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Postgraduate Scholarship Application Form 2013-14

Application for: Please tick the appropriate box:

Newcastle University Arts and Culture Scholarship Newcastle University Brazil Scholarship Newcastle University Canada Merit Scholarship Newcastle University India Scholarship Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship Newcastle University Pakistan Scholarship Newcastle University Russia Scholarship Newcastle University Turkey Scholarship Newcastle University US Merit Scholarship ASEAN Scholarship Philippines ASEAN Scholarship Vietnam

Your application will only be considered if you answer all relevant sections fully.

Part 1: Personal details

Student ID number/Application number ______________________ Surname (Family name - in full)



Prof/Dr/ Mr /Ms/Mrs/Miss

First name(s) (Given name - in full) _________________________________________ Nationality ______________________ Gender Male Female

Correspondence Address ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________

Email ___________________________________
(the outcome of your scholarship application will be sent to this email address)

Tel No


Intended Degree Programme of Study


Part 2: Qualifications Please include any previous qualifications.

Name of Institution attended/attending Date from/to Title of Qualification(s), degree type and subject Result, e.g. degree classification/ grade/GPA if known

Part 3: Work experience Please give details of your work experience, eg job title, employer, principal responsibilities and dates of employment and indicate whether the work was full-or part-time.

Part 4: General
a) Personal Statement - Please state why you think you should be considered for a

scholarship in no more than 500 words.

b) Please give details of your objectives on completion of your degree at Newcastle .

c) Have you applied through a University Agent? If Yes, please state the name of

your Agent below. Yes No

d) How did you hear about this scholarship?

e) Have you discussed your course application and/or this scholarship with any

representative from Newcastle University? Yes No

If yes, please give details of that person and/or organization.

f) Please state how you will cover the remainder of the tuition fees for the course

and your living expenses. Please give details of any sources of funding for which you have applied or have been awarded, eg loan, sponsorship, other scholarship, etc, including the name of the awarding body/sponsor.

DECLARATION I declare that the information provided is accurate and completed to the best of my knowledge having read the regulations outlined on page 4. I understand that giving false information will automatically disqualify my application and is subject to the Universitys disciplinary procedure.



Postgraduate Scholarship Regulations 2013/14

The University offers a number of partial scholarship awards to encourage well-qualified graduates, to undertake postgraduate study at Newcastle University. 1. To be considered for an award, applicants should have applied to study as a postgraduate at the University. 2. Applicants must be assessed as international (overseas) for fees purposes. UK students and EU students assessed as home for fees purposes are not eligible to apply. 3. To be eligible candidates must register at Newcastle University in the 2013-14 academic year for a postgraduate degree course which they have not already begun at the time of the award. 4. Students applying for part-time study are eligible to apply for these scholarships and, if successful, will receive the scholarship at the appropriate pro-rata rate. 5. This award cannot be held concurrently with a fully-funded or partially-funded scholarship. Applicants must state on their application whether they have applied for or have been awarded any fully-funded or partially-funded scholarship/sponsorship and immediately inform the University of any such award Any student in breach of this regulation will have further scholarship payments suspended and the University may seek to recover any or all previous payments.

6. The University awards scholarships on the basis of academic merit and other information on the Postgraduate Scholarship application form .
7. The value of the scholarships shown below will be credited to the students tuition fee account to reduce the overall cost of tuition fees. NU Arts and Culture Scholarship NU Brazil Scholarship NU Canada Merit Scholarship NU India Scholarship NU Nigeria Scholarship NU Pakistan Scholarship NU Russia Scholarship NU Turkey Scholarship NU US Merit Scholarship ASEAN Scholarship Philippines ASEAN Scholarship - Vietnam 2,600 7,500 2,500 2,000 3,500 3,000 2,500 3,000 2,500 4,000 4,000

8. In any academic year, a student may only hold one scholarship or discount award funded, wholly or partially, by the University. If a student is offered more than one central university award, the one most appropriate to the students circumstances will then be selected. A school or faculty award may be held in conjunction with a central University award. 9. The University reserves the right to vary all or any scholarship and discount awards and regulations at its sole discretion.

Further Enquiries
Any enquiries regarding this scholarship should be sent to the International Office:

NU Arts and Culture Scholarship - NU Brazil Scholarship NU Canada Merit Scholarship NU India Scholarship NU Nigeria Scholarship NU Pakistan Scholarship NU Russia Scholarship NU Turkey Scholarship NU US Merit Scholarship ASEAN Scholarships - Philippines ASEAN Scholarships - Vietnam