Php code example for login

Create a login.php file where you take input user name and password as shown the figure.
<?php include("config.php"); session_start(); if($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST") { // username and password sent from form $myusername=addslashes($_POST['adminuser']); $mypassword=addslashes($_POST['adminpass']); $sql="SELECT * FROM admin WHERE adminuser='$myusername' and adminpass='$mypassword'"; $result=mysql_query($sql); $row=mysql_fetch_array($result); $active=$row['active']; $count=mysql_num_rows($result); // If result matched $myusername and $mypassword, table row must be 1 row if($count==1) { session_register("myusername"); $_SESSION['login_adminuser']=$myusername; header("location: index.php"); } else { $error="Your Login Name or Password is invalid"; } } ?> <h2>Login</h2> <form action="" method="post"> <label>UserName : </label> <br /> <input type="text" name="adminuser" id="txtbox"/> <br /> <br /> <label>Password : </label> <br /> <input type="password" name="adminpass" class="box" id="txtbox" /> <br/> <br /> <input type="submit" value=" Submit " id="btn"/> <br /> </form> <div style="font-size:11px; color:#cc0000; margin-top:10px"><?php echo $error; ?></div> </div>

Create a configuration file through you connect the mysql databse or any other configuration.
<?php $mysql_hostname = "localhost"; $mysql_user = "your username "; $mysql_password = "your password"; $mysql_database = "Your database"; $bd = mysql_connect($mysql_hostname, $mysql_user, $mysql_password) or die("Opps some thing went wrong"); mysql_select_db($mysql_database, $bd) or die("Opps some thing went wrong"); ?>

Php Code example for Login

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<?php include('config.php'); session_start(); $user_check=$_SESSION['login_adminuser']; //$ses_sql=mysql_query("select empuser from employeelogin where empuser='$user_check' "); //$row=mysql_fetch_array($ses_sql); $login_admin_session=$user_check; if(!isset($login_admin_session)) { header("Location: login.php"); } ?>

after successful login this is your secure page.
<?php include('lock.php'); ?> <h2>WELCOME in Login Portal</h2> | <a href=’logout.php’>Logo out</a>

after successful login this is your secure page.
<?php session_start(); if(session_destroy()) { header("Location: login.php"); } ?>

Database Structure
Table name : admin
CREATE TABLE `admin` ( `adminuser` varchar(20) NOT NULL default '', `adminpass` varchar(20) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`adminuser`), UNIQUE KEY `adminpass` (`adminpass`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

This is a sample login page. You can modify or use it for your project. If you have any problem regarding this code email me


Php Code example for Login

Gunjan Kumar |

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