1. Respect Athaan by keeping silent and replying to the words of the Athaan.

If tyhere is no respect for Athaan, there won‟t be any respect for Salaah and the Masjied. 2. Walk with humility towards the Masjied and enter it with respect. Don‟t enter Allah‟s house with pride and a strut. 3. Be silent before entering the Masjied and focus on the Meeting with Allah in Salaah. 4. Making noise in the Wudhu Khana etc. disturbs the Ibaadah of those in the Masjied. Causing such disturbance is a great sin. 5. Enter with the right leg, looking down. 6. Recite the Masnoon Du‟a and Durood Sharief and make niyat for Nafl I‟itikaaf 7. Perform two Rak‟aats Salatul-Masjied. 8. Perform the Sunnah Salaahs with ease and eagerness. The Munaafiqeen find it hard to perform Salaah. They are lazy in Salaah. The Qur‟aan Sharief says that the Munafiqeen only read Salaah to show of. 9. Do not look around in the Masjied. Look down or in front of you. 10.Between the Sunnah and Fardh Salaah, if you have time, recite a hundred durood. Insha-Allah, every day you will be reciting five hundred durood. For each durood you will get: 11.Ten Thawaabs 12.Ten sins will be forgiven 13.Ten stages will be given in the Aakhirah 14.Ten trees will be given in Jannah 15.Ten special mercies of Allah will be showered upon you. If you still have time between sunnats and Fardh, think of the following: 16.Fajr: Think of Maut and whether you will be alive by tonight. Think of your body being given Ghusl, your Janaazah and your burial and you being alone in the Qabr . 17.Zohr: Make Shukr for Imaan, health, food, „Ilm, clothing and think of the billions of people who do not have such blessings. Think you are unworthy of it and feel ashamed of our sins. 18.Asr: Think of our sins and how bad we are. If Allah does not help us, we finish 19.Esha: Think of Qiyamat, Jannat, Jahannam and hisaab. Think that no one will be there to help me. 20.When Iqaamah is given, instead of looking around, straighten your saf, stand shoulder to shoulder and think that you are now going to be in front of the Allah, the King of the Universe. 21.If stray thoughts come during Salaah, ignore them. Do not shake and move in salaah. 22.Do not precede the Imaam. Follow him.

23.After the fardh Salaah, make Du‟aa with humility. Place your hands in front of your chest and look into your palms. Even if it is a small du‟a, ask with Yaqeen. 24.Do not sit out of your saff after making salaam. Recite your tasbeeh on your fingers. 25.Read your Sunnats promptly. Do not delay and look around. 26.Leave the Masjied with your left leg. Recite the Du‟a and durood. 27.Do not make noise until you have left the Masjied building. 28.At times go and sit in the Masjied though it may not be time for Salaah. 29.Keep the Masjied always clean and spotless. 30.Do not speak to any student even if he is doing wrong. Speak to him with humbleness after Salaah outside the Masjied about what you saw wrong. 31.If there is any bayaan given, sit close to the speaker and listen attentively otherwise the bayaan will not affect your heart. 32.Do not look around or cause any distraction. This is disrespectful to the speaker. 33.The Masjied is the “engine room” of our Imaan. It is here that we get power in our Imaan. 34.People who disrespect the Masjied are amongst the people who are the signs of Qiyamah. How frightening! In Hadith it is mentioned that the good deeds get destroyed if we speak in the Masjied. 35.Picking up any dirt in the Masjied earns one a palace in Jannah. 36.Ensure that we are dressed Islamically. Would we like someone coming to our house looking like a tramp? We are Muslims and not an advertisement board for promoting companies. How can we gain Allah‟s Love if we dress and imitate his enemies and that in His House? How will our salaah affect our hearts if we wear jeans and short sleeved t-shirts? 37.There should not be any smell coming from the mouth. Always rinse the mouth after sweets, crisps and chocolates etc. 38.In a daith it is mentioned that a Muslim feels like a fish in the water when he is in the Masjied. One should feel like a fish out of the water when he is out of the Masjied. A fish out of the water is uncomfortable and in danger of dying. Our Imaan is in danger of dying when we out of the Masjied. 39.On the other hand, when we in the Masjied, we feel safe and contented like a fish in the water. We at home and why not because we are Allah‟s guests!