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A. Today at Toronto Executive Committee: We were outnumbered today at The City of Toronto's Executive Committee. We have a City staff that is hostile, and has self-restricted the City from acting on its own policy declaration last year condemning Israel Apartheid Speech. We were ridiculed by Jews Against Zionism, the Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, and Queers Against Israel Apartheid (QuAIA). It was a four hour agenda item. But on our side as deputant-speakers, Leo Adler, Steve Albert (CIJA), Dr Paul Druzin, Sam Eskenasi (BBC), Rabbi Baruch Frydman-Kohl (Beth Tzedec), Martin Gladstone, Dr Joel Goldman, Shirley Anne Haber (SAG), Richard Klagsbrun, David Nitkin (, Paul Ross, Stacey Starkman (SWC), and Vivienne Ziner ( spoke beautifully. And, in addition, Andria Spindel, Rabbi Jarrod Grover (Beth Tikvah) and Tipharea Ziner-Kohn had their deputation texts accepted into the meeting's minutes. Here's the motion written by our own Leo Adler and proposed by Councillor Frank diGiorgio that passed: an amendment to the Anti-Discrimination Policy, ""Requiring the recipient of any direct or indirect cultural funding to not permit any hate speech or discriminatory behaviour or messaging that is contrary to the City's Policy, in which case funding is to be returned to the City or refused by the City." The enabling date for this amendment should be as of the date that Council passes this amendment. B. The Full City Council Next Month: Today's vote wasn't about funding but, rather, about the City's flawed Anti-Discrimination Policy. The battle now shifts to the full City Council. There the odds against us are greater. We can't rely upon the outspoken Jewish Councillors-Pasternak and Shiner. We need to contact the large group of non-Jewish Councillors in the middle. You need to tell them this issue is important to us, and fundamentalist Christians, and other voters. You need to ask for their support. You need to get them to act on the courageous motion last year condemning Israel Apartheid speech. You need to write and call your Councillor, to convince them that we have long memories and that we want to praise them for the

"principled vote" on this matter. Copies of the deputations of those in RED are available on request. So too is the legal analysis of Leo Adler, which was sent to the City's lawyer but rejected by the City's staff as not affecting their recommendations or draft Policy. It's not likely we will be allowed to speak at Council-- the time for your passion, letters and e-mails and conversations with Councillors and with folks in Premier Wynne's office in the Ontario Government is in the next three weeks. C. Next Year's International Pride Parade in 2014. The same QuAIA debate in Toronto is happening internationally. And in 2014 Toronto Pride will host the world's international Pride convention, with two-week's-long lots of politicized policy/cultural debates. So groups of us need to form ourselves and apply to register now to debate these issues at the expanded 2014 International Pride Parade scheduled for here in Toronto. Wonder-girl-student Tiphaera Ziner-Cohen will be preparing an update for you on this. I am very proud of each and every one of you. May we go, From strength to strength. -- ______________________________

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