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Claire Gillo
Update your finn\Aiare
Keep your Canon D-SLR up to date by installing the latest free software

Checklist y _
What you'll need
• Canon D-SLR
• Memory card
• Computer
How long it'll take
1 hour
The skills you'll learn
How to downl oad fi rmware
from Canon ·s website
How to copy firmware
to your memory card
to install firmware
on your D-SLR
Photo Plus
Super Tip!
Other features
of the ?D 2.0.3
firmware update
include: in-camera
Raw image editing,
in-camera JPEG
resizing, maximum
Auto ISO setting
in-camera image
rating, manual audio
level adjustment for
movie recording, GPS
compatibility, faster
scrolling of magnified
images, time zone
settings, a Quick
Control function
during playback,
plus various
bug fixes.
58 I PhotoPius December 2012
irmware is a free software upgrade that you
can install on your Canon D-SLR to improve its
performance and add new features. You'll need
an internet connection to down load an update, and a
memory card to load it onto your camera.
Some firmware updates apply minor tweaks or bug
fixes, while more substantial updates can give your
camera a whole new lease of life, as is the case with
the EOS ?D firmware version 2.0.3 update, which we'll
be installing in this tutorial. The big attraction of this
update is that it gives the 70 a higher maximum burst
rate- up to 25 Raw files or 130JPEGs. To see what
firmware updates are available for your D-SLR, and
to down load them, go to
Download and install firmware
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Download the finnware
Go to, click on Products and
Solutions, then select Digital Interchangeable
Lens Cameras. Find your D-SLR. Choose Support
and Down load, and click the Down load tab. Choose
Firmware from the menu, and down load the
appropriate firmware (Mac or PC) to your computer.
Copy finnware to memory card
Format your memory card in your camera. then
& plug it into your computer (via a memory card
reader, if necessary). Open the downloaded firmware
file, and copy the file directly into the memory card's
'root directory'- the window that first appears when
you open the memory card. Don't copy the firmware
to any sub-folders.
Install the finnware
111'1 Turn on your D-SLR and set the Exposure mode
.. dial toP; make sure the battery is fully charged,
as a power failure during instal lation may disable your
camera. Insert the memory card. Press the Menu
button, go to the last yellow tool menu. navigate down
to Firmware Ver.X.X.X at bottom of the screen and
press Set. The firmware update will appear. Select OK
to begin the update.
Complete the installation
Don't press any buttons during the installation.
When the update is complete. turn your camera
off, take out the battery for at least two seconds, then
put the battery back in and t urn the camera back on.
Format your memory card before using it again. •

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