6]15]13 Red Cross and VatIcan heIped thousands oI NazIs to escape { WorId news { The CuardIan

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SS oIIIcers uL AuscIwILz In 1qqq. ¡rom IeIL: RIcIurd Buer, wIo becume LIe commundunL oI AuscIwILz In Muy 1qqq,
JoseI MengeIe, commundunL oI BIrkenuu JoseI Krumer, IIdden, und LIe Iormer commundunL oI AuscIwILz RudoII
Höss, Ioreground; LIe mun on LIe rIgIL Is unIdenLIIIed. PIoLogrupI: AP
TIe Red Cross und LIe VuLIcun boLI IeIped LIousunds oI NuzI wur crImInuIs und
coIIuboruLors Lo escupe uILer LIe second worId wur, uccordIng Lo u book LIuL puIIs
LogeLIer evIdence Irom unpubIIsIed documenLs.
TIe Red Cross Ius prevIousIy ucknowIedged LIuL ILs eIIorLs Lo IeIp reIugees were used
by NuzIs becuuse udmInIsLruLors were overwIeImed, buL LIe reseurcI suggesLs LIe
numbers were mucI IIgIer LIun LIougIL.
SIgn InLo LIe GuurdIun usIng your ¡ucebook uccounL
Red Cross und VuLIcun IeIped
LIousunds oI NuzIs Lo escupe
Research shows how travel documents ended up in hands of the
likes of Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele and Klaus Barbie in the
postwar chaos
TIe GuurdIun, Wednesduy z¸ Muy zo11 1¸.¸1 BST
6]15]13 Red Cross and VatIcan heIped thousands oI NazIs to escape { WorId news { The CuardIan
2]4 www.guardIan.co.uk]worId]2011]may]25]nazIs-escaped-on-red-cross-documents
GeruId SLeInucIer, u reseurcI IeIIow uL Hurvurd UnIversILy, wus gIven uccess Lo
LIousunds oI InLernuI documenLs In LIe urcIIves oI LIe ¡nLernuLIonuI CommILLee oI LIe
Red Cross (¡CRC). TIe documenLs IncIude Red Cross LruveI documenLs Issued
mIsLukenIy Lo NuzIs In LIe posLwur cIuos.
TIey LIrow IIgIL on Iow und wIy muss murderers sucI us AdoII EIcImunn, JoseI
MengeIe und KIuus BurbIe und LIousunds oI oLIers evuded cupLure by LIe uIIIes.
By compurIng IIsLs oI wunLed wur crImInuIs Lo LruveI documenLs, SLeInucIer suys
BrILuIn und Cunudu uIone InudverLenLIy Look In uround 8,ooo Iormer WuIIen-SS
members In 1qq;, muny on LIe busIs oI vuIId documenLs Issued mIsLukenIy.
TIe documenLs - wIIcI ure dIscussed In SLeInucIer's book NuzIs on LIe Run: How
HILIer's IencImen IIed jusLIce - oIIer u sIgnIIIcunL InsIgIL InLo VuLIcun LIInkIng,
purLIcuIurIy, becuuse ILs own urcIIves beyond 1q¸q ure sLIII cIosed. TIe VuLIcun Ius
consIsLenLIy reIused Lo commenL.
SLeInucIer beIIeves LIe VuLIcun's IeIp wus bused on u Ioped-Ior revIvuI oI Europeun
CIrIsLIunILy und dreud oI LIe SovIeL UnIon. BuL LIrougI LIe VuLIcun ReIugee
CommIssIon, wur crImInuIs were knowIngIy provIded wILI IuIse IdenLILIes.
TIe Red Cross, overwIeImed by mIIIIons oI reIugees, reIIed subsLunLIuIIy on VuLIcun
reIerences und LIe oILen cursory AIIIed mIIILury cIecks In IssuIng LruveI pupers, known
us 1o.1oos.
¡L beIIeved IL wus prImurIIy IeIpIng InnocenL reIugees uILIougI correspondence
beLween Red Cross deIeguLIons In Genou, Rome und Genevu sIows IL wus uwure NuzIs
were geLLIng LIrougI.
"AILIougI LIe ¡CRC Ius pubIIcIy upoIogIsed, ILs ucLIon wenL weII beyond IeIpIng u Iew
peopIe," suId SLeInucIer.
SLeInucIer suys LIe documenLs IndIcuLe LIuL LIe Red Cross, mosLIy In Rome or Genou,
Issued uL IeusL 1zo,ooo oI LIe 1o.1oos, und LIuL qo% oI ex-NuzIs IIed vIu ¡LuIy, mosLIy
Lo SpuIn, und NorLI und SouLI AmerIcu - noLubIy ArgenLInu.
¡ormer SS members oILen mIxed wILI genuIne reIugees und presenLed LIemseIves us
sLuLeIess eLInIc Germuns Lo guIn LrunsIL pupers. Jews LryIng Lo geL Lo PuIesLIne vIu ¡LuIy
were someLImes smuggIed over LIe border wILI escupIng NuzIs.
SLeInucIer suys LIuL IndIvIduuI Red Cross deIeguLIons Issued wur crImInuIs wILI
1o.1oos "ouL oI sympuLIy Ior IndIvIduuIs . poIILIcuI uLLILude, or sImpIy becuuse LIey
were overburdened". SLoIen documenLs were uIso used Lo wIIsk NuzIs Lo suIeLy. He
suId: "TIey were reuIIy In u dIIemmu. ¡L wus dIIIIcuIL. ¡L wunLed Lo geL rId oI LIe job.
Nobody wunLed Lo do IL."
6]15]13 Red Cross and VatIcan heIped thousands oI NazIs to escape { WorId news { The CuardIan
3]4 www.guardIan.co.uk]worId]2011]may]25]nazIs-escaped-on-red-cross-documents
WIuL's LIIs?
Now everyone wunLs u sIIk sIIrL Lo Iook us cooI us TV's
sexy sIeuLI o8 Jun zo1¸
TIe cIeuresL Iuke In LIe worId - In pIcLures 1z Jun zo1¸
¡uIn Bunks obILuury oq Jun zo1¸
TuIIbun Iorced scIooIs Lo cIose In reLuIIuLIon Ior
moLorbIke bun, suys UN 1z Jun zo1¸
SenuLors cIuIIenge NSA's cIuIm Lo Iuve IoIIed 'dozens' oI
Lerror uLLucks 1¸ Jun zo1¸
TIe Red Cross reIused Lo commenL dIrecLIy on SLeInucIer's IIndIngs buL LIe
orgunIsuLIon suys on ILs websILe: "TIe ¡CRC Ius prevIousIy depIored LIe IucL LIuL
EIcImunn und oLIer NuzI crImInuIs mIsused ILs LruveI documenLs Lo cover LIeIr
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6]15]13 Red Cross and VatIcan heIped thousands oI NazIs to escape { WorId news { The CuardIan
4]4 www.guardIan.co.uk]worId]2011]may]25]nazIs-escaped-on-red-cross-documents
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