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*ma•cha•ryas (Muh-shə’-riss)
n . [ H u n g a r i a n d e r i v. o f M a c á r i u s
meaning blessed.]

Jeff Macharyas


Creative Services

Creating words and images that work well together is what
creative services is all about. Seeing manuscripts and
sketches come together to become magazines, websites,
billboards or a social media campaigns is a magical process.
There are many parts and people involved in creative communications
and I have had the honor of being a part of projects that have reached
many people in several industries and in different media. My work has
involved print, web, social media, audio, video and the written word.
These pages show a few examples of my projects. Some of them have
been speculative, like packaging design for hand sanitizer, and some
have reached hundreds of thousands, like the USO’s OnPatrol magazine.
Some had widespread political appeal, such as The American Spectator,
and some reached a niche industry, such as Today’s Campus. All of the
projects were important and took hard work, dedication and teamwork.
They all required a coordination of creative talent, manufacturing,
management and labor. Everyone had a vital role to play, from the
initial creative brief to making sure the printer got paid upon delivery.
I love the creative process. When I’m not working on a project myself,
I’m scouring the Interent looking at all the cool stuff everyone else is
doing. There is no limit to the human imagination and I am grateful to
be a part.
Jeff Macharyas



• Writing
• Graphic design
• Web design
• Publication design
• Project management
• Online communications
• Advertising
• Vendor relations
• Marketing
• Account management
• Proofing
• Press checks
• File prep

• AccessData Certified Expert
• Notary Public
• HubSpot Inbound Certified
• FEMA Nat’l Infrastructure
Protection Plan
• FEMA Social Media
in Emergency Management

Adobe Creative Cloud
• InDesign
• Dreamweaver
• Photoshop
• Edge Animate
• Illustrator
• Acrobat
Microsoft Office
• Word
• Excel
• PowerPoint
Computer Forensics
Google Analytics
Twitter Analytics

• MS-Computer Forensics
Utica College
• Grad Cert-Social Media Mkt.
Rutgers University
• BS-Communications
Florida State University

• Boy Scouts of America
13 years—Scout Leader
• Little League Baseball
2 years—Webmaster
• Lake of the Woods (VA)
Homeowners’ Association
2 years—Communications
• Orange County (VA) Schools
4 years—Teacher’s Helper,
Webmaster, Volunteer of
the Year (2006)
1 year—Seminar Speaker

CD package design & production
Selling Power Live!* was a successful
audio magazine produced on cassette
and CD. My job was to get the product
out every month. I refined the components and reduced the cost by more
than half, ensured that no additional
postal charges were incurred (I learned
by scouring the Domestic Mail Manual)
and improved the cost, quality and deliverability to such an extent that one of
my vendors offered me a job because:
“You are beating us up on cost and we
can’t figure out how you are doing it.”
Selling Power Live! received a Best New
Audio award from the Audio Publishers
* Selling Power Live! was published by
Personal Selling Power,
Fredericksburg, Virginia

“I can’t do this without you.”
I received a call out of the blue from the
former editor of The American Spectator. She just started with the USO* to
get their new publication, OnHPatrol,
launched. The ad agency they were
using was too expensive and could
not perform the task adequately. Amy
implored me to do “just one issue” to
get it going. I was the art director of
OnHPatrol for four years, through two
editors. We won several Mercury and
Excel Awards. I also worked on books,
brochures, program guides, challenge
coins, and many other projects.
* United Services Organization, Arlington, Virginia

What does Greentree Gazette mean?*
Today’s Campus was originally titled
The Greentree Gazette. I convinced the
publisher that Greentree Gazette did not
advance the mission statement (the business
of higher education) and developed a name
that better reflected the audience. Hired for
contract, I so impressed them with my skills
that they offered me a full-time position.
I improved the quality and cost of the
magazine, helped launch The Student Loan
Buying Guide, and began a subscription
renewal program.
The economy of 2008 hit the student loan and
banking industries very hard and advertisers
pulled out, forcing the company to close.
* The publisher was from Greentree, Pennsylvania

“Please help us!”

My sales rep from Banta* asked me to take on the design and production of The American Spectator because the job

wasn’t getting done right. I met with the publisher and contracted as the art director for four years. I
found ways to improve the process and kept costs down. In fact, when an affordable image for a cover
(see opposite page) couldn’t be found, I made a gag from some money and had my wife take a picture of
me to illustrate the theme. Sometimes you just gotta step right into the project to get it done.
* Banta (Kansas City) is now part of RRDonnelley

Clean Packaging
One of my co-workers from a
previous job became the sales
and marketing director for a hand
sanitizer company. She was working
with a designer, but he just wasn’t
getting the job done. She called me,
and ever since I’ve been designing
bottles, counter displays, dispensers,
Facebook graphics, labels, and just
about anything a company needs to
market their product. Additionally,
I was called upon by an associate
of theirs to develop a look for a new
product they were developing.

“Help me publish my book!”*
Book design is a challenging and very rewarding
project to undertake. The first challenge is to educate
the author on page numbering, front matter, back
matter, etc., then determine the optimal number
of pages, solicit RFPs, procure an ISBN and a
barcode and make sure everything is perfect from
the front cover to the back cover. I’ve worked on
book design and production for several organizations,
including The American Spectator, Randi Meyer,
Kay Rutherford, and others.
* Randi K. Meyer, Catastrophe Adjuster

“Make me a website. By Monday.”

Although I am a champion of print, I knew early on that the internet was here to stay and I’d
better learn how to work it. I earned certification in HTML in 2000 and have continued to hone
my skills, learning advanced techniques in Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, HTML, CSS, Premiere, etc.* I’ve worked on many websites and use each project as a learning tool to improve
my skills. I have realized the importance of responsive layout, web typography, social media
integration, and just plain usability.
*As an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber, I have access to allAdobe programs and I learn to use them via, YouTube tutorials, and trial & error

“Hi, it’s Simone Butterfly.”
I’ve been fortunate to work on a variety of projects, from
logos, to CD covers, to newspapers, and more. One of my
favorites has been Simone Butterfly, aka Mariessa Tyrrell.* I
was contacted years ago to produce a magazine mock-up
for Simone, but over the years, I’ve done postcards, websites, databases, logos—you name it. I’ve also produced
posters, logos, and a host of other print and digital work for
many people. Each new project allows me the opportunity to
use my skills and experience and to learn more.
*Mariessa Tyrrell is a trademark lawyer in Washington, a DC Fashion Commissioner, a blogger and
many other things. She has been an inexhaustible source of fun projects.



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