Saint Paul DFL 2013 Resolutions Report Worksheet

Instructions: Read through the worksheet below (both sides of the sheet), make your selections and mark your attached Official Resolutions Ballot. Only official ballots will be accepted. Do not turn in this worksheet, it will not be counted as a ballot. In order to pass, a resolution must receive “yes” votes in an amount equal to 60% of the total number of ballots cast. The Resolutions Committee encourages you as a voter to vote “Yes” for all resolutions that you agree with. Voting for only a few resolutions will cause most or all resolutions to fail and for the Saint Paul DFL to go without a platform.

10) The St. Paul DFL supports the conversion to single-payer,  universal health care in Minnesota by urging the legislature to name the Minnesota Health Plan as the only provider in the Minnesota Health Exchange by the year 2017. 11) The St. Paul DFL requests the City of St. Paul expand  quantified sustainability measures to reduce our community’s energy and water use. Identified areas include, but are not limited to replacing lawns with indigenous grasses and plants, and flower and food gardens. 12) The St. Paul DFL requests that the City of St. Paul require  planning and development actions that support alternative commuting modes of transportation, including but not limited to, walking and buses. 13) The St. Paul DFL does not support the mining in St. Paul  of sand used for hydraulic fracturing until proper ecological measures are in place to protect the economy, soil, and environment. 14) The St. Paul DFL support the work of the Minnesota  Arms Spending Project in keeping awareness in the public eye of excessive military expenditures constantly draining local resources. 15) The St. Paul DFL is all ready to oppose the next war.  16) The St. Paul DFL supports responsible gun ownership by  requiring the registration of all firearms and eliminating gun owner anonymity;by requiring the registration of rifle and handgun “rifling” (a firearm’s “fingerprint”), removing the anonymity of individual firearms; and by requiring universal background checks for all firearm sales in the State of Minnesota. 17) The St. Paul DFL supports responsible gun ownership by  banning assault-style firearms and limiting firearm capacity, including all magazines, to less than 10 rounds. 18) The St. Paul DFL supports marriage equality.  19) The St. Paul DFL supports our commitment to free ac cessible public schools for all, which offer a fair, substantive opportunity to learn from educators who have the right to be represented by their unions, bargain collectively and have a voice in the policies which affect their schools, classrooms and their students, 20) The St. Paul DFL send this resolution to all elected  Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party leaders in Minnesota, to publicize the corporate and Republican funding of schools by corporate groups* and work with classroom educators to dispel the untested, unproven, false reforms and to support the real needs of the classroom: trained teachers, adequate funding, safe and clean facilities, diverse and stimulating curriculum and access to preschool and higher education.  Such as Tech for America, Students First, Democrats for * Education Reform, Students for Education Reform, MinnCAN, Educators 4 Excellence, Better Ed, and various other groups.

The St. Paul DFL: Be it resolved that…
1) The St. Paul DFL embrace the values of interculturalism  and join in a shared vision of a city for all, in which everyone has the opportunity to co-create a shared political, social, economic, and cultural life. We call for the Mayor, City Council, and a strong coalition of leaders from elected institutions, civil society, businesses, media, academia, and the arts to help consolidate and propagate the intercultural vision for St. Paul. 2) The St. Paul DFL support and facilitate an open com munity forum(s) for all candidates running for positions for School Board  ) The St. Paul DFL Party ask Mayor Coleman to reconsider 3 tearing down the Gillette Building, and accept the Lowertown resident and business proposal to rehabilitate Gillette for parking and amenities. 4) The St. Paul DFL supports equal testing requirements for  all students in any school that receives state funding, including charter schools. 5) The St. Paul DFL asks that the Minnesota Legislature to  fully fund Special Education costs for all public school districts at the appropriate level designated by statute. 6) The St. Paul DFL supports full funding for Early Childhood  Education. 7) The St Paul DFL encourages our elected officials to sup port the expansion of Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) in our great city, because smart babies grow up to be smart adults. 8) The St. Paul DFL reaffirms its support of the Public School  system and opposes all efforts to weaken and replace public schools with privately run and operated schools, such as charter schools, or any other privately run and operated school systems. 9) The St Paul DFL endorses bipartisan comprehensive im migration reform that makes sense and reflects our value and ethics.

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The City of St. Paul: Be it resolved that…
21) The City of St. Paul enforce its living wage ordinance  and not bargain it away during negotiations with business entities. 22) The City of St. Paul bans private possession of firearms  in all public gathering places and all areas where children congregate, including parks, recreation centers and community centers. 23) The St. Paul DFL requests that the Mayor and City Coun cil of St. Paul petition the Governor, Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Minnesota to reinstate funding for transit, mental health, property tax refunds and rent credits. 24) Where tree planting is required to meet “green space”  requirements at commercial or public developments in areas of concrete of nonporous pavement, that the area under the projected crown of the tree when mature will be paved with porous material. 25) The City of St. Paul reduce the number of days that  trash trucks come collecting in the neighborhoods without squeezing out the independent haulers. 26) That the City of St. Paul place a trash bin at or near bus  stop to keep street clean at Minnehaha and Grotto. 27) The City of St. Paul consider first the children of a neigh borhood in designing parks. That places for children to gather with friends and family on a daily basis with places to run, fly kites, sled and exercise in play outdoors be the number-one priority. That fences be limited and league play be a secondary consideration. Neighborhood children and families first. 28) The mayor and city council approve only the “pop-up  cafe” concept that uses wooden sidewalk extensions that can be moved into place each summer and removed in winter (to allow for driving, parking and plowing), instead of concrete extensions.. 29) The City of St. Paul form a task force to look at air quality  in relation to outdoor pits/recreational burning and indoor incineration and funding for enforcement. 30) The St. Paul City Council should abolish ranked-choice  voting. 31) The City of St. Paul do more to clear litter from the  streets and boulevards. 32) Hoops be reinstalled on the backboards at Eastern  Heights Elementary School. 33) St. Paul liquor stores be allowed to remain open as late  as state law allows. 34) The City of St. Paul develop a composting system to  encourage residents to compost more and reduce waste, similar to that of Mac-Groveland. 35) The City of St. Paul actively support the principles of the  international “Transition Town” movement, ( reduction of

use of fossil fuels, favoring use of local products and services, support of robust community, supporting and endorsing efforts coming from neighborhoods to these ends). 36) The City of St. Paul prioritize supportive housing and  services that will help unaccompanied youth become successful adults. 37) The members of the St Paul City Council, the Mayor, and  Chief of Police are urged to read the book written by Professor Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. 38) In the city of St. Paul, no property on Grand Ave., west  of Snelling and east of Cretin, shall be built more than three stories. 39) The City of St. Paul will declare a “Year of the Young  Child” (with activities throughout the year that build awareness of the importance of the early years -- with a focus on prenatal to third grade -- in brain development and create systems of support for young families in the neighborhoods, in the schools, and the business community which would include book-of-the-month on brain development/family, innovative supports for employees with young children, develop ways to eliminate homelessness for young kids, strategic vision for city to ensure continued support and success for children and their families). 40) The City of St. Paul join the “Move to Amend” move ment, supporting a constitutional amendment affirming that only people are people and taking away corporations’ unlimited ability to fund and influence our elections.

The St. Paul School District and Board of Education: Be it resolved that…
41) The St. Paul Public Schools support a comprehensive  program of instruction for all children, including vocal and instrumental music, English and foreign languages and the arts. 42) The St. Paul School Board bring the Spanish Immersion  School to the West Side for Junior and Senior High School 43) The St. Paul School Board start a Hmong Immersion  program in the District. 44) The St. Paul School Board establish a Technical High  School, which will prepare students for a highly competitive, technical, and complex world. 45) The St. Paul School District should include student evalu ations of teachers among its measures of the effectiveness of our teachers, because they are proven to be the most valid measures of classroom effectiveness and student engagement. 46) The St. Paul School District take all necessary steps to  reinstate the St. Paul Connections Program, which has offered many wonderful higher-ed learning opportunities to students.

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