1 .



.. .to adaptive ...I made a choice: from predictive.

.Fixed time-boxes help focus.. Can you focus for 48 minutes? .

Short iterations enable everything almost Motivation Prioritization Feedback Reflection Creativity .

How do you express requirements? .

The 3 Cs of a User Story Card Conversation Confirmation (acceptance criteria) .

Ref: http://dannorth. so that I don’t have to wait in line at the . I want to withdraw cash from an ATM. feature.Card: role. benefit Customer withdraws cash As a customer.

How do you know you are done? .

net/introducing-bdd .Define an acceptance criteria (BDD) [Scenario title] Given [some initial context] When [an event occurs] Then [ensure some outcomes] Ref: http://dannorth.

Acceptance criteria example: context Scenario 1: Account is in credit Given the account is in credit And the card is valid And the dispenser contains cash .

Acceptance criteria example: event When the customer requests cash .

Acceptance criteria example: outcomes Then ensure the account is debited And ensure cash is dispensed And ensure the card is returned .

A little twist: Scenarios can be parsed… .

End In ..} .…and then “automated”! In Ruby: Given “the account is in credit” do # .Given(“the account is in credit”)() {..NET: ...

Early success brought confidence… .

…but the project was still at risk .

Effective Communication 2 .

First… SHUT UP! .

Listen Don’t just hear .

Find their greatest need .

Commit to a ubiquitous language .

Establish trust .

Build a sense of ownership .

Keep your enemies closer .

Anonymous Proverb . --.We see things not as they are. but as we are.

Roles and perceptions plant Creativity implementer Task co-ordinator Direction completer /specialist Detail resource investigator Resources shaper Shaping Criticality teamworker Team monitor-evaluator .

How could we get smarter .

Deliberate Creativity 3 .

Unlocking creativity: From what and how to “what if ”

The creativity process

Explorer Artist Judge Warrior

Extract Concept (1/2)
You have identified a concrete idea that addresses a given objective...

Extract Concept (2/2) Therefore Extract a broader concept to facilitate the creation of alternatives. .

Connect all dots with 4 straight lines .

Connect all dots with 4 straight lines .

How about 3 straight lines? .

1 line? .

Reverse assumptions (1/2) You want to generate alternative ideas by challenging your current assumptions… .

Reverse assumptions (2/2) Therefore List your assumptions Write the opposite of those assumptions Try to identify how to accomplish each reversal .

Parallel Thinking .

Six thinking hats .

So. what happened to the project? .

it succeeded .Amazingly. end user I was part of something.. --.Lessons learned. I belonged. “ “ We moved from the Flintstones era to the future.a developer .

com .Thank you! Claudio Perrone cperrone@innerworkings.claudioperrone.

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