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------ ---'----...:__:_ .irot Je11ru ChriBt BiB Son ru From All Sin.

Vol. XII.
Los Angeles, California, March 26, 1908 -- .( ...
No. 39
.. .- .. : .
I have seen this city shining as 'the noonday clear,
the glory "that surrounds it drawing near;
- . c "Whoso:' ver.will'':may. enter! . But each ynay. P!lS.f! .. alone,,
Unfettered and una.ided save byinfluxfrom the Throne. . _ ....
And my sour-hath caught an echo of the music that resounds
Through all its woods and meadows-'-"In this city Love abounds,
. Love abounds."
There is no. night in this city, here the sun goes down no n:tore,
For the .Lord Himself unveileth His own light from shore to shore;
And this light reveals in fulness the truth that sweetly sounds
all its spheres of radiance-"ln this city Love abounds,
Love abounds."
No graves in this no .death; nor grief, nor pain;
No the. lustre of this' beautiful domain;
For life flows from its centre through all the groum,ls,
And the dwellers here re-echo-"In this city Love abounds,
No remnant of 'the earth-life; no "teaching that confounds
The outward with the inward, can have place where Love abounds,
Love abounds. ''
For within this golden city of truth in life outwrought,
The Lord is the circumference as the centre of all thought.
He unfolds within each bosom what His spirit there propounds,
And He is the sole of this state where abounds,
. L ove abounds.
He alone is King of Glory,' He-the Lamb who once was
And this wondrous living. city is the outcome of His pain;
"i:'is His own all glorious Body; henc:e we hear the joyful sounds
That forever echo through it- "In this 'city Love abounds,
Love abcntnds."
''In . Thy -Presence is of

There are no mishaps nor perhaps with God, either
in reference to sin or righteousness. His fixed laws in
regard to both go a thousand leagues beyond the laws
of the Medes and Persians in cel'tainty. The immutable
Jaws of God should be a terror to evil-doers, but a source
of exultation and victory to the believer. One of the
expressions which God uses in His Word is "surely," and
when He speaks it,'Re stands behind it with His power
and wisdom and love. It means "without fear of failing,"
and has a certainty. to it that amounts to infalibility.
Oh, beloved, God means it when He says,' ''Surely, I will
b<! with thee, " arid "Sc1rely, I will . q,eliver thee from
the snare of the fowler," and "Surely, He hath born
our griefs and carried our sorrows,'' and ''Surely, I come
: quickly. " Surely these precious word's are a sure founda-
tion for us to rest our faith and hopes upon. If we have
Hiin with us to deliver us and to carry our sorrows, it
shq_uld . make us ever watchful for His corning quickly.
Friend, are you letthig Him- do this for you?.. -- R. P.
''Awfully Religious."
_ J>erhaps the dear sister who used this expression in
reference to another, tho1,1ght that she,. was pay:ing.
sistet a compliment; and perhaps she meant just the
to what she Yet,. as we hear.d it, we
thought that it was true, and that there are a great many
"awfully religious" people. There is really _-something
awful when we have the "form of godliness," without the
power thereof . .. It is ''awful" to be a backslider in heart;
and yet attend church, and go.through the forms as if" we
had the real thing. It is awful to take credit to
fol' supporting the when we have not the.'spirit of
.the gospel we are supporting. It is awful to pride.our--
selves on "good works," while we trample the precious
blood under our feet. Oh, it is awful to .be an " aw.fully
religious" sinner, and it will be an a'\Vful revelation at the
judgment when the great Judge of all the earth shall say
to the ' !awfully religious," "Depart from me, ye worktrs
of iniquity; I never knew you." Lord, show us the
awfulness of formal emptiness. R. P .
Sufferers as Comforters.
This is a line of experience that very few Christians
are-seeking after, or welcoming when it comes; 'yet it is
the nearest to the heart of God, and us nearer to
the human life of our Lord than any other. Not only dQes
Jesus teach us that to "reign with Him we must suffer
with Him," but Paul clearly shows us that we can't be of
the highest use among our fellow-men without the "bless-
ing of tribulation." He says (2 Cor. 1:4, 5), that God
''comforteth p.s in all our tribulations, that we may be able '
to comfort them which are in; trouble, by the comfort
wherewith we ourselves are comforte-d-of-G-od:-
sufferings of Chrisb:z.boun.d in us, so our consolation also
ahoundeth by Christ." Glory! Who knows the fire bet-
ter than those who have passed through the fire? Who'
knows how to comfol,"t in suffering as those who
have been comforted jn suffering. _The greater our suff-
erings have been; so great has Christ's: been; .-
Just to the extent that we have suffered and have
consoled can we console others. 0 ,.what suffering there
is, but 0 what divine comfort there is. Ifwehave learnt
anything "by the things we have suffered,'! let us go to
the sufferers and tell t}\em of the "com.fort wherewith w'e' <
have .been comforted." Amen.
, R. P.
Contributed Articles
"But if we walk in the light ae He is in the
- light;-we-have one
. and- of Jesus Christ His Son
eth us from all sin: " (1 John 1: 7). -
I've been kneeling in the garden,
_Kneeling alone with Him;
-- I've felt tile .weighf irtd
The awfulness of sin.
I've looked in 'the face of J esus,
---- My -hands-fn His have lain; --
I've seen the Man of sorrows,
The Lamb for sinne'r's 'slain.
As I gazed on that face so holy;
My heart was all, aglow;
With a light expression,
Which the deepest depths did show.
-In 111Yheart where I thought t'was well,
All pure &nd clean within,
He showed me a that.grew, .
The root of 1nbJ:ed sin.
In anguish deep, _and sore amazed,
I cried, 0 Lord, 'tis true!
. Wash me, cleanse me by Thy blood, .
. Purge me through and through.
That holy One; that On1!, --- - -
That One who no guile -knew; _-
Who bore the weight of a _whole world's
Your sins and my sins too. ,; [sins,
.. .Tenderly bent above me then,
His face with pity shown.
I am the way, the truth and the life,
He said, and I alone.
I :followed Him to Calvary,
I knelt 'neath pierced feet;
Amid' the jeering multitude,
I heard His. mother wee p.
I looked in the face of the Crucified,
While from the thorn-wreathed brow,
The blood drops fell into my heart,
From sin they cleansed .I know.
0 the glory of His pre sence,
" 0 the stillness in my soul!
0 the 'Precious' blood of .Jesus,
How it ' saves and makes me whole!
But if this treasure"we wo.uld keep,
We must watch as well as pray;
. Must keep our all on the altar,
Drive away the birds of .prey.
We 'in the light He
If we would be clean alway, [walked,
Must see that no spQt our _garments defile,
If they shall be white for aye.
It will not suffice because last
Our sins were 'taken away; '
Moment by moment the blood must cleanse,
Must cleanse us now, today.
. been kneeling in the garden;
: _ --wiieli.noile-:ilut-He .. w;;s tliere;-
. I-
I'v e learned the power of silence,
Of solitude, and of
I'll tell the love of Jesus,
I'll praise Him in every way;
Pll sing of the blood that cleanseth
And keeps me day by day;
Copyz:ighted by Ella A. Tudor Mch. 1908.
[March 26-- 1908--
. .. ,
UNCONSCIOUS MIGHT. year dawns upon us. Each Church
E : D. HINCHMAN. year iS a period to itself, With itS
A good type of holiness man is what workers, its plans and its results.
"might'be called the uncon-scious man: If the church . fails to supply itself'
By this I do not mean that he il:l un- w-ith a pastor, it is provided that the
conscious of the blood that cleanseth, chairman the District Assembly
--outthatlie IS-SO a soroe(rffitne- caUse--s-haU-arrange tlre- -pastond- -r-elati'on --
of Tri the earth, that far between such c-hurches and the pas:.
from being self-centered, his ambition tors who are to serve them. There is
is centered in the will of God. If he a check upon the chairman' so tha_t he
Jeaos, it is fqr _ Gpd, ..... cannot act in an ..
place at th.e feast, ''be It the duty is laid up-on hi in of seeing to
upper or lower room;" as uncon- it that, so far as possible, each church
-sciously as -he- takes his place at the is provided- with a pastor- and each
family table. In his desire to glorify pastor with a church. It is expected
God he ::;carce takes a thought _ as -to' the District Assembly will pe a
his standing among rrien. time of new hopes and plans, of con-
He leads with fervor or battles in secration and victorious faith for the
the ranks like He work of our Lord. The beginning
loo}dng for_ pay, for he loves the war . . and end of the church year is a time
Intensity is the key-note of his being, of specfal to every minister
for he seeks first the kingdom of God. and member of tpe Pentecostal Church
And when . viclory is written on .the of the Nazar-ene. Let every one get
of the armies of: the . .
heart echoes with praises to. the King:
He is the least of all saints, yet may- THE THORN-CROWNED JESUS .
hap a Paul. Whether he be the Gid- a. w. BUG_H .
eonJ)Lthe or of t!1e Moreh .. ,_.. "Behold-the man1-'-J o)ln JlJ:s::
valley, - he is . the same "mighty man Pilate after ordering the scourging
of_valor. " ''The Lord shall rule over of Jesus Christ, and the soldiers had
you." Unconscious of self, conscious platted a crown of thorns and put it
of God. Joshua at Shechem. was on His head, and clothed Him in a
mightier.than Solomon on his throne. purple robe, and had abused Him
.,c most shamelessly, brought Him out
On page 49 of our new Manual we
have this paragraph:
''The church year shall end with the annual
session-of the District Assembly . . The p as-
toral relatio.ns, however, shall not end with
the meeting of the District Assembly in cases
where the Board has voted for the
_continuance of such pastoral relations."
- This is ' a way of saying that the
pastorate closes unless the Church
Board votes to continue 'it .. It pro-
vides for a change' of pastors, where
it is desired, in an easy and system-
atic way. By reading this page and
the next in the. Manual it will be seen
has __ ample opportunity
and power to provide for their church
a pastor for the ens1,1ing year. This
_makes the closing of the church year
a time of special interest and impor-
_tance. Every church will desire to
. a_ of spiritual work
and financial If a change
in the pastorate is desired, it will
generally be made at this-time. The
work of the old year will be closed
and everything made ready for the
. The old church year passes with
the. District Assembly and the new
before a sin-hardened mob, full _of
malicious envy that knew no bounds
or mercy. Pilate still had a few
flickering feelings, knowing that
Jesus was accused by envy, sqpposed
there might be some pity am-ong the
crowd, said to them, ''Behold the
man!" But the chief priests and offi-
cers ''criedout, saying, Crucify Him,
crucify Him." -Pilate again declared
that there was no fault in 'Him.
Pilate had and a peculiar
warning by His wife;- He could have
decided in .favor of a release of Jesus,
but like it is with many cowards, . for
the right, in this world. he failed in
righteousness. . He sold out tq. the
rabble, and he has left us this notice;
as on record, that today we may
''behold the man.''
We get but a glimpse of His boy:-
hood, and " behold already He is
engflged in His business
2:49). Evidently a He grew
up to be a man, He - spent His first
early years in quietude and unpre: __
tentions. He only moved as the:
Father ordered Him, for He acknowl-
edged human weakpess when He
said, . ''I can of mine own self do
nothing; as I hear I. judge, and my
- ' : >Nazarene-:- . ..

. J'U.dgmen ; :. e_ .. : f . the . . ,, . . can aJI tlrat the pnests are .d()mg,_ .
mme own WI I', . but :wll! J h . CAPE VERDE ISLANDS. BRA VA: but they themselves are paralyz.ed h.Y
. . - . ... :.
. Father who . hath sent me.
n I am constrained to write .. you a the devil and thus without power to
5:30. ' . . . . .. sketc.h about (!Ur iii .J3!ava: do good,., so. they fall at his feet, and
. In all we see.a man, but He Is Since .last November, two of our - their &iiito :Kiss
an extraordinar.v . man. brethren have passed away to Glory, hand. I was there when the priest
_wit.h all t4at the-.Fat_her man and h}s father . . This came child him
so that coUld-write,, ln-Hlm . YQ.J,mg man . came from tne States;- looking -around
dwelleth all the fulness of the God- sick with consumption, and died ' last thought he was ,looking to st!e how
head bodily."--:Col. 2:9. Yet we November, the father on .many of us had gone astfay, but he
but the man. The secret of above date. They were buried side was looking for an introduction . in
power and 'many .. !J..!<,! :_;_by-si'de,:.arid,'nq other' one is . order to foi .. !1!_ .. _
from our understandmg . .. V! there except one chilg who. not we may be able to help some . .of these
'-th.e_man. He is - been- baptized-. --The- -Cemetery.,_ .. a __ .ought to
in . heaveri; . a man .can be of two _ acres or more, . is . do. NE:arly two weeks Bro. Diaz
"touched with the feehng of. .our enclose.d by a wan; arid at the foot of - went St.- Vincent _to'consult a doc-
and _w_as in an the lot is a space_ .about' a quarter tor there, as he was suffering with a
. t_empted like as we are, yet WJ.thout of. , at). .. by a wall _. two - terrible pain in his back, and could
sin.''-Heb. 4:15. But He had His eye feet high for those who do not Iden- not sleep weJI nights. I received a
on the!. actions of_ the .and tify the:Uselves with the letter from him the other day saying
said, ''The Son can . do nothmg of Catholic church . . This man, Joaqum he was . sleeping well since going
Himself but . what . seeth the died Sunday night at mid- -; -and we him
.Father do;. _fo.r what thmgs soever; HG night, and was buried __ at day. Our is going oil to
.. t}iese also doeth the Son three o'clock; . The twq arid to God we giv:e' an . the
wise."-Joh_n 5:19: . aJI t.his . ren, and a fe.wof the sisters held a glory. Pray much for us, for some,
we behold a beautiful, service preyious to the burial. A after see the refuse to
our useful example. . Hur little girl lay dead in her house next give themselves to Christ, and. go
to the Father's. wm and H1s fuJl door and all the people came in to into infidelity. Remember me to all
. resignation .. to every . see we were doing: The house who lov:e the Lord; . , -
this . life, by God-designed was crowded. Some of these were Yours iri the work for the Master;
derices; He had declared before His never near enough to us before to NoRBERTO R. LOMBA.
advent into .. this world,' "Lo I come hear the Gospel, this time they .- .- .-
to do Thy will . 0 God."- He b. 10:9. had the privilege, several passages -of THE CHURCH OF GOD.
And He did it, as in the weakness Scripture being read; and two hymns Like a mighty
of man, but as St. Paul .d.eclares, sung. Some were pleased, Moves the .church of God;
Gh t 1 ng the t Brothers, we are treadir,tg
''God m. . . ris , J . . ,. were not, as they do not want us o Where the saints have trod .
. world . unto Himself, not Imputmg . have any rights at . all. Only four We are not divided,
their trespasses unto them; and hath men remained to carry the body to .An one body we-
committed unto us the word of the place of burial, which \\as quite One in hope and doctrine,
ciliation. "-2 Cor. 5:19. a long way off. but praise the Lord, One in charity.
So now let us behold the man as we- did not have the priest Wit us .o Marching as to war;
h t Onward, Christian soldiers,
the Lamb of God; anti-type of the make it any harder, could put It With the cross of J'esus
red . heifer sacrifice, burned without down when we got and then Going on before.
the camp which was made sin pick it up and go agam . . Farther $ $ $
. of the people. St. Paul says, . 'for down the :r:oad we four more
God hath made Him to be sin for us, brothers just coming, SO' ' now we DISTRICT ASSEMBLIES:>
who knew no sin; that we might .be eight in all, and could take turns . m . . The is -th& order of .the
made the
righteousness of God in carrying it, arid did not . have to rest District Assemblies as agreed by
h 1 the General Superintendent-s: .
Him. "-2 Cor. 5:21. any more. After t e pace Washington, D. c ... April30 .. Harrington, Del.
"Behol.d the man" full of sympa- of burial, th.e grave d1gger told us New York .... .......... May 7 .... Brooklyn, N.Y.
h t th re the day New England ...... .. . May 14 ... Lo'!ell, Mass
. thy for all His tormentors, the. very . that . e pries .. e . . Pittsburgh ....... ..... . May 12 ...... Pittsburg, Pa.
ho crucif Him and those who, before, and said If he were .called, Northwest .. ....... . .' .. June 4 ........ Portland, Ore.
f Him one sup of and this .. man confesEed . to h1m, he It is expected that each of
In\ ea.
. Him vinegar and gall. . cou)d be buried in the "holy Assemblies' will - .. With
gHaVie :th .. dyi'ng lips and but when we told him that this man a mass-meetmg.
e o e prays, w1 . . Ch t d d rr .
a-heart bursting with pity, all nee ______ .. ___ rr !:.__ . -. __ _
. sorrow, ''Father forgive them; unto .man. he Said when . - Two "-New Tracts . . . .
for. they 'know not what . they do."-:- the priest h. I groun.d "WHY. YOU SHOULl) BE HOJ:..Y,"
-L.:."k .. Beholi:i-mm---sinner,-at---'srnok-e , of .. the __ _ . . AND . .
thu e is life for a look." burned went all tpe place. It Is -. CHILDREN OF THE OLD.
shedding. of His bloo'd there . sad, indeed, t _o thmk that are Words in season to the justified.
. . f si'ns and there is trusting on other men for their salva-: Can be from the author, Rev. R.
Is remission o ' . G d h . p d St t Los
1 i all unrighteousness. tion, and forget all about o VI o Pierce, 730 Sl\n. . e ro . reed , . $1'
c rom created them. The, Gospel has Angeles, Cal. Pnce, 20c per oz. ..
HaBllelr?JaAh:! k ' brought great light to this Island. per JOO.
ee.,e, r . .
' - Nazarene
price. The church . greatly blest e. one to help pray or shout or testify
and.encouraged . . had all sorts . two men and one :woman. We
of preaching, andi lienee was divided have been here only one week, and
KEWAN.EE, ILL. and discouraged. To cure this dan- now there is :a nice little circle who
We closed a good meeting March 15. anything come forward and ' have been so
A number were .saved and the church that aldng-I'm insisting that refreshed and re:vived they can
- was- bles .
soine ripe saints and they _are going the revivals and choose my own help_-;:_, _. Praise G,9d! We find inqeed this to be
through. Nearly every member of ers. And the plan is working adinir- one of the by-ways, and-we are so glaa
- the class give good evidence of full ably. TP,e congregations and atten- the Master has sent us out to gather
salvation ana, are pushing on to were good t.P.o;ugh . i:r:t t .hese for Jes_us. We find His
greatej- depths and higher heights of - the. church is very iii.accessible to thE'( .
perfect love . . Owing.JQ_J)le condition greatEist part of the town, a serious are praying for a numbe! to _plunge_
of the public industries located at mistake that is often made. into the fountain this week. We ask
Kewanee,".otir. pEwple 'ar'e embarassed . God has wonderfully me in your prayers in -His name.
for the necessary means to push the " giving me the hearts of my people BROTHER & SISTER LOGIE.
work as they have it in their and is usirig me- as pastor; praise His ,.,c ,.,c ,.,c
to do. Some have been out of work name. . Jos. N. SPEAKES. NORTH' YAKIMA, WASH.
all JVinter. Fortunately for the ""' ,.,c ""'
Upon reading the MESSENGER my
eyes are me.lted to tears to think how
We were pleased to have Rev. L. God is blessing His little bands of
Berger and Rev. Wistlerwith us three holiness people all oyer the country,
society, a few have been more able to
support the work that they have been
. able to keep going . . br. 1''. M. Swain
has stood by and iargely the
work this .winter. He is a iiberai and
cheerful giver, - a skilled dentist, a
.good preacher and-a loyal Nazarene.
It was a pleasure for me to labor
them a few days. .The of
money matters is having a depressing.
effect on some of our people, and
others are being blest above it and
getting honey out of the rock- hard
places. N 9w is a good time to develop
the spirit of contentment. "Having
food and raiment, let us be therewith
content." Some of the charges are
having good revivals. Amen and
.L. H.
""' "" ""'
PEORIA, 11,-L.
A rising tide of .victory and bles!fing
has visited Peoria. On Sabbath even-
ing as the pastor was preaching the
word from 'Jeremiah 2:13, the power
fell on the saints, and a sister, lately
saved, became burdened for souls and
began to agonize with the Lord in
prayer.. The ' community became
stirred and at least 100 people came
rushing to the street in front of our
hall, where they stood and listened to
the gospel message amidst the groans
ane shouts of' the saints. We are
to see many more seeking
the Lord as the truth lets the light on
their sins, J. E. PELL.
""' "" ""'
The Lord haq gl. ven us a gracious
revival" at Caruthersville, .. Mo. It ran
three weeks. Some . real salva
work was done-clear cases of justifi-
. cation and sanctification: Numbers
more were . ; deeply convicted and
sought God but refused 1to. pay the
days last week. They preached some and particularly the CbJlege at Los ..
excellent sermons by .the help of Angeles. ;And lie "has not forgotten
Holy Spirit, which were a great help us at North Yakima eit.her, for we can
to the church. Five bowed at the report good times in the Lord and
altar Tuesday :night, and each gave . victory through the blood, last Sunday
dear evidence of being . sanctifiEd .. being an'especjalJy. good. day in . the
wholly. Wednesday night . after a,n 'young people's meeting, and when
excellent sermon by Rev. Wistler on Bro. Ludlqw preached on the First
the subject, "The Unity of God's Resurrection the Lord' blessed us won-
People," Rev. L. Berger and T pro- derfully. These surely are the crown-
ceeded .to organize a Pentecostal ing days of this world, and a time
Church of the Nazarene, to which when the saints ought to pray much.
thirty-six signed their names, and all I am particularly interested in the
but six testified to being sanctified Bible College, as some of us young
wholly. Sunday two joined the church people expect to be there next fall .if
and two were saved at the altar. the Lord wills. Pray for us, that we
C. 0. BANCROFT. may be kept under the blood and
""' .,. ""'
Praise God for victory! The Lord
is with us. The fight is on. Sisters
Crow a11d Kell have just held a revival
meeting with us. The devil fought
hard. Sister Kell was ill all the first
filled with the Spirit, that we may be
of some use to Him, and if it is His
will for us to go to College He . may
make the way clear.
V. W . . ANGLIN.
.JI "" ..IC
week, and Sister Crow was -very, very A few words of praise and thanh-
much fatigued, but God gave us one giving to God, for His and
of our very best meetings. Souls mercy endureth- forever, and He is
were seeking in almost every meeting, bles:;ing us in San Jose, and the work
and the was perhaps better is moving on. The Jnill grinds
than at any previous time in our his- - but it g.rinds sure, - and-now and then
tory. Our one cry is for "souls for we get to grind a small grist, hoping
whom the Saviour died." to get a larger one soon. The interest
L. D. PEAVEY; is increasing and God is, giving us''
-" "" "" . some real good Christian friends.
TUALITAN, OREGON. Last !l'uesday one young . man was
.We are glad to report victory in our blessedly saved from a
work here. It has been raining now state.' Sunday Rev. Geo. Newton.
. for three days, but througn it all we from Berkeley was with us and
have J;eal good attendance. Souls are preached in the morning and after-
weeping way to Calvary and get- ' noon in the power of the Spirit, and
ting victoriously through. Glory be a few hungry souls gathered around
to our God forever! The waters were the altar for prayer. The evening
quite still when we came here. No service y.rith good atten<;lance
1- _: - ._,;.
and interest, and the . little band is
f ull of faith-and courage. To God be . .
all the praise. "-' C. B. LANGDON.
. .- .II

ature,. its songs and its pleasures to : PERSONAL GIVING.
int.oxicate your mind . . not plunge The blessedness of
unbridled into the things of the flesh. is a thing . that -the great mass of.
Do riot indulge in anything doubtful; humanity . knows little or nothing
do not argue and strive; do not criti- about. Many _ seem to . rad . their
Sunday, March was . a day of cise; have patience. Guard your life Bible after. this-' fashfon:
-:victoryand-great-blessing. We-had and your heart jealously for Chrlst . . . more biessed . leave, :.than to
an unusually large attencl_anc.(:! Sunday Then, yoursefves of the means . receive. " so they
. morning; and God manifested His- -of grace. _Have family prayer and while alive, c ftnd when . they .
power and presence in a very marked secret prayer; pray amid your labors; down to death, anc;l can cliug to their
manner. All of the Sunday services feed uponthe word of God . . Never idol no longer, they leave give)
. were good, and at the evening meet;. stay away from.chUct, .. ,:\.ithou.t ... l t to this or that institution, or allow . -
ing two souls were cleansed from te3ted reason. Go to get . the good, it to fall distribufe(f or uridisfributea
inbred .sin. In spite of the fact that' and.refuse to be thrown off by things into the hanq.'sof unscrupulous rela-.
several of our good people have moved '?fhich displease you. Live a regular tiveslo become, very often, a
away recently and others are prepar- life, nof a jerky one. Do not talk too of strife-and contention, while they
ing to leave, the w..ork is going ahead - much; do not allow ambition for lead,- miss one of life' s richest. blessings-
and God is encouraging and establish- ership and prominence to have a place that of knowing we have lifted heavy
ing us.' We ex-pect when we open the j n your heart; do not go to seed on burden'.s; and of receiving the bene-
doors of the church in a week or two any dogmatism, even if you know dictions and " God bless yous" that
to have seveJ:a-1 of tl:J,e saints unite .. your dogmatism is true. At best, a fall upon the .heads of those who go
.with us ... fellow.shjp. doctrin.e is only the hull of a nut; about doing good like their
.P. w:. GI.RYJ.H.. EK-emplar-)4he.Om{lassionate . Son of
.-. "'* . .-. 1/er-.alll. . -
CHICAGO, ILL. "" "" $ When .Will God's _at least;
The week-day meetings at the Pen-
tecostal Church of the Nazarene were
blessed with after God.. . The ..
si sters, under the direction of . the
deaconesses, are making a house-to-
house .visitation of a large area in the
district surroundjng the church, while
SOME FLOWERS FROM "BUD" wake up to this truth that has the
PLUCKED s hand seal of God Aimighty upon
the brethren 'arranging for system-
atic personal work among young men.
On morning Rev. E. F.
Walker filled the pulpit. As he
folded the meaning of the Nazarites'
vow of the Old Testamentandapplied
its true meaning in our day, many
hearts were greatly moved. It means
much to be a true follower of the
Nazarene. The sermon used of
God to establish souls in the way,
and brought rich blel;isings to many.
God has no . small . in -His
Catalogue . .
The Lord always .calls men wise
who seek Jesus. -
If you .have th_E;l shputing matter on
hand you are a great success.
There is no use to fish, brother. if
you don't jerk when you get a bite:
You. hear people shout when
you tell them what yvu don't believe.
I don't care high a jumps
if he walks straight when he comes
A man is losing time who is fooling
aroJ.Ind an artesian well with a wind-
,. .- .JI When a man trades off nothing and
PASADENA, CAL. gets everything for it,. he is no block-
.... TheLord gave us a lovely Sabbath, head.
it: "He which soweth sparingly shall
reap also sparingly; "an<l . he which
soweth bountifully shall real> also
bountifully." D. R. P.
We have a beautiful calendar which would .
retail for 25c; as a gift calendar. It is Hoff-
man's "Christ in the Garden" mounted on a
handsome back with a neat calendar for the
To all MESSENGER subscribers whose sub-
scription will become due in April or a,ny other
month thereafter and who will send in .the
money by March 10, we will send this calen--
dar FREE. .
We have<need of money now and make this
offer .to get subscription money a little in ad-
vance of the time it is due.
five seekers at . the altar; our attend- Have you got the human Creator
ance not as large as usual .as and JVorld manufacturer as your
many of our people_attended the great friend? -- . We have our new
Conven.tion at .the First Church, Los You can't get into the. excel- . -: Stock of Wall Mottoes .
. Angeles'; but, : as :Mr . . Wesley said-, lent way" until you have come . into t>urlbhl::JSTAT-ED CATALOGS
"The best of all is that God .is with . -the excell"Emt way . . . - ... - --- .. have also arrive-d and are ready
us.'' B. H. K . No man ever. came . to this world for delivery. . . .
;HI:F, :.IING. who had "s(dittre to do with .. Jesus __ CO.-- .
and did SO much. San Pedro St. , Los Angeles .
How may I be. spiritual t _ was . .:& , . _
made . vl ith a capacity .. for Spiritual
life, why is this life dormant ? Man's
greatest joy and. greatest
is attained when is spiritually-
minded,. why am I not? The ansvier
comes, you do the things which hi.n-
der, and neglect the things which
he!P; . DP not allow the world's
''Chri$tian; ybu Jlave bread, ,and
the heathen l;taye the, hunger. "
. BRO. J ... O'NEAL has be;n invited
by the church at Cucamonga to serve
them as pastor the of
the District Assembly in July. Bro.
O'Neal do these dear people good;
MA.-Nlf-AL . OF .THE .
I>entet:ostal the Nazarene
-BOUND IN 25<; . .
Get one now, and keep up with the
730 San Pedr9 St. Lo A!lllele. Cal .
.. 6 :
1\.T 111 most natural and simple way how
1 .lr.J.essenger . clearly and completely he represented
churches, voted unanimously for
union." This is-a matter of great
thanksgiying and . mphasizes the
providential trend of the -times into
which. we arecome. First: There are
to be open doors to preach holiness
everywhere, the-countcy--through.
Secondly: There is to be effective
unity, that the work may be pushe'd
throughout the world. Dr. Bresee
read this telegram to the grat con-
gregation<>atFirst Chritchon Sabbath
morning, when the whole audience
spontaneously rose and sang "The
Glorious ChQrch," beginning
the unsaved man, and by. the grace
'Ed,tor and power of. Jesus the processes of
P. F. Bresee, .
R. Pierce, - ORice Editor salvation. A goodly number re-
C. J. Kinne, . - Asst. Editor and Mgr. sponded to the call that . J e!)US might
SPECIAL CONTRIBUTORS: .,. h l'f h b . b .d d
- E. A.Glroin - - P.aLinau;earJer C. E. Cornell---g1Ve-t em l ey- eun OUn -an
"fi. 0::!'::!" :f: :: find liberty.
==========o======== The proved be
Enter<!d at the post-office, Aug. 7, 1900, at Los form . meeting. Dr. Bresee empha-
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. . . .
According to announcement the
Holiness Convention at the First
church, Los opened Thurs-
day night, inst.
The leaders, Revs. Bud Robinson,
Will Huff and Isaiah G. were
on hand, and a large audience.
Rev. Bud Robinson made some
appropriate general remarks and
preached from 1 Cor. 41.:31. He espe-
cially spoke of the more excellent
way,- showing that there is a way that
is not excellent, also that there is an
excellent way and a more excellent
way. A goodly number of
after the excellent, and some for the
more excellent way, found their way
to the altar, and many were blest.
Services were held Friday afternoon
anq night, also Saturday, large audi-
ences being present at all the services,
with a goodly number at the altar
and much blessing.
sabbath was a very great day.
Immense audiences were present at
all the services and from 8 o'clock in
the morning l,lntil 10-o'clock night
the batt\e went on. At any time the
.of the people, the songs of
triumph, the preaching of the word,
-or the shouts of victory might have
been heard. At 11 a. m. Bro. Robin-
son preached, taking Lazarus as'his
subject. He said- that recently the
Spirit had shown him that Lazarus
was one of the most typical characters
in the Bible. He then showed in a
ministry, and Revs; . L.' M: .Hamiy, J:
G .. Rogers, A. P. Graves, Will Huff
and Bud Robinson took. the witness-
stand and told with definite clearness
and unctio-n of the saving and sancti-
fying grace of God. Bro. Martin then .
gave invitation to seekers and the
great altar and front seat were filled,
and the altar servjce went on until
"Do you hear them coming, brother?"
waving white banners and prais-
ing God. '
.. A_t _night --the great one would for a moment think
.overt:J.ow:ed_ wlth . -Ru.ff thaXJesus
preached from-Matt. 1:21, ''Thou shalt eacn -
call His name JEsus;fo'i He shall save ted to find in the other, upon. which
His people from their sins." It was they agreed to disagree. The abso-
on the purpose of the-comingof Jesus lute perfection of the Father, and
Christ, and was an earnest and mas- normal -poise of the Son .
terly presentation of. His great pur- human): urider the law -of growth.
pose to save from sin. He held'' the "increasing in wisdom," made such
great audience by the truth, at times -a thing impossible. The Saviour was
with: swaying power. The altar was po'!lsessed of God without those limit-
again well filled with seekers, and the -.ations that man's abnormal conditions
w:aters of life flowed. create. Therefore whatever limita-
. No meeting ever held among us has tions human nature imposd, did not
excelled if equaled . in its beginning prevent perfect harmony of ielation
the first four days of this Convention. between them both; t})ey were one.
The workers are at their best; Bros. Still less is it thinkable - that they
Bud Robinson and Will Huff are un- differed in spirit, and' were in any
excelled as preachers of the word, sense opposed the one to the other,
and Bro. Martin, especially helped by or that they differed in the objcts of
-the College students, is doing admir- their. love and service, and were will-
ably. Many, both ministers and lay- ing to stay apart in their considera-
men, have been . present from the tion and operation in anything
towns of Southern California, and builded Kingdom . of God. Nor
many tourists from various parts of would anything they do or say lead
the country. But far above all else up to imply that the Church_ with
is the E!Vident presence and mani- them is many-but one, embr-acing
fested power of the l:loly Spirit, ovel_"- -all who are in family of God.
ruling all things pertaining to the We say all th1s cannot be other-
meeting, inspiring the faith . of the . of what are, and.
saints, -and tepdering- s-?-
the people, a tid Himself bringing bon; How
things to pass, to the salvation of the me?t:
souls and the glory of His great name. . IS m keepmg "':'1th Chr1st s
The Convention goes on through this prayer bemg fulfilled,
'Week and over next Sabbath. espec1a;lly among those yrho are sanc-
tified? Or can tliat . prayer be
answered in their. sanctification and
still they not be one in the sense for
which he prayed they should- .be?
That the Saviour had something more
than usual to lay on the Father's
heart cannot be questidned; some-
thing infinitely more important than
creed, form, or sound reasoning . .
On Saturday last Dr. Bresee re-
ceived from Rev. H. B. Hosley, Wash-
ington, -D. C., District Superintendent
of Washington District, the following
telegram: ''Pennsylvania Holiness
Christian Gonference, having fifteen
. - ... . .... .. . . -
26;_- 1908] :
Both He andthe Father had the same . being. Reason cannot do. this. And
work, aim, means, power, grace, and this love takes the sEll! away, in its
truth; neither worked for Himself, activity; from ITS individuality-to the
nor separate from the other. In person of God in Christ, so that their
effecting the same union between His will and desire, while love dominates
disciples He would be "glorified," the being, is fulfilled through His
_ and the opposite is true. S.eparatiorl personality. The moment love ceases
.. and is" .. the to control; -tliis affong--;-highly deveJ:; .
curse of the race. ope<t_ personality takes command of
There must have been in Sav- the entire man, and as it must have
iour's mind something that could an objective point, pushes on to
attractand b. old together in a perfect .. realization . . It .a
u.nity, a of mankind who had a mannerism, an of
been developed intensely along the .an oddness, a theoryof hfe serviCe,
line of selfish individualism, a head a method of work, an eloquence, etc.
that could centralize, actuate and We d() not reason ourselves . out of
infuse itself throughout the entire love, we defile of it; we
body. become consciou;:; that 9od and Jove
-. 7
them on the difference
and mistakes, and illustrated his sub-
ject"in "his own graCious way. Three -
souls were at the altar as seekers, and
the meeting closed with reJoicings
and shoutings. '
DR. CARRADINE .. is to hold a two-
weeks' -meeting-w-ith-t-he- eht.tFeh-at
Spokane, Wash., commencing May 10.
Bro. Davis, the efficient pastor, 'safs
the Lord is giving success in the
work. . . : . . . . . _
THE -genial presence
able holiness warrior,
was a welcome sight at the Sabbath
services at the First Church, Los
'Angeles. - we Wt!re all heaven-
ward as he led the vast multitude to
the throne. ' .
Christ and His religion is the only have departed, when these go,
one who to purify self, tramples on the right&, THE :riuirch of the visiting friends
retain iridividmility, and yet preserve liberties and happiness of. on last Friday night from the
unity, and Paul the Apostle grasped one's self, and necessarily those of -Building to the First Church, was a
and yr-eachad the. others. . _ time of great enthusiasm. Companies
plan .. The more .thoroughfy O.ur-discoyery--iso:Hmt--our- JI:;;nes, other
a soul becomes the- more urgent his self 'has transeended its privileges the- (;onvention.
cry for unity. More grace attracts too much and : not body, and were greatly refreshed.
. to the centre, and never drives to the enough of. God and Jesus REv. C. 0. BA.NCROFT, Bolder, Col.,
, outside. This unity "is the greatest _When 1s lost man Pas lost . h1s. Rev, Thomas Turner, 359 S. Olive -:-_.
possible gift in answer to Christ's. and of course his. of ... , Mr-s. Emma Spangler; 211. ;N. Beaudry_
prayer. This oneness must be possi- umty With tbose about him. . All ave. and J. S. -Brown 22:1 S. Main
ble, and is actual, where the prayer grades of individualism painful .. to St., memhership .
of Christ has been answered. ?thers .themselves. While in the First Church," Los Angeles, on-
is done by Christ (His Spirit being in the God-consciousness lasts, harmony Sabbath March 16.
them, as the Father is in Christ). - reigns within, and with every other . no definite count was made
In what does this Unity consist? I being indwelt of God. G. w. w. of the souls at the altar on last
answer, Unity of dispositiort. Since .;,e .;,e JJ' Sabbath at the. First Church, Los
the confusion of the tower of Babel, . Angeles, it is conceded that more than
individualism has made irreparable Notes and Personals fifty seekers found their way there
wreckage iii: the race of men, and by ' dRring the day, and.rnany left rejoic-
virtue of the extreme emphasis placed ing as finders to their heart's joy.
DoN'T forget Friday night at First
on the side of sanctifica- Church, Los Angeles. It will be a DR. BRESEE expects-to leave for his
tion, it is one of the worst hindrances b trip East and North a week earlier
great meeting, for Bud Ro in son is to
in the holiness movement. _than had been planned, 'that he may
rel1te his experience. You better
Spiritual freedom implies loosing be there. have a little more time in .Texas. He
the individual from the bondage of REV. J. W. GILLIES, pastor at Pea- expects to be' at Periiel, Tex., Sabbath,
selfishness, and opens 'to him a April 5, and at Pilot Point, Sabbath,
body, Mass., writes: "God is blessing
world of newness, possi- April 12, visiting in the meantime
us at Peabody, souls are being saved,
bility and liberty. All his experiences several other points in that State and
believers sanctified at:id the saints
are founded upon something more going from there to Indianapolis, Ind.
built_ up." .
than .reason, and are unspeakable, THE Southern California ,.
the re-actionary influences of these BRo. RUTH has just closed a very _ Cony_e:nt!9n, at the First, Los
--experiences is an :intensified individ- . successful meeting at Sioux- Falls, S. Angeles, is being visited. by many
ualism, an increased consciousness of D. He rejoices .in the great advance preachers and We were
self and its possibilities. Self and and progressof the work of holiness pleased to see the familiar face of
. God hav.e found thej:r true . relations. over these lands. Rev. G. W. Wilson, one of the mighty
The soul has discovered in the fuUest A NEw Holiness Camp-meeting is to men of the holiness ranks, a prince
sense that "God is love," and that its be launched this summer at Camp of preachers and writer of the pre-
relation to God is made and sustained Hebron, . Mass., and.the workers for cious doctrine. And Bro. C. Weigle,
by being "love out of a pure" heart" the meeting will be the best -in the how he thrilled the of the great
-in its activity. To put these exper- . Holiness movement. . congregiltion on Monday .night, as he
iences into: expression, and actualize THE young people of the First sang "Forty Years Ago." Other .
.them-in our lives is the purpose of Church of Los Angeles joined forces preachers came with hungry hearts .
Christ. That this may be accom- on last . Sabbath evening and had a ana honestly . carne to thealtar, and
plished, love pervades the entire feast of divine things from the lips God graciously anointed them; Thank
man, and the whole of Bro. Bud Robinson, who spoke to God .for this Convention.
Nazaf.ene Messenger
Los Angeles and . Vicinity and how Lazarus feasted with Jesus, He was < the greatest preacher, the
- ""' for he was now able- to feed himself, Teacher, the greatest Physi- . .
AT-THE TABERNACLE having free hands, feet and cian and-the greatest Example; but He
SabbathmorniJ:igdawnedbrightand Andthen came persecution, ror-they had something else do iii(
cool-an ideal day to induce the multi- wanted to kill Jesus and Lazarus; but these. He did not come to save us
tudes t<,> weiid their way t,9 the house instead a great revival broke . out and - from sorrow or temptation aJone, but
of God. The morning prayer service Lazarqs became a -for He came gra:PPlewiffi -
_andthe SabbathMSchool were seasons many of the Jews believed on Jesus sin; to. save tis fr'om si-n. He has made
of refreshing and instruction in divine when they saw Lazarus. After this ample provisions for but it inust
things_. unctuous; clear-cut sermon, several be an actual fact iri - our .lives. He
J t was=a gl6rious'" sight'at' came . .onl:y-... ..
to see. the tabernacle packed with a graciously blessed.o " but a salvation from all ' sin for the
worshipful audience as Brese The afternoon holiness .. . church; it was JESUS that. did it.
out the opening hymn,. "Stand a continuation of the "Of the "He shall -not fail, nor be discour-
up for Jesus." Bro. Haney, the ven- morning. but with gt'eatly added bless- aged." "He. shail of the
-erable holiness evangelist, led in ing. Dr. Bresee had charge and Bro. of His soul and be satisfied: '' - I want
prayer, and surely heaven and earth J . G. Rogers . brought heaven down to be a witl}ess of this- He saves me.
rpet. The vast congregation was 'with mighty prayer. Dr. Bresee)'ead This marvelous sermon moved and
lifted into holy joy as they sang, "The and commented on 1 Cor. 13, and swayed the vast audience, and_ amid
Home of thesotivand then when spoke of the wit_nessing Church . . He shouts. and tears the -altar call was
Dr. Bresee read a telegram from Bro; theil called on . Bros, Haney, Rogers, made arid many so-qls found this Sav-
Wahington D, c ... :&ta.ting dot-aves, Huff and Robinson; -who each .. iour from .all sip be{pre the service
and definite-.. ,ciosed. . B :P ..
. the Holiness -Chr-istian Church had riess to the.worJ{ .of"'God in the' soil( ;..-
just voted unanimously for union with The people were greatly lifted up, and THE .CROWN. OF GLORY.
our Church, the audience seemed to when Bro. Martin sang and then gave As we looked at the white locks of
Iose contr()l of. itself in the waving of the altar -call, a great number came three of the leaders of the holiness
handkerchiefs and glad'. enthusiasm . . forw:trd, fillingftre-row of ehairs ns- -forces for the past -many years- Bro. -
Bro. Bud Robinson was the preacher well as the altar, and inany werefgra- Haney, Bro. Reid and Dr. Bresee,
?f the morning, and for his text ciously blessed. It was a great service. standing together on the platform of
John 11: 1, and for h1s theme, "Laza- Anot.her vast audience filled . the First Church on Sabbath mornirig and
rus as a type of all the human race.'' tabernacle at night, and an inspiring night, we thought of the crowns of
It was a gracious message from a service of song was enjoyed, led by glory that they will soon .wear.d The
.unique but humble messenger. He Bro. Marti'n. Bro. Huff was the old warriors a:re . out, and
. brough,t out in a very clear way the his text being Mat_t. 1: 21, going up through the Eastern gate.
different stages of sin in the heart, ''And thou shalt call His .name JEsus, But our heart filled ' with faith and
and then of divine grace in the restc- for He shall save His people from hope as we looked also on the strong,
ration of a soul. . He said: L. Lazarus sins,! ' He in part: - This is manly forms of Bud Robinson and
was sick--a type .of every child born, the mission of Jesus to this world, and Will Huff, and our mind went out to
w:it-Jl a sinful nature. 2_. He died: as it has a iarge place in the many more younger rr.en who are
soon as we come to years of responsi- At the beginning reference was made holding and will hold up the ba1mer
bility we commit sin and die, and are to Him-He was promised in the gar- of holiriess"in every State. And we did
_sinners by choice. 3. He was bound den. Abel showed him in his sacri- really see, by faith, the "Glorious
hand and foot, with a napkin over his fice, and Enoch and Noah spoke about Church" coming, and prayed, "Lord,
mouth-could not do, go or say any- Him. Abraham sa\" Him was keep the ranks. full of wise, humble
thing-perfectly heipless. 4: He was glad, and Moses and the holy propl].ets but mighty leaders of peqple."
then put in the tomb- beyond all had visions of Him and have given us We know God will do this for the
-- human help. 5. He then became pen-pictures of Him. Where the Old glory. R. P.
,putrefied, and so the sinner becomes :Testament closes, the New takes Him -ac- ac- ac-
_ co.cru:Pt through alLhis life. And all up. Qn Bethlehe111's Illi!-ins the shell- COMPTON AVE. CHURcH:
these show what a man is without herds saw and heard the glory of God. Our Thursday night prayer- meet-
. God. But thank God, iesus came on John the wilderness -preacher spoke -ings are times when notes of praise
. the s.cene and cast a ray of light on of"Him and introduced Him as ''The for won, answers to
... the dark picture-by saying, " I am the_ Lamb of God that taketh away the sin told, and requests for salvations of
resurrection -and the life." ;He . of the world_," and Jesus Himself said souls are r_ecorded. Last-:P-hursday
showed: 1. That Jesus enquired-for He had come to "seek and to save saw two souls seeking sanctification
- Lazarus- so is Jesus seeking for every them that were lost. ,., Peter, Pauf, and one' for pardgjt._ .-. "'
. sinner. 2. Jesus:.wept. birr( and' . and John on Patrrios, made Him th,eir . Sabbath- Day was d with
we_eps-over sinners today. 3. He theme. This gtves us a solid founda- salvation of twenty-one of our Sab-
gave the church a command-' 'We are ,_ tion on which to erect a blood redemp- bath Scho-ol scholars. Both morning'
going to have a revival-Roll ye away tion for every one this the hot and night children crowded to the -.
the . stone." And as soon as they doors of damnation. All these spoke altar and were wonderfully savE:d.
the revival broke out, and of. Je:;ms in to taking away The close of this day recorded the
Lazarus was alive-but bound. our sin!:}. Jesus .did a good many tide of . manyyoung lives starting to
He of how they him," things,. but He c_ame to do one _ flow out for Christ our "King, ' that iri
M.essenger .. 9
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the opening of the day were not for whom .she will ever be held in .
Christ. One of:.the child'ren in giving remembrance. Should Providence
, he.r testimony said that such 'days as the way for her retU:rn to us
. these must make the devil's heart again, she will1;ind a . royal welcome. . FuRNISHEP.RooMs for house-ke:ep- :
ache. . 1 Her presence will be misse<J, mg. --MRs . . M. WoRLING, 728
Mamma . Knott preached to the and we look forward to a blessed . fMention this paper. l
reunion in_ t __ h_ FoR SALE .. -'-A Model Conn (Elk-
ing the sermon with a little chick, .;,c ,.,. ,.,.
showing . how as Christians we can new; Suitable for street and mission
run evil to safety under His . HOLINESS NOT ALL SWEETNESS. meetings; 4 2-3 octaves. $15.00 cash . .
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:"'-jngs, :and wit.h a.largespider; show- orne .tmesw _en o street, Los An eles Cal. .
1 ng how .. littti:!-:-s-rn-s- '-weave-"'"' a .. ... thmgs of .a. doubtful g '
around our nature and us they are f<mnd. to .1'Vork>,:: '
hand -foot. The night meeting for the'fight: This quality of charac- . apply to R. E. 7[,7 Ruth ave. _
was one of wondrous power. The ter is likely tQ make the person who To LET. - Ntce front room;
song service being ended wants. them to join in questionable .

m .
' h' . er s ree; a so one ms1 e room .
persons felt called to work in this t mgs very uncomfortal;>le. The next -
regiment of the of the Lord, step is to discourse on the sweetness HEALTH ' IS WEALTH.
a nd were receivedint<) Church fellow- and affability of real holiness and Two essentials to good health are
ship. follow this by accusations agai.nst the air and pure water. Both these
. This being our-regular 'bi-inonthfy .- .of who will not furmshed with lots purchased .. in
- ld Melrose -Hill Tract and .
Jove-feast,. after partaking of the yie the pofnt and do doubtful properties.
.. water, an army-ofbrothers . fact evefy case is that Illformati.on fu.rnished by A. N.
an,r;'_ sermons l;;.rlh.ness IS not . " Clark at . his . on Graham
in len'gth 'hom_ one to .'ten fu!nutes There are other elements. in it or it H1ll . . Take. Western
each, one-of whiCh was the testimony wou_ld not be worth anythmg. There H' lr RaF DP.llOL adtress
of Sister l'j1argaret, one of the is backbone in it, strength of charac-
' ' os nge es,
miracles of last days; sick . for two ter and tenacity of purpose in it; vig- Mottos and H;oli!less Books be
y'ears past"" and for last six months opposition .to sin and to all had at the Pubhshmg House.
unable to leave her bed. Saved questionable things in it.
afterwards healed in answer to or soft .. character which never differs
prayers of this church, she bas now . from any one is not the holy man or
attended .services for past three . woman. Holiness would do a mighty
weeks, twice on Sabbath; at night work of improvement fqr such soft
t elling in detail of the marvelous way worthless persons. - WPslei/an
119-121 E Sixth st:
God wiili
soul. This is indeed like heaven to
us. v. J. J .
.JC "" ""
Last Sabbath was a .blessed day of
salvation at the Grand kve. Church.
One lady was sanctified and one bro-
ther united with the Church. The
Church has changed its address with-
out inoving its location, as Malcomson
street is changed, and will hereafter
be known as w. 43d street, so the
church is now at the corner of W.
43d street and Gr"and Ave.
,)1 "" ""
Mrs. Rose Potter has just
closed a two weeks' meeting at Santa
Fe Oil Wells, .held in theM. E. Church,
which was with great power
and blessing to the entire community.
A large number were converted and
the imd .hiswife.
being among those w.ho received the
second blessing. After a sojourn on
. this Coast of eight months, she will
start today by way :Of . t.he Santa Fe
for her home in Kentucky. During
her stay with us she has greatly en-
deared her-s-etft6 .. hosts people With .
. . ' .
The Authentic Estimate of the Nation's Drlhk Bill for 1907?
The Amou.'ntiJJ of . Alcoholic Liquors jn ., 1907 by the
American People ?. : . -
The Real Relation, Figi rres,. t!Ie Liqu<;>r :Traffic to .
Legitimate . Industnes? -
EVERY GOOD CITIZEN should know. all about these and a thousand
other phases of the DRINK and the steady growth of
PROHIBITION sentiment all over the country.
EVERY CHRfSTIAN. WORKER to be arrned with .reliable, up-
to-date information about the ARCH-ENEMY OF THE . ...,_ ,
.CHURCH - the Liquor
YOU CAN. FIND all-these facts in the columns of .
:The .
. . - .. - -- .. - - . . - - .. - .
A Journal of Good- Citizenship .
Published Weekly . One Dollar per year .
The Authority on all Phases of the
Prohibition Reform. Send .for Sample Copies
Me ntion this ad.
Deets Pacific .Bible College
641 E. 28th St., Loa Angeles, Cal.
lot in this matter as ' well as those
with millions. .
. If all who are interested could only
come and see for themselves, the Col-
COLLEGE NOTES. ings, teachers or . funds. We are lege millennium would be years ,
_ ___ :_, _ __ ID'._l,EQRA -- -. ex better things some day; but nearer. all cannot come, so we
Monday after the morning prayer- that day has not yet appeared,
meeting, while the classes were in it is seen coming up out of the rosy thing, namely, the surcharging the
session, one soul was seeking sanctifi- dawn, _ a cloud much larger than a MESSENGER to tell them. Only this
Sister Wood in the office; man's han.d. Practically, our work is morning a brother was present

. admitted he , hE!t;.. E! ____ .

young men m the parlor, an(l another hohness schools we doubtless have ... as before, and did not know or see how
witha _young lady.student up stairs. large a showing of- this class of stu- he could .. bear a hand, which after _
About 2 p. rri. the one in the parlor dents as can usually be found any- this he meant to do. who. live
was gloriously saved, the. one in the where, and as fine a bunch as exists within sight of the School might have
office was sanctified wholly, until th.e the great seas: open eyes shoul_d they spend a few
gloh almost swept her away and she The above items are needed to .hours in the class room. .
shouted for almost half an acquaint our people with the . Before ! left Iowa for . work
who had been !:ancb- stances in order that they may see . h_E!re, a man of fine observation and
days, was .so' how they can . help build this great practical discrimination, and one who
flooded gl_ory that as the witness enterprise. Up to the present -there . ha.s had opportunity to look' into the .
of the . . GhOst. came, she too . is no. :nrovisi<;>n rpade fpr the of things, . charged . me, so
. shouted for JOY;, U?tll we. 5ould study the school they.olunta:r_y"enter: . .as . I had tq ''see
no more and a praise meetmg was the prise oftbosewho know the conditions to . 1t, that -whatever ' wa!? . done,
only thing possible, The one upstairs and have willing he-arts and hands. to make ample provision for
-finally said she could not "pay the All the while w.e have the problem of students . not able of themselves

and_ "went away sorrowful.'' making brick and gatheribg our own to support themselves while
Most loving an.d most opportune straw, wherever it is to be found. through_ the cou_rse of studies.. The
gifts of shoes, money and previsions Sister Clark's late letter lias . students whose pare.nts have' plenty
have come to t he College the past open a pathway to many as to how of money; as a rule are not the boys
... The ''College Family" assem- the work can be sustained. This and girls fill the import ant places
. bled at prayers, asks God's richest page of the MESSENGER is our letter in the next Rather it is
blessings upon every one of our pre- of information. It is necessary vs a those who really want an education
cious "Praying and Paying Friends. " common carrier between us and. the and are willing to sacrifice and toil f or
These gifts will be people. It is for matters pertaining it, who the best and fit themselves
properly next week; God willing. to the life and interests of the Col- for it." These are golden words .
.JC _,. .J1 lege. The people want to know what This problem is on us. God is send-
COLLEGE MISCELLANY. is going on here, how they can fiear ing to our .. doors many .. of this very
ISAIAH REID. an interest, . what they can expect if class. The present capacities for
Having been, very unexpectedly, their sons and daughters should come classes and ro_oms are . yet
entrusted with the Vice-p.residency of here, what kind of a life we live more are on the way or ef<:pecting to
the D. P. Bible College affords oppor- what kind of work is being done, and be with us. in His providence
tunity to bring to the readus of the all that pertains t<>' tlte Ilfe and work has given to us a glorious opportunit y
MESSENGER a pumber of items to any of the SchooL This, rather than and privilege. What do we?
interested in this important branch of ponderous dissertations on educa-
our work. . . . tiona I psychology, pedagogics, or
Since coming to the College Nov. 1, culturism, our readers may e-xpect.
I have been surprised to find how few The.bread and butter problEm of the
among us knew much about the school student, the spiritual
and how many at a distance knew the grades of scholarshjp, the carry-
nothing save the name. One sister ing of a young life successfully
writes from an eastern state, having through these destiny-fixing college
in mind that Deets is like wme old days, are of a thousand .times .more
institution founded for with interest to the common people, and
endowments, massive buildings and . young men an,d women longing for
money for everytbing. Another seems fitness for the .Master' s work, than
to expect us to take all If.inds of stu- some constellation of literary gems,
dents and t each everything. or some fine spun philosophical diE-
Some of .the facts ar'e, this is only a cussion. We are severely naturalistic.
Altar Record.
BRO. A. S. SPAULDING, of Springfield,
Ill., has prepared a book for keeping a
r ecord of seekers who present themselves
at the altar in camp-meetings oi .. special
meetings. It is an excellent thing f or
Evangelists and Pastors. It may be used
to good advant age by pastors in altar-
work at the r egular church servi'ces. To
appreciate it s value you should see one.
5c per copy, or 49c per. doz., postpaid
Bible School, a few years ago. We want a chance for the worthy
Its students are all intending minis.: stl,ldent. We want the people to see
ters, missionaries or Christian work- that the of ways and Holiness Books
ers of some kind. There are no scular means.lies within the range of. com-
studies or students. No provision is mon possibilities, and that the
.. -made for such yet, either in build- common. toiler may have part and
Can be had at the Publishing House
730 San Pedro St .
Our Young Reople
''See tqat little sunbeam
Darting through the room,
Lighting up the darkness,
Scattering .the gloom;
"Let me be a sunbeam
Everywhere I go,
Making glad and happy
Every one I know; ''
. . . . . . -- ..
"Here you Aren't .... you
sorry you go yourself this
beautiful. day?"
.. , ....... ,,.. __ _ .:--:;;..--:;---$'
He ga,ve the fire a pok-e anq opened
the da.mper. The smoke ceased, and
presently: the coals began to glow:'
_and five minutes after Jack came .in
we gathered around the table and .were
eating our oatmeal as cheerfully as .
possible. This seems very in
the telling, and. Jack. never kriew at

. whole moral atmosphere oi the' r()orn,
apd had started a gloomy . day pleas- ,
HE girl whp.asks her young friends antly for five people. '
to her home for the evening, "He is always so," said his mother
should invite them for an early hour, when I spoke to . her about it after-
so that they may have a long evening ward, "j-ust sd sunny and kind and
of fun and yet get home at a suitable ready all 'the time. I .suppose there
bed-time. When school-girls. and boys are in the world buys more brilliant
get the 'idea that it will not do to pre- than mine, but none with a kiilder
sent themselves at the homes of their heart or a sweeter. temper; . I am -sure
young .friends tilJ .nine o'elo9ck,.cit .. .is--of -
Just because some ""' .JJ. "'
of your elders have adopted . the fool-
ish custom of beginning the evening's
enjoyment when the eve"ning is well
along, de not-imagine that it is. neces-
sary for >'You to dq the same t 'hing.
The fun should.he weli under way by
eight o'clock. .. In giving out your
invitations, emphasize the fact that
all are to come early. Sensible par-
ents are not willing that their girls
and boys should be unfitted for the
next day' s work by keeping late hours,
and the girl hostess who revives the.
fashion of coming early and leaving
early, will win the of many
fathers and mothers. -Sel.
The Sunday Schpol Lesson.
April 5, .1908
the Good
. ' John 10:1-11
. Read Jonn 10:1-18.. Commit verse 9.
1 Verily, verily, I say unto you; He
that cntcrcth not by the door into the
sheepfold, but climbcth up some other
way, the same is a thief and a robber.
2 But he that entereth in by the door
is the shepherd of the sheep.
3 To him the porter openeth; a nd the
sheep )1car his voice; and .he -eallcth his
own sheep by name, and them out.
. 4 And. when he putteth- foi:th his own
sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep
followhim: for they know his voice.
5 _And a strange'r will they not. follow,
bn t will flee from him: for they know
not the voice of strangers.
6 This parable spake Je'sus -unto them;
but they unqer,stood not what things they
TilE RIGHT KIND OF A- BOY; ,. , . . were which he spake unto them.
.7 Then,. sai<l .Jc'.st).S unto them again,
Verily', verily, I say . unto you, l am tlic
door of the s heep. .
HE other mprning .we were iri the
midst of a three days' rain. The
fire smoked, the was
chilly, and whEm we assembled for
breakfast father looked rather grim,
and mother tired; for the baby had
been restless night. Polly
8 All- that ever -came before me are
thieves and robbers: -but the sh!lep did not
hear tl:e:n.
!) I am t1'1c door: by me if any inan .
enter in, 'be shall be saycd, and shall go
in and out, aticl find pasture.
10 The thief cometh not, but for to
steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am
plainly inclined to fretfulness and come that they might have life, and
Bridget undeniably-cr-o:::s, when Jack they might have it more abundantly.
h h b "k f L II .c 11 I am the good shepherd : th11 good
came In Wit t e rea as :r.o life for the sheep.
tfi.e . baker's. He . had taken off
coat and boots in the hall, and he
... came in rosy and smiling. .
"Here's the paper, sir," he to
.:with such a cheerful tone
that his father's brow relaxed and he
said, "Ah, Jack, thank - you/ ' quite
pleasantly. His mother looked up at .
him smilin:g. and hejust touched her
cheek gently as he passed.
''Top of the to you, Polly-
wog,'' he said to his . little . sister and
delivered the rolls to Bridget, with a !
GOLDEN TEXT-The Good Slwpherd giv-
eth his life fo? the _10:11.
Mon., 1\far . . 30, John 10:1-18. Tues.,
John 21:15-18. Wed., John 10:10-31. Thu.,
Ezck. 34: 1-10. Fri., Ezek. 34: J.l-16. Sat.,
Ezck. : 34:.'22-31.' . Sun., Psa. 23.
/ The occasion is just after the healing of
tho man born blind; Place; Jerusalem . .
Time; supposed to be i'n' October, A. D. 29.
Tho lesson seems to grow out of the
healing of this .man and its effects on the
Jewish "powers that be" at that time.
.. il
Jesus takes ' a'u:vantage' occil:sionto
disabuse the minds of the people of some
grievous e.rrors, and at the same' time to
give some important teaching. Under tho
easy figure of the shepherd which they
all undc'rstood; he shows entrance into
his kingdom is by way of hjmsclf. He is
both door and shepherd. The harsh treat- .
men t of thi s blind man by these Jewish
officials, had so much of the ''wolf'' .in
tt, and tnc- ... of
authority iu it, . tl!aL mad_e it an opportune
time to teach: (1) 'The need orrue- iiidi)--
pcndcncc of the human spirit, save sub-
j ection to ' himself; (2) The utter insuffi- :
cicncy of ecclesiastical jurisdiction on the
.-'JlArCo:t::thosc : :-:
''Verily, verily.'' - Prof. Vincent says
"tlicsc words ''never begin anything .new,
but conncct "what follows with what -pre-'
cedes.'' So the Good Shepherd parable is
the application of the lesson of the blin<l
man healed and cast out of the Synagogue.
The Pha-ri sees had unchurched him-that
is, drove this s4,ccp 9ut of the fold. Jesus
pronounces it a sham. Himself was the
door. Himself) the shepherd. The bar -
individllal Conscience J esus respects, .and
protects it from ariy ecclesiastrcai 'domina-
tion whi ch would assume to open and closcf
. the gates in to' Christ's Kingdom;. Ma
23:9. . : ; ..... .- .. '
.. Among .the many names-Christ. ;
uses as defining_ his relation to us, thfs
parable excels in coming closest to us.
Truth, Way; Life, Vine are all hafde:t;. to
understand. So, too, the shepherd life is
easier of. comprehension than vine-li.(e, or
the nature of bread. The fold was a sh-eep-
yard,.' or corral, with which all we're fa-
miliar. It had a ''door.'' A watch, a
''porter,'' was on guard at night while
the shepherds slept. The shut door pro-
tected from wolyes, thieves and robbers.
"The porter." 'J.lhc Hofy Spirit. The
shepherd must know . the poi:tcr, and the
porte'r know the shepherd, or there can: be
no openi ng of the gate._ There is no door
of access to the fold for who deny ,
the personality and office work of the Holy
Ghost. Sec 1 Cor. 12:3:
' Shepherd. '' . J csus: ''I a!l1 the good
Shepherd.' ' Put emphasis on ''good.''. Not
all shepherds arc of that kind. "Hire-
ling" shepherds. run when the wolf ap-
.l.. 'fhc good Shepherd comes in by the
dopr-by .the Holy Spirit, who opens ou.r
hcat:t door for Jesus.
2. The !.-hear
''his voice.' '
3, . .Jesus calls. his sheep by .name (indi-
yidunll y and personally).
4. He ;, leadeth them out.'; (Jesus is
li. personal guide,- leading them, not driv-
. ing.)
' 5. His sheep '' follow '' and ''know his
voice. '' '\Vc may know much of a person, .
by hearsay, au<l by books, and by' photos,
but to "'know this pe.'rson 's ' voice,'' we
must meet him in .person. Voices arc
many, n_,nd various, . but the voice of our
mother; or has a peculiarity- all its .
own, by which we . know it, C\' en in the
' ' I heanl tho voice of .J say,'' etc.
G. Sheep ":will not follow a stranger."
"Voice" ac quaintance saves' from error
and wildfire. "Understood not." Heard
and unstoo.d 'aull:y, Jiu.t se.Q. .
its moral-di<l not understand what he''
meant to tea(!h. So . he explains. "All .
that ever came before .me,'' etc. All ' wlio
en me as tho Scribes and Pharisees did,
Self-sent and self-appointed, they wet;e .
usurpers ahd unauthorized. John the Bap-
tist and um prophets of old had Divine. -
.. redentials, and never as did these
Na'Zarerie -- Messiniier .
Once u.pon a time. there lived an olo
gentleman in a largehouse. He had
servants and everything he wantd, DR. PAUL BRESEE
yet he WaS not happy, and when
Professional Cards .
Call And See U f? In Our
Ne w L .ocation
things. did not go as he wished, he was Tel. Main
Hom.e F 1484 J1 ))
---- - ---- . . ___ _ _ _ _ H<!urs10to2. 10a.m.Sunday. .. A:Jl
cross. At last nis . servan s -eft liim. Re.lilence St: . '::--'P.honeis-BrliadwaY4133_______ . - - - - . - - .-.
. Los Angeles, Cal. . " Home 2798 .
Quite out of temper, - he went to a - ----- ----- ---- . -. --ei:.,: . 1'. ::-
' ghb.Or with the . StOry of hiS diS- GLASSES FITTED. Residence 533 S. Cummings St. - ---
Home phone 41462 Boyle 1243
tresses. . . . . . DR. W. J. LAWRENCE
... :A..-ir " THROAT- - ---.----::::-:- 0:-- .
bor ''it would .be well for you toon ,1 ..
Home Phone F 1497 6th and Mam Sts.
yourself a little." . Los Angeles. Cal.
'To oil myself!" D. M. McDONALD
''Yes, and I will- explain. Some
time' ago one of the of my house
creaked. Nobody therefore liked to
go in or out by it. One day I oiled its
. 823-824-825 H. W .. HelltnanBJdg ..
N. E. Cor .. Fourth and Spring Sts.
Teleo hone Home 1624
Los Angeles
and it has been .constantly W. BURT CLARK
used by everybody since."

"Then you. think .r am like your suite8ooTrust Building
Creaking 000r,
1 1
. Cried the Old gentle . . Los ANGELFJS
man. "HOW. do-yoU want roe to QiL. W.S. KNOTT 3. H. ARDIS WM. T. KE.ND1UCK.
myself?" . . . - . . KNOTT & ARDIS
' ' That's an easy matter, " the ATTORNGYS AT LAW
neighbor. "Go home and engage a i Willpracticeinall the Stateand Federal Courts.
ser_vant, and When he doeS right praise Offices-Rooms 9293 Temple Block, Los Angeles.
l; . If, ori the. contrary, he . does MISS-MAI\1IE E. YOUNG
something amiss, do no.t be cross; oil TEACHEE. OF P.IANO
your voice and words with the oil of WEsT
657 4403
-wisconsin Ave.
The old gentleman went hoine, and Established 1899 G.BREDOW
no harsh or ugly word was heard in METROPOLITAN CANDY co.
his . house afterwards. Every family Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers' of
should have. a bottle of this precious FINE CANDlES AND ICE CREAM
oil, for every family is liable to a 317- West Fourth Street
creaking hinge in the shape of a fret-
-- ful disposition, a cross temper, 1:\. harsh
tone or a fault-finding spirit. -Sel.

Evangelists' Appointments.
G. C. BucK
Salmanca, N. Y.
2!)21 \Valnut S.t., Kans as City.
849 Bryant St., Dallas,. Texas.
R : D. 2. . Eas t Holly"ood, cal.
C. A. IMHOFF t -
E a st Pales tine, Ohio.
Columbus. Ohio . March 5 to 29.
i 3 Fourth St., Loweif, Mas s.
_77_2 E . 8t. , Los
49 Royal St-., Lowe ll. Mas.!;,.
. West-Hebron' , N.-Y. , Mar ch 5.
Herl:<imer, N. Y., April7-10.
P errv' s mills-; N."Y:-;-Aprii H-1\J.
Mooers, N . . Y., April 20- May }.
. :niFF . . G. RoGERs,
- 13-40 'Appleton st ., _ Long Beach, C:al.
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Contractor and Builder
Office 623 Laughlin Bldg.
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The Pioneer Optician
.,, ... 91!'
! The
The Prices....:.Just a Little Better
l . . 353 . I

,Exclusive Optical Store.
Forget the Number
1 he Pentecostal Era
:REv. H. B. Host:;j!IYI:Em;oR
. Address,
Washington, D. C.
. Collegiate. Institute
The Pentecostal Church of
the N azareite
$100 Per Year
Special -offer to Theological Students and
.Christian Workers. ,
College Preparatory, Commercial, Musical
and .Grammar Grade -Courses at correspond-
ingly low rates. Send for Catalogue.
North Scituate, R. I.
It Pays to buy of
231-233-235. S. Broadway Opp. City Hall
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.. .. -WAGONS ..
Built to Order,
. . l .
1413-17 S.' :MAIN ST.
1823 Nowland A-ve. ;. Indianapolis, Ind.
- .
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Montgom.ery & Mullin-: Lumber Co.
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.. ..
Prices as low as the lowest, consistent with good. grades.