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Legal Name________________________________________ Date_____________



Be sure that all work is backed up on a cd or jump drive! Your laptop will be completely erased once you turn it in!

Please check next to each item if present Name sticker or loaner sticker on cover of laptop Name sticker on power adapter KS Property Tag # (silver) __________

Insurance? Circle One: Yes / No Loaner? Circle One: Yes / No

External Inspection
Please check next to each item if it is PRESENT and in WORKING condition. Circle and describe any problems found. LCD Bezel/Housing (Apple logo falling in, lid does not close properly, gap at hinge between screen & bottom of frame) LCD Screen (any type of disfigurement, scratches, cracks) Top Case (cracks, dents, or lifting on keyboard or side ports, any loose or missing keys, unidentifiable no letter on key) Bottom case (damaged rubber bottom, screws missing, screws loose) Trackpad (not clickable, cracked, sunken) Laptop bag (missing) Adapter/charger (break in wire, missing, damage to charger, missing 2-prong adapter, missing extension cord) Other (Describe)___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Care/Clean Laptop
Please check next to each item when it is cleaned. Describe any permanent scratches or marks. Exterior Screen Keyboard/Trackpad Other (Describe)___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Internal Inspection
Please check next to each item is PRESENT and in WORKING condition. Circle and describe any problems found. Screen (dim) Keyboard/keys (do not work) Trackpad (does not work, does not work consistently) Optical Drive (CD/DVD stuck in drive, doesnt play properly) Wireless (cannot connect to internet) Battery (does not hold a charge) Other (Describe)___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ I have checked the above items and, unless otherwise noted, found them to be in good working condition. Students Signature:________________________________________________ Date__________________ Teacher/Tech Support Initials: _________

Name___________________________________________ Team__________________ Please circle on these drawings any damage or missing parts as stated on the checklist. Please provide additional description of damage if necessary.


FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Description (circle or add note)

Dim backlight / Lines / Cracked Screen Misaligned Partial / Total Cracked / Dented / Lifted Rubber coming off / Missing screw Warranty: Wires showing @ base / not working / cable clip broken??? Non-Warranty: wires showing on cable Non-Warranty: Ground prong missing / wires showing

W / NW W / NW W / NW W W / NW

Damaged Screen Apple pushed in Top Case Bottom Case Charger (square)

Charger (extension) Other (please describe if needed)

W / NW W / NW

Optical Drive Broken / Not booting / USB ports / Speakers / Trackpad / Missing screws / Camera Good Apple Only Repair Apple & Repair