Sector E3-1 : Line 3 Completed this Month and Line 1 in progress with Pipe Laying work , Rehabilitation Works on Line 5 Completed This Month . Sector E3-2 : Line 1 ,2 and 6 In-Progress with pipe laying Works Sector E5 : On progress with only one replacement line 2 with Pipe Laying. Sector E6 : lines 1 ,2 and 3 Completed and Handed Over to ADSSC this Month Sector E8 : Line 2 and 4 In-Progress With Pipe Laying works . Sector E10 : started This Month with Excavation Work On Line 12 Sector E14 : Started This Month with Line 2,9 and 22 with Excavation and pipe laying works and CCTV work for Line 12,15 ,28 and 29 . Sector E15 : Rehabilitation Work Completed 100 % Sector E16 : Rehabilitation Work Completed 100 % Sector E16-2 : Started this Month and CCTV Work for Rehabilitation works Completed for Lines 9 , 10 and 28 . Sector E19: Proposed new line 5, 8 , 14 completed 100 % and Handed Over to ADSSC . Proposed New Lines 6, 10 and are in progress with laying of pipe, installation of new manholes, backfilling, compaction and testing. Sector E19/01: Replacement line 32 is completed 100 % and Handed Over to ADSSC. Sector W1: All Replacement lines are completed 100 % except reinstatement Works for some Lines . Sector W2: All the Lines in This Sector Completed and handed Over to ADSSC This Month Except Line No. 6 still in progress with Pipe Laying work Sector W3 : Started This Month with Rehabilitation works . Sector W4: Lines 8 and 9 Completed 100 % and lines 2, 3 , 4 ,5 , 6 And 10 in progress with laying of pipe, backfilling ,compaction and testing Sector W5: The All lines in This Sector completed and handed over. Sector W6 : Started This Month and Line No : 11 , 12 & 13 Completed 100 % and Line 2 & 4 in-progress Sector W7 : Started This Month with Lines 13,14 & 15 in progress with Lowering excavation

Submitted 41 25 23 81 5 Approved 39 25 23 66 5 4 .42% compared to planned 54.Overall project progress as per the update of the Approved Programme is 15. 1 2 3 Submittals Method of Statements Material Submittal Shop Drawings:  Typical Drawing  General Shop Drawings Sub-Contractors Prequalification Documents Total No.72% as detailed in attachment S4-2. The statuses of the Submittals are as follows: SL No. of Submittals 42 25 23 150 5 Total No.

. After updating with the actual datas gathered on site.CRITICAL PATH ANALYSIS PROGRAMME Longest path method of PERT (Project Evaluation Review Technique) is considered in identifying the critical path of this project which can be directly extracted from the actual programme (sequence of activities that reflects the actual situation). critical activities that lies on the Longest Path is reflected in Attachment S4-1.

Attachment S4-2 reflects the updated programme after applying the actual datas updated as of 25 January 2012.UPDATE OF THE APPROVED PROGRAMME Updated programme was derived from the Approved Baseline Programme updated with the actual datas such as percent complete of activities that are on progress with the actual starting dates and finishing dates as applicable. . Original sequence as per the approved baseline programme was kept although several out of sequence activities actually happened.

PLANNED v/s ACTUAL PROGRAMME Planned vs Actual Programme can be seen in attachment S4-3. .72 % as per the Aprroved Baseline Programme.42%. Cut-Off date Considered is as of 25 January 2012 Planned overall progress to date using earned value is supposed to be 54. while the actual measured progress as per the actual programme as of the cut-off date is equals to 15. Actual Programme is updated with the of the Approved Baseline Programme with the Actual dates based on progress Gathered from site .

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