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June 2013 Complimentary

Thank Heaven
for our
Story page 5
Debbie Elovirta of Becket
and Margaret Callahan of Dalton
this side of purradise
Iris Bass
hen I visited Purradise on May
25, I met a new adoptee whose
means of arrival put me in mind of me-
dieval foundling wheels, whereby un-
wanted infants were deposited in a
special swiveling compartment in the
outer wall of a church, so whoever
brought them would not be seen by
those on the inside.
During the previous week, as a
Purradise volunteer arrived for work,
she discovered a pretty female tortie
had been left on the doorstep in a car-
rier, along with a brief, unsigned note
saying, We give her up now due to
household and health issues. Included
was only part of an old medical print-
out whose owner/vet contact details had
been cut away. This minimal, outdated
information was less than helpful: she
was terribly thin, had sores on several
areas of her body, and had been chew-
ing at her fur (a sign of stress or perhaps
Although her former family is to be
commended for not abandoning her to
the streets or wilds, please take note
that a cat that needs a home should be
brought in person not to Purradise but
to its mother shelter, the Berkshire
Humane Societyand not left in a box
outsideso that the animal is protected
from the elements and predators. Please
stay long enough to answer any ques-
tions the BHS staff may have about the
cats social and medical history. There
is no fee for bringing in a cat.
Despite her not arriving there by the
usual route, the Purradise staff admitted
the now renamed Buttercup and
brought her to a local vet for a physical.
By the 25th, treatment had already
begun to fill her out and soothe what-
ever mystery condition had caused
those sores, though she still had some
ways to go to become healthy enough
to adopt out. When I first met her, she
was not ravenously yet determinedly
working her way through a large bowl
of wet food, clearly savoring every
Once she had eaten her fill, with per-
mission of the staff I brought Buttercup
in my arms from her condo at one side
of the building to the Sunshine Spa on
the other, for some intensive one-on-
one. She leaned into me trustingly as I
walked, and on the porch settled on my
lap for a full-body petting session,
switched up every so often with my in-
troducing her to perching on this or that
cat tree so she could appreciate the view
outside and understand that she was
free to go wherever she wished to sit or
climb. Toward the end of our hour or so
together, she was wagging her tail
cheerfully while on my lap; brushing
against my legs while exploring the
floor; and when high on a cat tree, not
only looking with interest at the birds
outside but turning to study my face, to
connect with this human who was
spending this time with her. From poor
little Buttercup she had gone swiftly to
sweet little Buttercup, no doubt feel-
ing she had indeed arrived in par-
Age ten is considered senior, but is
not old. Once Buttercup has made a lit-
tle more progress in healing inside and
out from whatever situation brought her
there, she will likely prove a devoted
companion, ideally for a kindly mature
individual, who would pay only $50
under BHSs Senior for Senior pro-
This series follows the special human-
feline bond at Purradise, the Berkshire
Humane Society Cat Adoption Center
at 301 Stockbridge Road, Great Bar-
rington, MA 01230 (413-717-4244).
Open Wed.Fri. noon6 p.m.; Sat. 10
a.m.4 p.m.; and Sun. noon4 p.m.
Iris Bass, coauthor of the Cat Lovers
Daily Companion, shares her Lee home
with five shelter cats.
On the Doorstep
Photo 2013
Sheila Heflin.
simple, direct and personal banking
Animal LiferJune 2013 3
4 Animal Life rJune 2013
Lisa Betkoski,
Contributing Writers
Iris Bass Kayla Fuller
Yvonne Borsody Carol Lew
Yoanna Maitre Donna Riley
Mary Koncel
Kim Arre-Gerber, Graphic Designer/Artist
Leila DiGirolamo, Online Graphic Designer/Artist
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your presence is always welcome.'
Established in 1997
452 Presbyterian Hill Road
Stephentown, New York, 12168
Georgi Beebe 518-733-9896
Impressed? So are weand
immensely grateful too!
Were a nonprofit, and without them,
the shelter wouldnt be open, says
Terry Bissallion, Volunteer Coordinator
for the last four years at Berkshire Hu-
mane Society (BHS). We exist be-
cause of the volunteers. To emphasize
her point, Terry explains that BHS and
Purradise Cat Adoption Center have
only 22 employees, many of whom are
part-time. We try to keep our staffing
down, so we can give the animals as
much as our resources as possible.
Its no wonder then that volunteers are
such an integral part of BHS and
Purradise. Take, for example, the 45
dog walkers assigned to the kennel.
Besides making it possible for dogs on
the adoption floor to be walked four to
five times a day, volunteers also pro-
vide essential socialization for them.
Just having the dogs see that many
people each week, notes Terry, is so
valuable. Equally important is that the
team of dog walkers free up staff so that
they can work with the dogs on training
and enrichment activities.
Volunteers also offer an extra set of
eyes for the staff a necessity given the
size of the facilities and the number of
animals cared for at BHS and Purradise.
We have volunteers in all areas. They
can give us a wealth of knowledge, so
we can follow-up on something, ex-
plains Terry, whether its letting staff
know that a cat, dog, or small animal
doesn't seem themselves or sending out
a reminder that donations are needed
for the pet food bank.
For the volunteers, the reasons for
their commitment to BHS and
Purradise are as varied as the rewards.
After she adopted her dog Ava in 1993,
Barb Boucher of Pittsfield began her
stint at the shelter helping at fundrais-
ers and adoption events, collecting can-
isters, walking dogs, to name a few of
her many jobs. I enjoy being here,
she says. The staff is great, and Ive
gotten a wonderful education since
coming here. For Barb, BHSs focus
on community outreach is also an im-
portant draw. So many people think
that its just an animal shelter. I like to
tell them that its so much morethe
pet food pantry, the birthday parties, the
humane education in the schools.
Debbie Elovirta of Becket and Mar-
garet Callahan of Dalton began volun-
teering seven years ago. Both came be
found sitting behind the front desk at
BHS every Friday afternoon. Like
Barb, Debbie came to BHS after an
adoption. I got the best cat in the
world here, and after that I started vol-
unteering, she says, adding that she
now has first dibs on any new cats
here! Before BHS, Margaret had a
long career as a school teacher. I
taught teenagers for over 30 years, and
compared to that, this is fun! she
laughs. Actually, they were fun too,
but I love it here. Its like a vacation
being with the animals, the staff, and
the visitors.
To acknowledge the volunteers, the
staff selects a Volunteer of the Month as
well as a Volunteer of the Year. In fact,
this Thursday, June 13, BHS and
Purradise will be celebrating its volun-
teers with a special Volunteer Appreci-
ation Picnic at the shelter as well as
announcing the Volunteer of the Year
for 2013. Its a great chance for vol-
unteers to meet
each other as well
as staff members,
explains Terry.
And staff who
dont get to see
some of the volun-
teers have an op-
portunity to thank
them for all their
time and work.
BHS and Purradise
offer two volunteer
programs. The first
is open to younger
volunteers who are
between 12 and 16
years old; when
working at the shel-
ter, they must be ac-
companied by a
parent or guardian.
The second is for
volunteers over 17
years old. After
completing an ap-
plication, which is
available on-line or
at the shelter, potential volunteers meet
with Terry to discuss their interests and
availability. For more information
about volunteering at BHS or Purradise,
please visit
Mary A. Koncel is the Humane Educa-
tor at Berkshire Humane Society.
Thank Heaven
BHS Volunteers!!! for
by Mary A. Koncel
Theyre 161 strong, and they range in age from 12 years old to
89 years old. They greet visitors at the front desk, walk dogs,
staff outreach and adoption events, transport animals to veterinary
appointments, clean litter boxes, tend the grounds around the
shelter, and so much more.
Last year, they logged in almost 14,000 hours.
Animal LiferJune 2013 5
6 Animal Life rJune 2013
Catering to the needs of the well loved pet.
K Super premium foods and treats
K Quality Toys
K Bedding and Clothing
K Bravo, Abady Raw Diets & Natures Variety
We love your pets.
Mon. - Fri. 9-5:30pm, Sat. 9-5pm
333 Main Street, Lakeville, CT
920 Plcasant St., lcc, HA
413-243-2414 413-243-077
Julie Shanahan, D.V.M.
Laura Aylesworth, D.V.M.
VCA All Caring Animal Hospital
Conventional & Holistic Veterinary Medicine
440 Stockbridge Road, Great Barrington, MA

Animal LiferJune 2013 7
hen Lady arrived at the shelter in February, she was in a sorry state. She had
a severe case of sarcoptic mange, a highly contagious condition that came
with skin and ear infections, open wounds, and the loss of a lot of her fur. When it
was clear that her owner wasn't coming to claim her, the staff went to work helping
her get better. Her daily life included regular trips to Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital,
medicated baths and a host of other medications and treatments, all aimed to quicken
her recovery. Because of sensitivities to food, she was fed high-quality limited-in-
gredient food.
Right from the start, we knew she was something special. Though she couldn't be
handled much because of her contagious skin condition, she never missed a chance
to catch the attention of anyone who walked by her kennel and wag her tail. By the
time her condition was determined to be non-contagious, Lady had many friends
who were happy to be able to finally give her all the hugs and belly rubs she wanted.
One of those people was Nancy Racine, a long-time shelter volunteer. After 72 days
at the shelter, Lady was adopted by Nancy.
Now Lady's life is filled with love and routine, just the way she likes it. She spends
almost every hour of the day with Nancy, her new best friend. On Friday mornings,
when Nancy volunteers at the Sonsini Shelter, Lady gets to visit with Nancy's friend
who takes her for long walks in the neighborhood. On a strict diet that keeps skin is-
sues at bay, she has grown a beautiful new coat and is now a healthy weight. We
couldn't be happier for Lady and Nancy who are the perfect match for each other.
Carol Lew
Friends of
Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter
She had a severe case of sarcoptic
mange, a highly contagious condition that
came with skin and ear infections,
open wounds, and the loss of a
lot of her fur.
Lucky Lady

Lady when she first arrived

Lady Smiling Now
Lady with
Nancy Racine
imar 8ma Anima Hospita
Dr. Claire Blanchard
Dr. Donald Gulick
Dr. Hanan Caine
776 Main St., Great Barrington, MA
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8 Animal Life rJune 2013
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Animal LiferJune 2013 9
"The expansion of the program started
when Jean Dupre and I offered to over-
see the program. As Jean explains it,
"Carol Lew and I had both been foster-
ing for many years, and we knew what
foster volunteers needed in the way of
support. We both had gained a lot of
knowledge of kitten care too, so we felt
like as a team, we could take on the or-
ganizational tasks required. "
t was late February when we got the
few current foster volunteers to-
gether to meet and discuss the upcom-
ing spring. "I felt it was important that
we find a way for foster volunteers to
feel connected with each other and sup-
ported," Jean says. "Fostering can be an
isolated volunteer job."
When we started, there was only one
litter of kittens in foster care. But spring
is generally when kitten season gears
up, and this spring was no exception! It
seems like every week brings several
more kitten families that need a place
to be cared for until they are ready to
be spayed or neutered and ultimately
adopted. Fortunately, along with cat
calls came calls from people who
wanted to help foster them. These vol-
unteers are outstanding, and include
single men, single women, couples and
families with kids.
Chantal Leven is one of our new vol-
unteers. Her life is more than busy with
work, family, and four pets of her own.
But when she wanted to find some way
to be of service in the world, she called
the shelter to ask about fostering.
Within a day, she was caring for a
mother cat and four rambunctious little
kittens. "The mother is very calm and
friendly and the kittens are just a riot!
They have crazy spells," Chantal says,
"like they are on caffeine. They run
around and jump, bolt, sprint, climb,
scare and attack each other while the
mom looks from a distance ready to in-
tervene if necessary. Nothing can beat
this live show. I enrolled one of my
friends and we created a "tunnel" out of
boxes with different side doors. They
spend countless hours running around,
and now that they are big enough they
jump over the boxes surprising each
other. I feel good about being able to
provide them with the love and atten-
tion they need to be great pets for other
Jean and I are daily inspired by the
success stories that the foster volun-
teers make possible. For me, one of the
most important aspects of the program
is that every feline who leaves for a
new home has been spayed or neutered.
It's one more animal who isn't con-
tributing to the cat overpopulation
problem that causes so much suffering.
If you're interested in joining Son-
sini's feline foster team, let us know.
We'd love to tell you want it entails
and how you can help. It's a short-
term commitment that can make a
big difference in the world.
Jean Dupre
Carol Lew -
By Carol Lew
Friends of Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter
Can I
Crash At
Your Pad?
The Sonsini Shelter's feline foster program is going gang-
busters! A group of more than 20 foster volunteers are mak-
ing it their mission to help cats and kittens who need a place
to land until they're ready for adoption. At the moment, 67
kittens, along with some of their mother cats, are enjoying
life in the homes of caring cat lovers who are helping them
grow into healthy, friendly, well-adjusted kitties.
Chantal Leven with two of her
foster kittens
Kittens playing in their foster home
Kittens resting after playing hard
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Animal Life
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10 Animal Life rJune 2013
Since 1972
Specializing in the behavior and transition
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AKC Obedience, Agility and Herding titleholders NADAC &
Schutzhund titleholders Therapy Dogs and Canine Good
Citizens GSDCA Performance Award of Merit Recipients
Charlene Marchand
North Chatham, NY 518-766-3804
Charlene Marchand is a syndicated columnist for training, behavior, and health issues. She is
actively involved in canine rescue and sheltering, and is the co-creator and trainer for Columbia
County Sheriffs highly acclaimed A New Leash On Life Cell Dog Program.
Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
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Animal LiferJune 2013 11
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Treating cattle, horses, goats, sheep, llamas
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Animal LiferJune 2013 13
Can I have bright, fun,
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Virtually worry free, these performance
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So the next time you wish you could
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watch your home turn in to the dream
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Donna Riley, LSHC, is the general
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decorating with pets
Donna Riley
Make me furniture that doesnt fade, doesnt
stain, barely needs to be cleaned and is super

Bright & Durable

Animal LiferJune 2013 15
Kayla Fuller,
Volunteer for Pet Partners
s many of you know I do not at-
tend a traditional college. Unity
College has a live animal room with
different types of animals for students
to work with, and some of our courses
include Animal Training, Marine Biol-
ogy, Intro to Captive Wildlife Care and
Education, and Enrichment and Exhibit
Our classes prepare us to be success-
ful in the world of animal care, we are
taught how to identify animals, how to
train animals, the proper steps to anes-
thetizing or tranquilizing animals. I am
able to preform live reptile shows at
local schools because of the teachings
that my school provides.
I am currently enrolled in the Enrich-
ment and Exhibit design and our final
project this year was to design an ex-
hibit for a specific animal that encom-
passes proper animal care, off-exhibit
care, and keeper facilities. I chose to
make an exhibit for a Komodo dragon,
my teacher provided me with an imag-
inary budget of one million dollars (a
very generous amount) and a total use-
able space of 500 meters squared.
The Komodo dragon is the worlds
heaviest lizard. It is a reptile in the an-
guimorpha superfamily. The An-
guimorphs include the largest species
of lizard and is also the only superfam-
ily that contains venomous species of
lizard. Komodo dragons are Monitor
lizards and therefore have a long neck,
short but powerful legs, a narrow head
and a snout that is pointed, as well as a
very powerful tail.
Komodo dragons can weigh around
155lb, but this weight sometimes dou-
bles in captivity. They are capable of
eating up to half their own body weight
in one meal; but despite this large mass
they are capable of reaching 11mph for
short periods of time. Males can reach
three meters in length while females
are around two.
Like other monitor lizards the Ko-
modo dragon has a long forked tongue
that it uses to help find food by flicking
it out and bringing it back in over the
Jacobsons organ. The preferred hunt-
ing method of these lizards is ambush-
ing prey, which can vary in size from
rodents to water buffalo depending on
the size of the dragon.
I began by drawing out a design on
graph paper and then drew that design
on my foam board by multiplying my
original scale by 2, my final scale was
1 inch=1meter. My group decided that
we would keep two female dragons as
female grow to only 2 meters, com-
pared to a males 3 and they are often
less aggressive.
We provided each animal with a 3-
meter den, a large pool with a current
provided by a waterfall, and plenty of
plant life so that they felt safe and pro-
tected from the visitors view. At night
the dragons are kept off exhibit in
smaller holding areas, also with a small
pool and den so that the animals are
comfortable an receiving the same
quality as when they are on exhibit.
We provided visitors with the immer-
sive ability to see inside of one of the
dens in a special darkened section of
the hallway so that they could get a
look at the Komodo dragon without
disturbing her. We also provided a wall
of interpretation, which is where peo-
ple can look at images and information
and play learning games to further their
knowledge on the Komodo dragon.
This wall includes a general informa-
tion poster, a how do you compare
size chart (the Komodo dragon can
stand straight up and reach a height of
6-feet), and a poster on how Komodos
are being used in science. Currently
scientists are using the saliva and blood
of the Komodo dragons to help make
medicines that will boost human im-
mune systems. The importance of an
interpretive wall is that it allows visi-
tors to connect an animal to themselves
and form a better opinion on the animal
which in turn makes them more likely
to aid in the animals survival.
This project is a wonderful represen-
tation on what I do here at Unity
College and will aid in my success
when I enter the job force. I now better
understand the work that goes into
making an exhibit for both an animal
and the public to enjoy. I thrive on this
type of hands on education and I am
constantly amazed at how much I learn
and how I can connect it to caring for my
own animals.
Kayla Fuller can be reached at forth- or kay-
Exhibit Design
I will give attentive loving care to your pet,
giving you peace of mind during your time away.
DExercise D Walks in the park
DSpecial Needs pets welcome DTherapeutic Touch
DC.I.A.T DC.S.T DReiki
Claudine Bogomolow D413-446-8007
Pet Sitting Service
Dog Walks of Canaan
Year-Round Dog Walking Service in Columbia County
(518) 424-0149
16 Animal Life rJune 2013
Full Line Pet Supply Store
Conveniently Located at Lenox Commons

New Pet Wellness Services Coming in 2013!


11:00am to 4:00-pm
New Puppy Basic Obedience
Problem solving and Basic Manners
Puppy Power(Puppy K) Basic Obedience Level I
Basic Obedience Level II
Also offering Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care
& Dog Sitting
Rachel Clarke
ABC Certified Dog Trainer
99 Moin 5lreel
Hoydenville, MA 01039
Now at: 165 Water Street
Lee, MA 01238
Staci A. Barrett, Owner 10 Years Experience
Animal LiferJune 2013 17
shelters rescue leagues
All Pets
Eleanor Sonsini
Municipal Animal Shelter
Dogs and Cats
Hours: Open Daily- Tues.-Sat. 10am-2pm
Open Thurs. Nights 6pm-8pm, Closed Mon.
Located in the Downing Industrial Park
Hubbard Ave., Pittsfield, MA
Berkshire Humane Society
Dogs, Cats & Small Animals
Tues-Sat. 10am-4pm, Thurs. Eve 5pm-8pm,
Sun. 1pm-4pm, Closed Mondays
214 Barker Road, Pittsfield, MA
Columbia-Greene Humane Society
A zero-euthanasia shelter for adoptable animals
125 Humane Society Rd, Hudson, NY 12534
All Pets
Thomas J. OConnor
Animal Control & Adoption Center
627 Cottage St., Springfield, MA 01104
NE Basset Hound Rescue
Fostering and finding forever homes for Bassets all
through out the New England States
PO Box 84, Newfields, NH 03865 / 508-243-3622
NE Basset Hound Rescue
Fostering and finding forever homes for Bassets all
through out the New England States
PO Box 84, Newfields, NH 03865 / 508-243-3622
Dalmatian Adoption, Inc.
Rescuing Dalmatians - Plus
email: / 917-670-3892
NorthEast Pyr Rescue ( NEPR)
A Regional Resource for
Purebred Great Pyrenees Dogs
Adoptions for local pyrs, in local homes,
with local support.
PO Box 704, Lee, MA 01238
Toll Free: 877-528-0637
Russell Refuge
Jack Russell Rescue
PO Box 725, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
email @
Pet Partners
Providing food for needy dogs & cats
Reduced rate spay/neuter
Assistance with basic vet care costs
BHS Feline Adoption Center
Open Wed.-Fri. 12pm-8pm, Sat 10am-4pm
& Sun. 12pm-4pm, Closed Monday & Tuesday
310 Stockbridge Rd., Gt. Barrington, MA
Animal D.R.E.A.M.S.
Adoptions of friendly, rescued Berkshire County
cats & kittens. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
& humane rescue of feral cats.
441 North Street, Pittsfield, MA
The House Rabbit Connection, Inc.
Adoptions Education Vet Referrals
P.O. Box 83, Springfield, MA 01101
Whimsical Pet Portraits
Animal Laughter Studio
Kim Arre-Gerber, Artist
Call 413-464-5994
Walk In The Park
Dog Walking/Pet Sitting Services In e Berkshires
Member Pet Sitters International
American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certied
Member Berkshire Chamber of Commerce
Certied Professional Pet Sitter
Insured & Bonded Lynn Pfeiler @ 413-655-8721
References 413-446-0684
The Berkshire County Pet Sitters Network (BCPSN) is a group of inde-
pendently owned pet sitting businesses and individuals who provide
professional pet sitting services to residents of Berkshire County. We
provide professional and educational support for pet sitters and serve
as a valuable resource for pet owners and animal lovers. We partici-
pate in local community events and hold fundraisers for local pet-re-
lated charities. We are an all-volunteer, membership-based non-profit
organization. Our members are committed to providing exceptional
professional pet sitting services, community outreach and promoting
responsible pet ownership in our community.
To Advertise In
Animal Life
Tri-State Berkshires Pet News
18 Animal Life rJune 2013
Animal LiferJune 2013 19
of Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter
Keith Williams, LMT
152 North St., Pittsfield
A great massage at a wonderful price
370 Pecks Rd., Pittsfield
Joe Nichols, Owner
Meet Rocky, an 8 year old Lhasa Apso.He is charm-
ing and very handsome. Loves to go on walks too!
Sponsored by:
392 Merrill Road
Pittsfield, MA 01201
PHONE: (413) 997-2006
(888) 232-6072
Biscotti loves to show off her manners. Shes
not great with other dogs but is fabulous with
people. She needs help with some
separation anxiety.
Sponsored by:
He is a 4 year old yorkie. He is about the most adorable thing going
on at the shelter. He has an issue with seizures, which were working
on controlling with medications.
Sponsored by:
Animal Laughter Studio
Whimsical Pet Portraits
She is an adorable little kitten who was raised
in foster care. She is healthy and mellow and
quiet by nature.
Sponsored by:


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a \ M Q ` V )
ZZ W Q ^ I P M J [ \ M X
[ T I U Q V ) Z W N S K I

I Z M P < \\< M 88M M P <

J 1 1

[ I Q J W P 8
U W K T Q I U O ( \ [ Q X I
5 8 8 0 . 8 2 5 . JJ.
Looking for a new
best friend?

Dog & Cat Adoptions Lost & Found

Open Tues-Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm
Monduys by uppt. Downtng Industrtul Purk PtttsIteld
e invite you to come visit and meet our wonderful
dogs and cats available for adoption. We are
Pittsfields municipal shelter and are dedicated to giving
animals who have been abandoned, neglected or abused
a second chance to find a loving new home.
Lost & Found
20 Animal Life rJune 2013
in the tri-state area

Each week HADDAD SUARU will be sponsoring a
'Dog of the Week'. If that dog's adopted during that week,
Haddad Subaru will pay $50 towards the adoption fee!

L u c i a
Favorite Things: Playtime, Walks, Attention, likes to jump in your
lap, snacks!
Least Favorite Things: Loud/sudden noises, men that dont go
slow & take some time for me to adjust can be scary.
What I'm Learning at BHS: to walk on a loose lead with the help
of an easy-walk body harness, sit for greetings.
Pets I've lived with: None
214 Barker Rd., Pittsfield, MA 314-447-7878
Hi my name is Ben and Im 4 yrs. old. I love attention of all
kinds, getting my belly rubbed and being outdoors basking in
the sunshine! I came to Second Chance because my previ-
ous guardian was moving and could no longer keep me. I
would prefer to be in a home with adults and I like older kids
too; preferably teenagers. I would like to be the only dog in
the family but may get along with female dogs upon intro-
duction. I would be OK with cats, too! If I sound like the kind
of guy you are looking for, call Second Chance for more in-
formation and come visit me!
Second Chance
Animal Shelter
Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT 802-375-2898
Hi there! Im Tippy and Im an 8yr. old mature lady who
would very much like to find my forever home!
I came to Second Chance because my previous guardian
could no longer take care of me. Im a very friendly girl
once I get to know you. Id love to snuggle and cuddle
with you and be a forever companion. I would be fine in
a home with children 12 or older and some cats but Im
not too sure about dogs. If I sound like the girl for you,
please stop by and visit me!
Second Chance
Animal Shelter
Route 7A, Shaftsbury, VT 802-375-2898
and gets jealous of other dogs stealing her
owner's affection. She would do best in an
adult caring experienced home with a
fenced backyard and no competion (dogs
or other pets) so she could give and get all
the affection and attention. Julie loves to
play with toys and people. She likes some
male dogs but is "too bossy"
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Julie, Please contact
Harriet 917-670-3892 email:
PETEY is a beautiful 3-4 year old neutered male mix
of dalmatian and staffordshire terrier. He is the most
lovable affectionate boy to people and especially
children. The only thing he loves more than people is
his favorite toy . . . A red ball. Petey would do best as
the only dog in a loving home with a backyard and
some humans who like to throw that red ball.
If you are interested in adopting or fostering Petey, Please contact
Harriet 917-670-3892
Pablo is 9 years old, and a Australian Cattle Dog Mix. He loves
showing off how smart he is. Loves playing with tennis balls and
squeaky toys and being around humans. Come in and meet me!

Please call
Berkshire Humane Society
Sponsored by:
( (
$ $
( (
$ $
*#(4 / "(2 2/ % , " # 3-0
( (
$ $
7 " - 2(/ 2(6 62(/ '5 52(6 + , *#(4
( (
$ $
( (
$ $
* ) " # ' & % $$% # " !
&;-3&1 &;$ &*:,.
( (
$ $
2 1 " ' /0 . " - , +
+ < :*&&< . &;-3&1
Animal LiferJune 2013 21
Ginas K-9
Bed & Breakfast
Quality care pet sitting in my safe, comfortable home.
No cages or kennels. Dogs participate in family activi-
ties. There is a one-half acre chainlink-fenced yard to
play in, a room of their own to mess around in, and
family and friends to play with. It is like staying at
Grandmas house. Watch television at night with the
family, help with the gardening outside, or relax and
chew a bone!
349 Farm Road, Copake, NY 12516
Bow Meow Regency
A Boarding Facility for Dogs
A Grooming facility for dogs and cats. East & west
wings, outdoor dog runs, playtime three times a day.
92 Cook Road, Sheffield, MA 01257
Honor S. Blume 413-229-0035
Barking Beauties
Salon for Dogs & Cats
10 years experience, 5 years at Blue Moon Kennel
Staci A. Barrett, Owner
163 Water Street, Lee, MA 01238
Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital
Dog and Cat Grooming
Amanda Bevens
289 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA
Ultimate Dog Spa & Boutique
Full service dog grooming-All breeds
Self Serve bathing Section!
Boutique filled with unique items for dogs and
the people who love them!
Chris & Jennifer Tompkins, Owners/Groomers
9 Academy Street, Salisbury, CT 06068
CLOSED SUNDAYS 860-435-8353
Pretty Paws
Holistic and Organic Pet Foods and treats, Unique toys
and accessories. All breed dog grooming. 14 years ex-
perience. Salon quality shampoos and conditioners for
all skin types. Environmentally and pet friendly prod-
ucts. Walk in nail clipping.
765 Tyler Street, Pittsfield, MA
For Sale
Peacocks $150 413-528-2527
Dunking Doggies
Berkshire Countys first fully loaded, self-service dog
wash. All supplies provided. Unique boutique for you
and your canine friend. Canidae, Wysong, Omas Pride
Raw Dog Food. Hours: Tues.-Sat. 9:30-5:00
636 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA 413-448-8240
Shamrock Professional
Dog Grooming
All breeds full service, 28 years experience, treatment for all
skin types, environmentally & pet friendly products
Limited pick-up & drop off service Senior citizen discount
Anal gland excreted Less stress for you and your dog.
Paula & Tom Phillips, Proprietors
1050 South Street, Pittsfield, MA
Call for an appointment 413-443-9700
Dog Training
Taize Shepherd Kennel
Positive Reinforcement Dog Training
All Breeds, All Ages.
Since 1972 Specializing in the behavior & transition prob-
lems of shelter & rescue dogs. Training and
certification for Therapy Dogs International. Certification
Evaluator for AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and AKC S.T.A.R.
Star puppy programs for purebred & mixed breeds. Home
of: Select AKC champions and K-9 Service Dogs.
Charlene Marchand, North Chatham, NY
Foranimals, LLC
Positive Reinforcement Training,
Private Behavior Consultations/Training.
Classes: Kindergarten, Beginners, Advanced, CGC,
Tricks, Agility, Rally-O, TTouch.
Leea Foran, CDBC, CPDT
Certified Professional Dog Behavior, Consultant/Trainer
A Pawsitive Step
Private Training, New puppy, basic obedience,
problem solving & basic manners. Group lessons.
Dog walking, Doggy day care & Dog sitting.
Rachel Clarke, CPDT
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Pet Crematorium
Breezy Nook Pet Crematorium
Established in 1997 Where your feelings are under-
stood & your presence is always welcome.
Georgi Beebe
452 Presbyterian Hill Rd., Stephentown, NY
Pet Sitting
Camp Wagalot
Boarding, Daycare & Grooming for Dogs
Dogs can play, run and hike, 20,000 sq. ft. of out-
door space to play. 24 hour supervision.
Serving Berkshire County Bonded and Insured
Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified
21 East Street, Stockbridge MA 01262
Berkshire Pet Pals, LLC
Certified Professional Pet Sitters
Providing Tender Loving Care When You Cant Be There!
Bonded & Insured. Certified Pet Tech Instructor #1497
Walk in the Park
Dog walking/Pet Sitting
Insured & Bonded, References
Lynn Pfeiler,
413-655-8721 413-446-0684
Reliable Pet Sitting
Serving Berkshire County Since 1997
Maryann Hyatt-Owner, Insured & Bonded
413-443-0443 413-329-5127
Dog Walks of Canaan
Year-Round dog walking service in Columbia County
Claudines Pet Sitting Service
Exercise Walks in the park C.I.A.T.
Special Needs Pets Welcome Therapeutic Touch
C.S.T. Reiki
Claudine Bogomolow
Shaker Paws, LLC
Dog Walking Daily & Overnight Pet Sits
Pet Taxi Services & other services as requested.
Bonded and Insured
Certified Professional Pet Sitter
Serving Central Berkshire County
Waste Removal
Shamrock Dog Waste Removal
#1 Dog Waste Removal Service in the Berkshires
We pick up your dogs waste and take it with us.
Year round service Residential & Commercial
Weekly or one time clean-up
Paula & Tom Phillips, Proprietors
1050 South Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201
Call for an appointment
Pet Stores
Pretty Paws
Canidae, Natures Variety, Chicken Soup for the Soul,
Evo, Innova, California Natural, Primal, Stella &
Chewys. Healthy all natural treats.
We take special orders.
765 Tyler Street, Pittsfield, MA
BensDotters Pet
Quality Foods & Supplies, Raw Diet Specialists.
Open Mon.-Fri.10-6pm, Sat. 10-4pm, Sun. 10-2pm
Closed Memorial, Independence, Labor and
Thanksgiving Days & December 25th-January 1st.
940 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA
Meow Growl
All organic-Natural Dog & Cat Food
Self Serve Dog Wash Stations!
Toys, Cards, Unique Gifts, Leashes & more!
Nail clipping available.
Ask about our Delivery service.
59 Main St., Lee, MA
Chez Pet
Premium foods and treats. A neighborhood pet
supply store with everything you need for a healthy
pet. Special orders welcome.
Open Mon. - Fri. 10am - 5:30pm & Sat. 10am - 5 pm
Lenox Commons, 55 Pittsfield Rd., Lenox, MA
H.O.R.S.E. of Connecticut
Humane Organization Representing
suffering equines
43 Wilbur Rd., Washington, CT 06777
animal life-o-pedia
a compendium directory

Pet Stores
Bark NCat
Food, Supplies, Gifts
Canidae, Wellness, Chicken Soup for the Dog & Cat
Lovers Soul, Taste of the Wild, Innova, California
Natural, Evo, Merrick (canned). Eco-friendly
toys & accessories, Natural chews & treats,
Specialty Products & gifts.
Open daily Mon.-Sat. 10-6pm
28 Holden Street, North Adams, MA 413-664-7777
Catering to the needs of the well loved pet.
Super Premium Foods Quality Toys
Now featuring Bravo & Abadi Raw Diets
Bedding & Clothing
333 Main Street, Lakeville, CT
Hours--M-F, 9:00 - 5:30, Sat.,9:00-5:00
Dunking Doggies
Berkshire Counties first fully loaded, self-serve dog
wash. All supplies provided. Unique boutique. Chicken
Soup for the Cat & Dog lovers soul. Canidae, Wysong,
Omas Pride, Bravo & Natures Variety Raw Dog Foods.
Tues.-Sat. 9:30-5:00
636 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA
Quality American Made Pet food & Treats
Frozen Raw Diets
Unique Toys and Gifts
67 State Rd., Great Barrington, MA
Veterinarians in MA
Allen Heights Veterinary Hospital
General Practice: medicine, surgery & dentistry
Preventive medicine for all stages of your pets life.
Small animal acupuncture.
Elizabeth Tullett, DVM, Claire Blanchard, DVM,
Yoanna Mairtre, DVM, Dip. ABVP
289 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201
Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm, Sat. 8am-12pm
Animal ER of The Berkshires
The primary goal of the ER is to treat and
stabilize sick and injured pets until they can be seen
by their regular veterinarian for definitive
follow-up care.
Fri. 5pm-8am Mon., Holidays-24 hours
1634 West Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA
Valley Veterinary Services
Julie Shanahan, DVM, Laura Aylesworth, DVM
920 Pleasant St., Lee, MA
413-243-2414 or 413-243-0757
Bilmar Small Animal Hospital
Claire Blanchard, V.M.D., Donald Gulick, V.M.D.,
Hanan Caine, D.V.M.
Full service hospital, drop off service,
housecalls, early evening hours.
776 South Main St., Great Barrington, MA
Fax 413-528-1763
Call for appointment 413-528-1180
Hilltowns Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Sharon Lynch, Veterinarian
Fred Davis III, CVT
Comprehensive Veterinary Services
Individual Attention Caring & Compassionate
Washingon State Road, Washington, MA 01223
VCA All Caring Animal Hospital
Barbara C. Phillips, D.V.M.
Vicki June, D.V.M.
Full service veterinary hopsital offering traditional
medicine integrated with alternative veterinary care.
Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Homeopathy.
Open 7 Days a week!
440 Stockbridge Rd., Great Barrington, MA
Family Veterinary Center
Bud Allen, M.S., DVM & Robin Karlin, DVM
Large & small animal care, house calls, farm calls,
chiropractic care, acupuncture & homepathy,
boarding & grooming.
99 Main St., Haydenville, MA
Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital
24 Hour Emergency care, animal chiropractic and dental care.
John C. Reynolds, DVM, Laura A. Eiszler, DVM,
Michelle P. Looney, DVM, Melinda M. Payson, DVM,
Carmen A. Swinson, DVM,
Lindsay M. Cermak, DVM, Erika S. OMara, DVM.
Hours: Daily Mon-Sat. Evenings: Mon.-Thur
North County Veterinary Hospital
Dr. John C. Reynolds, Dr. Laura A. Eiszler
& Dr. Erika S. Teutsch, DVMs
838 Curran Memorial Hwy, North Adams, MA
Veterinarians in NY
Hillsdale Animal Clinic
A Complete Veterinary Hospital,
24-Hour Emergency Services.
Dr. Gary Cane, Route 23, Hillsdale, NY
Large Animal Veterinarian
Berkshire Ambulatory
Veterinary Services
Yoanna Y. Maitre, DVM
Mobile practice providing quality medical and surger-
ical care for horses and farm animals. Vaccination,
deworming, health certificates. Coggins, custom
dentistry (hand & powerfloat). castrations,
dehorning & more. Serving MA & NY, by appoint-
ment & emergencies.
Boundaries for Pets
Invisible Fence
Steve Gomez, dealer. Veterinarian approved,
professional installation & training, outstanding
customer service, over 17 years exp. written
containment guarantee, free on-site estimate.
860-435-0064 800-732-3181
289 Dalton Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
Elizabeth Tullett
Certified in
Veterinary Acupuncture
Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat. 8-12
Open: M-F: 7am-7pm and Sat. 7am-6pm
174 South St., Pittsfield, MA 01201-6806
(413) 443-9196
Get Ready for Summer!
ExpertTire.comyour tire, your price.
22 Animal Life rJune 2013
! !