Day 1: Monday -Introduce the Multi Genre Research Project

Day 2: Tuesday* -Lesson on KWL charts, index cards, MLA format, Works Cited, and sources. SWBAT: -Effectively brainstorm about their specific topic. -Start researching on their topic using the method of nontraditional index cards. -Differentiate between a credible source and noncredible source.

Day 3: Wednesday -Index cards -Start research

Day 4: Thursday -First 15 index cards DUE at beginning of the hour -Continue researching SWBAT: -Start researching more deeply into their research topic. -Complete the second set of 15 index cards by the next class period.

Day 5: Friday -Second 15 index cards DUE at beginning of the hour -Continue researching SWBAT: -Start completing their final set of index cards for their official research portion of this project. -Organizing all of their research findings in an outline or any way that makes sense to them.

SWBAT: -Understand what a genre is and why they will be creating them. -What is expected of them for this research project.

SWBAT: -Start researching the basics of their research topic. -Have 15 index cards due by the next class period.

Day 6: Monday* -40 index cards DUE at beginning of the hour -Introduce the 1st REQUIRED genre: the informative essay (Lesson on Form= Audience+Purpose) -Begin Genre #1 SWBAT: -Understand why audience and purpose are important when writing an informative essay. -Identify who and why a certain piece was written via previous student samples. -Effectively write an informative essay on their chosen topic while keeping audience and purpose in mind.

Day 7: Tuesday -Continue working/editing informative essay

Day 8: Wednesday -Continue working/editing informative essay -DUE TOMORROW: an artifact that describes popular culture or popular advertisements that we see in today’s media SWBAT: -Work in groups to peer edit their informative essays through workshopping in groups of three. -Understand how to compare and contrast informative essays by what makes them good and what does not.

Day 9: Thursday* -Informative essay DUE at beginning of the hour. -Introduce Genre #2: Print Media (Lesson on Advertisements/ Pop Culture -Reflect on the artifact they brought in and why -Begin Genre #2 SWBAT: -Make informed inferences about what advertisements in print media are aiming for. -Utilize the concept of form=audience+ purpose to incorporate into research. -Construct a print media genre of some sort. -Understand what it means to be media literate and have a discussion about what this means. Day 14: Thursday -Genre #3 DUE at beginning of hour -Start working on Genre #4: Creative

Day 10: Friday -Continue working on Genre #2

SWBAT: -Structure their informative essay in the basic 5 paragraph form with quotes and citations. -Start editing their own paper.

SWBAT: -Continue an ongoing discussion about media and society in a large group. -Relate media not only to themselves in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well.

Day 11: Monday* -Genre #2: DUE by beginning of hour -Introduce Genre #3: Visual (Lesson on

Day 12: Tuesday -Finish up working in their stations -Continue working on Genre #3

Day 13: Wednesday -Continue working on Genre #3

Day 15: Friday -Continue working on Genre #4