Community Helpers on Guam!

Assure Model Multimedia Lesson Plan Analyze learners General Characteristics The Lesson is planned for 18 fifth grade Social Study students. The class consists of 9 females and 9 males. The students come from a diverse background. The class consists of 6 Filipinos, 5 Chamorros, 2 Palauan, and 2 Pohnpeian. 3 Americans. Accomodations. One student is hearing impaired. One student is paraplegic Entry Competencies Students are able to read, write and speak in complete sentences. All students are 5th grade level in regards to reading and writing. Students are able to work with windows movie maker with no assistance. The hearing impaired student is one grade level below class. Learning Styles. The students demonstrate little interest when given individual seat work or routine work. However, students are highly motivated more when it comes to working in groups. Students' participation level is at a high. A sign language interpreter will be accompanying and assisting the student in class. Select, modify, design Methods, Media, & Materials II: State Objectives Fifth grade students will be able to: A. Identify community helpers with 90% accuracy (differences and similarites). B. Create a story about a community helper in a group. C. To use a digital camera to take pictures of community helpers off campus. D. To upload all photos and story by using windows movie maker to tell their story. Utilize Methods, Media, & Materials Method • Individual learning • Small group learning Media for Teacher • Internet • Projector Media for Students • Digital camera • Windows Movie Maker Materials • Notebook or paper • Pencils, pens, etc A. Preview Materials Teacher must make sure that the computers and programs (Windows movie maker) are

working properly. B. Prepare Materials: - The teacher will inform the students of the lesson a week before they begin. - The teacher will create the groups. Students will be grouped into six’s. Grouping will be based on the student's social skills. The moderate to socially high student will be group with little to the non social student. - Teacher will make sure that all camera are charged and ready to use. C. Prepare Environment: - Desks will be arranged in groups of four. Laptop and projector will be in the center of the classroom with the theater screen on the board down. Other computers will be against the wall on one side of the room. D. Prepare Learners: - This lesson is a part of a one week unit. - The students will be informed of the lesson one week prior .- The students will be informed of the groupings. In their groups students will: o Decide a team leader, and all group members will collect information about the community helper, and pictures. Information should include: The basics elements of a story: - title, cover page, characters, setting, beginning, middle, and ending. Who is the community helper? What do they do? What kind of people do they help? What kind of uniform do they wear? What do kind of vehicle do they drive? o Create a story and take pictures that relate to the story. o Download the pictures and insert them by using windows movie maker. o Create a story board on windows movie maker. o Will practice the timing on their story input it in windows movie maker. Learner Participation - Review rules and procedures of the Internet o Students will practice inputting their pictures and story on windows movie maker. - Day for presentation o Before presentation, students must prepare what they are going to present such as: Data collected from the researching online and pictures. - Students will give examples of the similarities and/or differences of the community helpers. E. Provide the learning Experience: - The teacher will provide open ended questions to generate prior knowledge and stimulate critical thinking. Require learner participation A) Practice: Allow the students to get acquainted with the instructional materials;-Using the camera and windows movie maker, the instructor will demonstrate how to input data

into windows movie maker, and/or change color of the font, etc... B) Do: Small-group activities- The students will need to work together to plan, gather data, discuss and/or input their pictures and story on windows movie maker .- The students will utilize the computer to conduct their research. C)Feedback: Presentation- The students will record their own thoughts, feelings, and conclusion about the activities.- The students can form a debate about the differences and similarities they have found. -Ask questions/provide feedback. Evaluate and Revise A) Assessment of learner achievement: Students will be assessed based on the artifacts produced during the week leading up to the presentation. They will meet the objectives by the teacher evaluating their performance based on windows movie maker produced and the presentation. B) Evaluation of media and methods: Evaluating the computers as our choice of media depends on whether the computers have any fluctuations or power outages which will disrupt the completion of the lesson. C) Evaluation of instructor/instruction: The teacher's evaluation will be based on the preparation of the lesson as well as providing “Plan B(s)” should the media fail. E) Revise: The revision to this lesson plan will be produced by the teacher which will include an alternate media or tool should the teacher encounter technical difficulties.