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A Letter in poetry

This letter to the beloved and from his soulless body to its soul
From the thirsty person to spring and to the sympathetic person
From the drop of water to the sea and from dry field to the cloud
From particle to sun and from ant to court of King Jamshid
With a story of grief, sad person is present to the nice person
From the dust to bouquet and useless one to learned person
From fling one to organized and from the darkness to the lamp
From the slave to kind king and from impression to the painter
This letter should reach in the presence of the Sheikh of time
He is Sheikh and good to bad persons like the mercy of Allah
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Mohammed Baquer Agah
1). He belongs to Naita community and his poetic name is Agah and he
was well known pious personality of Bijapur and who came to Vellor
from Bijapur and he was born there. After completion of education of
knowledge he was started teaching and preaching. His work is very
deep and eloquent. He left many books after him and he was dying the
year 1220 A.H. (1805 A.D.). He made a pledge to Hazrat Abul Hasan
thereby and accepted his spiritual master and he was much devoted to
2). Syed Abul Hasan Qarbi. His poetical name is Qarbi and he was born
in Bijapur in the year 1117 A.H (1705 A.D. ) and afterwards he was
migrated to Vellore from Bijapur. Upon completion of knowledges and
he was becoming perfect in the poetry. But he was much interested in
Sufism. First, he was become disciple of Fakher Uddin Nati and
attached himself in the Sufi order of Quaderia and then he was become
disciple of Hazart Syed Mohammed Ali in all four Sufi orders. In the last
he got permission from Khaja Rahmatullah in the Sufi order of
Naqashbandia and Rifia. He was also busy in the Zikar (remembrance
of Allah) and recital in the service of Hazrat Sheikh Maqdoom Sawi.
Many thousand students of Haq (truth) were benefitted by him. He left
this world in the year 1182 A.H. (1768 A.D.) and he was buried at the
side of the trench of the fort in Vellore.

-------------------------------------------Nobody could not able to describe his praise and his greatness
As his body is unconsciousness so how we can find awareness
Due to look of his foot and he taught his foot style of eye sight
We want to finish in your love so in sitting there is movement
Due to your existence in meeting you are hidden in the hearts
The meeting is there to fill our desires so no need of memory
Like Allah is your resumption and so your look not sight unlink
Due to your custody you know hidden and openly except Allah
Before being recalled ,but now the flag of mystic skill is waving
You are free in so the listener does not limit his skill in the count
You are precisely so praise is not proper except heart is offered
Due to your kindness there is help for six senses to all disciples
Due to your respect for carnal life I will not say for your skill
Oh king, I do not have the courage to mention all your qualities
You know well your status and you know well your qualities
Due to my worry presenting my condition in your presence
There is no personality like you and all are in your custody.
I heard your qualities so pictures of impression are on my heart
Always I was thinking that to have the grace of your look
Due to problems I could not present myself in your presence.
So it is a must to present in your company as you are pious
Due to the reasons I was away from your comprehensive favors
At this time due to some necessity, I was not present there
If Allah wills I will come soon and present in the presence
I hope that soon you will be kind to look at the conditions
You please help me and do kind favor me in this matter
I am having a heart in grief and lost in apprehensions
I am in doubts and desires and hope for your kindness

I do not have name like you and not act on condition of mine
I hope and desire that I should be counted among your slaves
With this condition I am surprised so please solve my problems
I am weak and my wounds are hidden oh helper you know well

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