Sentence Patterns 11-13 Notes Slide 2 Sentence pattern 11 Slide 3 Dramatically – use this pattern when you believe dramatic

signaling is appropriate Unlike pattern 10, the word stressed is a modifier, not an appositive Slide 5 Remember – the punctuation gives the reader different signals ( ) – aside --- - interrupter is important to a complete understanding of a word in the sentence Slide 4 Sentence pattern 11A Slide 6 Sentence pattern 12 Participle – verb used as an adjective modifier – 3 forms - end in ed, d, en, n, ing – or irregular forms not worth mentioning Comma before participial phrase at end of sentence is optional Participle may come at beginning, end or any point in sentence Slide 7 #2 – restrictive, essential – suggests that specific soldiers were guarding us #3 – nonrestrictive - commentary Slide 8 Sentence pattern 13 Slide 9 Not – The professor tried the further illustrate the point of the essay But – The professor tried to illustrate further the point of the essay