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Dear Students and Parents, I would like to begin this week’s newsletter by thanking all of the community members who were involved in the wonderful ‘Roaring 20s’ PFO function at the Nikko Hotel on Saturday night. An enormous amount of time and effort went into planning the event and I cannot thank those responsible enough – it really was a night to remember and a wonderful celebration of the shared community spirit of our parent and faculty. Swine Flu I sent out two announcements to our community earlier this week regarding the potential threat of a global influenza pandemic that might result from the current Swine Flu outbreak. Obviously we are all deeply concerned about the possible implications of such an outbreak and as the guardians of your children during the school day all of us here at IST are acutely aware of our responsibility to ensure that we provide a highly controlled, low-risk environment for us all. In response to these concerns and to the steps being taken by WHO and many other health agencies, IST escalated its Influenza Preparedness Plan to Stage 3 on Wednesday. Although the Stage 3 procedures associated with ensuring that the school remains a safe and carefully controlled environment may occasionally appear to make things a little less convenient we do hope that all community members understand the reasons for the procedures we have implemented and that you will all actively support the school’s efforts. I have outlined below some of the main steps that we have taken to secure our environment as well as identified again some of the key ways in which you can support the school in safeguarding our community from this global threat. We have formed a Swine Flu Health and Safety Preparedness Committee • All hygiene and cleaning procedures have been reinforced and strengthened. • Students and community members have been educated about the disease and about ways in which we can help prevent its spread, including basic hygiene techniques such as hand-washing and using tissues. We strongly encourage you to reinforce this further with your children, ayis, and drivers.
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Good luck to the Grade 12 students
After many years at school, and two years in the Diploma Programme, the final written examinations for Grade 12 students begin next Monday. We wish all the Grade 12 students all the best for their examinations. Please note that the examinations will be held in Han 3 and we would appreciate the support of all the members of the school community by keeping noise to a minimum in that area when the signs are displayed to indicate that an examination is in progress.

Secondary School End Of Semester Assessments & Exams 11-22 May 2009
Dear Secondary Student and Parents, The Secondary School end-of-semester final assessments and exams will take place from Monday 11 Friday 22 May 2009. Detailed schedules will be given to students today. In addition, students and parents will receive a copy of the “Conduct for Examinations” document. Grades 6-7 11-22 May:

All assessments and exams will take place within scheduled class times. Regular classes will continue while these assessments occur.

Grades 8-10 11-19 May: 20-22 May:

In-class assessments for IT, DT, Drama, Art, Music and PE. Two-hour exams in the gym for English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Humanities, ESL/Humanities, Mathematics and Science.

Grades 11 and 12 Grade 11 and 12 students have their own examinations during May (grade 12 students have formal IBDP examinations on various day between May 3 and May 21, and grade 11 students share exam facilities with them from May 11 to May 20). All will have received their full schedule details by now. Thanks for your attention.

Mr. Bill Elman Secondary School Principal

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Grade 5 Exhibition Update
Greetings from Grade 5, Get ready, here it comes! The grade 5 Exhibition is coming your way next week, May 5-8. As we sit in our classrooms and look around at the emptiness, listening to the hollow echo of footsteps on a bare tiled floor, it’s hard to imagine that within hours the emptiness will be transformed into a visual symphony of color and information. This week we carried out some of the ‘Action’ we had decided on for our Exhibition. We made and posted videos, we wrote emails, we made posters, we made board games and we had bake sales to raise money. Many of you supported us and we thank you very much for this support. Your support helped us adopt animals, donate to good causes, and to raise awareness of issues close to our hearts. Many, many thanks! Next week will see the fruits of our labors. We have so much to show you. We will be putting together our displays over the next two days. The event will be supported by the IT department, who will oversee the computer needs of each group. Our classes will be a hive of activity. We have two days to get our displays up and to have them ready to display to our parents, and our fellow students . We would like to take this opportunity to thank our mentor teachers who gave up their time to help us out. A very big thank you to you all. We all invite you to come see our displays and performance next week. We hope you have a restful May holiday, The Grade Five Team.

The IST PFO Spring Ball Fundraiser held last Saturday was a roaring success! It was a fun, well-attended community social gathering. It was also fantastic to see so many people get in the spirit and tap into their inner flapper and/or gangster while they supported a worthwhile cause. We are still tallying the donations and will be able to give a full report on funds raised at the next PFO Parent Meeting on May 6th. The PFO would like to extend a big thank you to all of those who supported this event; the attendees, the students and teachers who created donations for silent auction, community individuals who donated personal items, and the corporate sponsors that generously donated funds to help make this event such a success. If you forgot to order a picture from the photographer, it's not too late! You can go online and follow these steps to select photos that you wish to order - Step 1: login to, Step 2: Click on "Client" button; key in the user name and password; both user name and password are "20090425, Step 3: Click on thumbnail to view large image, Step 4: Click "selection" for your favorite photo, Step 5: Add your comments and leave your contact & click "submit" button. If you have any questions, you can contact the photography studio via their website as listed above, or phone Philip Xiao at 138-021-90107 (English) or 23259806 (Chinese). The next PFO Parent Meeting will be held at 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria on Wednesday, May 6th. Bus transportation will be provided from Ao Cheng at 8:00 a.m. to transfer parents to the school. In addition, a bus will leave the school at approximately 10:30 a.m. to transport parents back to Ao Cheng. We hope to see you there!

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Sports BRIEF

U14 Boys Basket Ball Tournament Updates - by Tomson Chen 
  It was an excellent evening as IST U14 BB Boys thrashed Rego 60-21 on April 16.

IST started the game out slow, and by the first quarter players were already getting tired, due to the fast pace of the game, with IST leading only a mere 10 points. But soon it all changed as IST changed tactics and the goals came smoothly. With Young Jin, Dong Bum and Hyeong Chan contributing greatly. But the score doesn't tell the whole story, Rego also upped their play causing IST's defense all sorts of problems, but in the end IST's hard work was paid off. We must also applaud Hunter for his exceptional efforts, making it to the game by the 3rd quarter after doing extra work at school! It is wonderful to see such a committed player like him on the team. Bringing up the stats now! Hyeong Chan leading the score charts and the boards with a total of 18 points and 8 redounds followed y Dong Bum and Young Jin. Beautiful last quarter action with everyone exploding with points, a notable mention to WeiZe, Joong Hun, Jeong Il and TaeGyun. In total IST notched 103 points over Rego on aggregate. Congratulations to IST! ——————————————————————————————————————————————–—It was a busy month as IST went to TangGu to visit Teda in a match. This time, IST missed two of it's vital players; YoungJin and DongBum. Despite their absence, IST still won, but the results showed that they were sorely missed as IST only finished with a 7 point lead. The end result was 29-22. The game was very tough, especially just after the first quarter, with nail-biting results as IST only managed to keep up by one point, a buzzer beater attempt by WeiZe, but it was just unfortunate not to land in. Teda showed us that they truly are a tournament contender, but IST's winning mentality kept them in the game, even though we were always leading by few points, we managed to keep up our play. There surely will be many aspects to train on after the match. A good effort from all the players, and a special congratulations to Ryoei, who scored a stylish lay-up and to Tae Gyun, who owned the rebound chart, getting 4 rebounds. Congratulations to all the players and we hope that IST will be able to keep up their wining streak and hopefully end up as the champions in the upcoming tournament on Saturday.

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See the ACAMIS Flyer included in this newsletter.

Sat. May 9

ISAC MS BB Tournaments: U13B @ WAB, U13G @ ISB, U14B @ TIS, U14G @ IST, U12B @ BCIS by BISS Elementary Track and Field @ WAB, 2:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Fri May 15

Go Blaze!!

Diary Dates
Thurs 30, April Thursday Night Live Get Fit your way in May— fitness event for Elem Wed 27, May MYP Personal project Exhibition PFO Committee Meeting Thurs 28, May Thursday Night Live Fri 29, May Secondary Spring Formal

Fri 1, May — May Day Holiday
4-21, May IB Diploma Final Exams Wed 6, May PFO meeting Mon 11, May Elem & Sec End of Semester ESL End of Yr Assessments & Exams Fri 15, Sat 16, May Chinese Staff PD Sat 23, May Sports Day

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We have introduced strict controls on sick students and staff members coming to school in an attempt to ensure that flu bugs remain at home. This includes a mandatory 5 day stay at home period if sent home by the school nurses and compulsory clearance by the nurses before re-entering school. • Contingency planning for home study have been initiated. • We have secured our physical environment by restricting access to the campus and buildings: 1. Only students, staff, parents, IST contracted personnel, personal drivers with IST driver identification cards, and essential suppliers are now allowed to enter the IST campus. All other visitors are now required to wait for an authorized member of the school staff to approve entry to the campus. 2. IST employees and parents who do not have their IST identification cards are required to wait for an authorized member of the school staff to approve their entry to the campus. 3. Personal drivers and essential suppliers are not allowed to enter the school buildings. 4. People who have visited regions declared to have human to human transmission of Swine Flu are prohibited from entering the campus without the approval of an authorized member of the school. 5. All members of the community entering the school buildings are required to sanitize their hands upon arrival and have their temperature taken. Anyone with a fever or exhibiting flu-like symptoms is checked by a school nurse and is likely to be asked to leave the campus.

Entry to the school building is only permitted via the two main student entrances at the front of the building. After 8:30AM visitors to the campus can now only enter the building via the main foyer. Students entering the campus using the Original County gate must enter the building via the front entrances. The gymnasium and rear entrances cannot be used and the elementary entrance is only open for arriving students and parents until 8:30AM. I remain highly optimistic that the current threat will soon pass and that our community will not be adversely affected. I do hope that you too are able to remain calm and optimistic and that you will work together with the school as we act to address the concerns and fears that accompany such unsettling news. I wish all members of our community a most enjoyable May Day Holiday and look forward to seeing you all back in school next week.
Warm regards,

Steve Moody, Director.

6 Weishan Road, Shuanggang Jinan District, Tianjin 300350 P.R.China Tel: 86 22 28592001 Fax: 86 22 285920 Email:

Hosted by Nan Jing International school 23 April – 26 April 09

I have attended 14 of 15 ACAMIS high school sports tournaments over the past 5 years, and it is great to see the IST students who attended the tournament full of enthusiasm after the usual positive experience of traveling with • school friends, playing in a friendly competitive sports tournament, staying with host families, and making friends with the other student • athletes from international schools around China. Below are some highlights of ACAMIS soccer 2009 at Nanjing International School: • The IST boys 3-2 record in pool play to finish in 4th place Goals from Seung Lee Choi, Hong Jae Kim, and Ha Jong Lee on two well hit long shots of over 30 meters The IST boys beating tournament winner YCIS – Shanghai in the pool play The IST girls coming back from being down 2-0 at halftime to NIS to take the lead 3-2 on clean shot goals from Ollie Werner-Hickey, Ariel Lin, and Janey Fryer, finishing the game tied 3-3 The IST girls playing to a 0-0 tie with tournament second place finisher ISB The IST girls dedicating the 5th/6th final game to Ariel Lin who could not play due to injury, then finishing the game tied 0-0, and winning the game 1-0 after two overtime periods with a great run to goal down the right side by Janey Fryer. When she got off a great shot that was stopped by the goalie, Janey continued to follow the play and scored by kicking in the rebound

Olivia attacking .

• •

Congratulations to the IST student athletes for another great ACAMIS sports tournament experience! Mr. Fitzgerald

Serena is selected to the all tournament team.

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Soccer ACAMIS Tournament in Nanjing
keeper. As he scored, IST boys tried harder to score one more goal. As they tried hard, Hajong Lee could score from 30m far from the goal, which allowed IST to win the game by one goal. As IST boys beat YCIS boys, they could go to the semifinal. In the semifinal, IST had to play against NIS again. Even NIS had home advantages and supporters,HongJae Kim from IST scored the first goal. However, as soon as the second half started, NIS started scoring goals. Therefore, the game ended by 3-1. McMulkin’s plan went successfully. As soon as the game started, HongJae scored by faking the defenders. As they were leading the game, SeungLee scored one more goal, which made sure IST’s victory. The next game was against SSIS. SSIS were much taller and wider than IST boys. Since IST boys played 2 games before, they couldn’t play as good as they are. Therefore they gave the other team 4 goals consecutively and lost the game. Saturday was a big day for IST boys. They had the first game against YCIS boys who won this tournament. However, YCIS boys lost against IST boys without scoring any goals. In this game, the defender HajongLee, made an own goal but HongJae Kim scored right after Hajong made an own goal. However, 5 minutes after HongJae scored, DangWang scored another own goal which made the boys down. Even IST boys were losing, they tried their hardest to win the game. Then finally, SuYongIm, who only in grade 8, scored another goal by faking the goalAfter the semifinal, IST boys lost another game against SSIS even HaJong Lee scored a goal. Therefore, IST boys ended the tournament in 4th place. The coaches: Martin McMulkin, Li Jie IST boys: HongJae Kim, SeokgyunChoi, JungKwon Lee, SeWoong Lee, SeungLeeChoi, Hajong Lee, YoungJin Lee, SuYongIm, Christian Bak, DongBum Kim, DangWan Kim. Thank you to the coaches and IST boys who showed great effort in this tournament. Hong Jae Kim

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The IST varsity soccer team went to Nanjing to participate in the D1 Soccer ACAMIS tournament. Ion the starting game, the IST boys played against Australian International School from Hong Kong. Even though the IST boys had about 2 hours of flight, they showed their ability by beating AISHK. Even though IST played well the whole game, they couldn’t score any goals until 5 minutes before the end of the game. Right before the end of the game, the striker, SeungLeeChoi, scored which brought a victory to IST. On Friday, the IST boys had 3 games. The first opponent was Nanjing International School, which held this year’s soccer ACAMIS. Since it was their home field, they had a lot of supporters. As Nanjing students were cheering for their school the whole time, it was hard for IST boys to concentrate on the game, which made them make some mistakes. As the IST boys had some pressure from the supporters, they gave 4 goals and lost the game. The second game on Friday was against ISB boys. In this game, Martin McMulkin, the coach changed the formation. The midfielder HongJae Kim played as a striker and YoungJin Lee, grade 8, covered his place. As HongJae was much taller than the ISB boys, Martin


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First and Last ACAMIS Trip
This was my first time traveling to an ACAMIS event, although I have helped host ACAMIS tournaments twice at IST. Nanjing International School was very well prepared for this tournament. One of the things they did to be well prepared was to have a group of student volunteers pick us up at the airport. They student volunteers were very warm-hearted and made our time at NIS easy and smooth. The announcer station was very helpful in keeping the games on time and leading people to next station. Nanjing is professional equipped with a nice soccer field and comfortable benches that are easy to move. These great ideas and others made the tournament successful. I am glad that I went on the trip to see another school in action hosting a busy ACAMIS tournament and to see the IST student athletes compete and interact with all at the tournament. Guo Ying

It was my first time to go to the ACAMIS. On the first day we played very well. When we played against with AISHK,Seung Lee Choi scored near the end of the game. I played defense with Ha Jong and I realized that Ha Jong is a really good player. Also, he scored even though he made own goal. All of the games, Hong Jae led the team mostly. He showed his energy and

power. In addition, Hong Jae scored many times. If I have more chances to go to the ACAMIS, then I want to try to get a trophy. I had lots of fun from this ACAMIS tournament and it was a new experience. Jung Kwon Lee Over the past 3 years, I have participated 8 ACAMIS sports tournaments. Going to ACAMIS was always an exciting thing to me because I could make new friends and compete with other schools. This year’s ACAMIS was the last ACAMIS for me and it was very successful. Most of our team members were young, but we still could compete with other schools well and we beat this year’s tournament champion YCIS easily. Those 8 ACAMIS tournaments were all great experience and I will never forget the time I had in 8 tournaments. Hong Jae Kim

Hong Jae is selected to the all tournament team.

●Protein ●Milk product(Calcium) ●Starch

●Cooked Fruit or Vegetables ●Soup

Monday 4/5/2009 Slice Salad (Ham,Pepper,Onion) Minestrone Soup * * * Pizza (Salami,Cheese) Chicken Stew (chicken,carrot,pototo)

Tuesday 5/5/2009 mixed salad (lettuce,cucumber,tomato) Tomato Soup * * * Roasted Beef Sticks (beef,pepper sauce) Chicken Schnitzel (chicken,tartar sauce)

Wednesday 6/5/2009 Fruit Salad (apple, pear, banana) Cream Corn Soup * * * Chilli Macaroni (Beef mince,tomato) Grilled Chicken (chicken, spain sauce)

Thursday 7/5/2009 Beans Salad (bean,carrot) Pasta Soup * * * Beef Steak (beef,gravy sauce) Kim Bab (Laver,rice,meat,vegetable)

Friday 8/5/2009 Cucumber Salad (carrot,cucumber) Beef Soup * * * Chicken leg (Chicken,teriyaki sauce) Pork Stew (pork,onion,green pepper,carrot)

Ratatouille Baked Potato * * * Fruit Mousse

Grilled Vegetable French Fries * * * Carrot Cake

Baked Beans Sauteed Potato * * * Ice Cream

Korean Vegetable Mashed Potato * * * Banana Bread

Mashed Carrot Fried Rice * * * Cheese cake