OCT. 15.

2003 1:06PM


NO, 0943

P, 3

US. Department of Transportation


Federal Aviation Administration

ACTION: Presidential 9/11 Commission Follow Up

October 8,2003

From: Director of Air Traffic, AAT-1




Ann. OT:


Manager, Air Traffic Division, AEA-500 Manager, Air Traffic Division, AGL-500 Manager, Air Traffic Division, ANE-500 Manager, Air Traffic Tactical Operations, ATT-1

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Below is information concerning and pertinent to the ongoing Presidential 9/11 Commission Inquiry. It is absolutely imperative that you follow the instructions arid requests for information exactly as noted below. Please be aware that this request includes all Air Traffic employees (facility or region) working on September 11, 2001. If there is any doubt as to whether the information/documentation should be included, DO include it in the package. For Eastern, New England, and Great Lakes Regional Air Traffic Divisions, ZID, ZOB, ZNY, ZBW, ZDC, N90, IAD, DCA, PCT, and ATCSCC: 1. All accident files must be copied in their entirety and sent via Federal Express (priority overnight) to Shirley Miller (see address on page 3). 2. In addition to the accident files, all other documentation in any way related to the events of 9/11 and the FAA's response must be included (after action reports, QA materials, email, personal notes, etc,), The specific request from the Commission says "any document, whether in draft or final form, prepared by DOT, the FAA, any of their components, or any of their employees as after action or other evaluations of the Department's or the Agency's response to the events of 9/11" and "all interview memoranda or other records of DOT and FAA interviews of the following individuals: ATC controllers and supervisors involved in tracking or communicating with the hijacked planes on 9/11" and "After action reviews or self-assessment reports concerning the FAA's handling of the hijacked airliners on 9/11/01" and "all logs, tapes, and transcripts of

2003 1:06PM


NO. 0943

P, 4

internal FAA communications, including interphone conversations among FAA locations, concerning aircraft presumed to be hijacked on 9/11/01." These materials must be copied and sent via Federal Express (priority overnight) to Shirley Miller. 3. All Air Traffic Managers from the above facilities must send a certification letter to AAT-1 that indicates all of the employees have been asked for documentation and that all documentation is being provided. The letter should list the employees contacted and that all employees who were.in the facility on 9/11 (from midnight on 9/11 to 1 l:59pm on 9/11) are to be included. The certification should cover those employees who now work at PCT but were at DCA and IAD on 9/11. Any additional documentation gathered as a result of this must be copied and sent via Federal Express (priority overnight) to Shirley Miller. 4. All Air Traffic Managers need to reach out to those individuals who no longer work at the facility, but worked on 9/11, to ask them if they have any documentation that would be relevant to the Commission's work. This, includes employees that have retired. 5. . Tapes. We need to provide tapes as they become available from the- Command , Center and ZID/ZOB/ZNY/ZBW/ZDC. If there are similar conversations at N90, . . IAD, or DCA, we need tapes from those facilities as well. Specifically, the Commission wants re-recordings of voice tapes from all landlines in the Traffic Management Unit, all landlines associated with the OMIC /OSIC position(s), and any other hotline that may have been activated with either the ATCSCC, FAA Headquarters Situation Room, or Regional Command Center between the hours of 0800-1400 EST on 09/11/01 be made. Please have New York, Boston, Cleveland, and Washington Centers make official re-recordings and send them via Federal Express (priority overnight) to Tom Davidson, Manager, AAT-20, FAA Headquarters, Room 400e, Phone: 202-267-9342. Please do not forget to keep track of the man-hours used to accomplish these recordings as we need to document the time and cost of responding to the Commission.

15.2003 1 : 0 7 P M


NQ. 0943

P. 5

Address for Shirley Miller: Shirley Miller, ADA-2 800 Independence Ave, SW. Room 1010 Washington, DC 20591 Phone: 202-267-3666 Thanks for vpjjr assistance on this very important task

David B, Jo: