Long ago a man asked me in reference to me considering Catholicism as a means to dissuade me or anger me towards Catholicism the following. At The Council of Trent after Martin Luther’s revolt or reformation it was stated and written those outside the Catholic faith were “anathema” or accursed using the ancient Greek for reference. The person asking did not realize this was as much a political decision as a religious opinion and not an ex-cathedra statement. I myself became Catholic two years later, but still Protestant fundamentalist do have a tendency toward historical discord, resentment, elitism and hate in seeking their freedom of religion. I believe the Catholic church has a larger deposit of faith or greater share of the truth and experience, but also believe any believer in Jesus Christ or one repenting of their sins due to the inwardly written law of God in their hearts without ever hearing his name is forgiven using the idea of common grace and revelation as discussed in Romans. I do not believe God would allow so many schisms only to condemn everybody outside the sacraments of the Roman Catholic church or even Orthodox churches. Some say only the founders of the schisms or cults are accursed leaving individual members as forgiven and redeemed. John 17 clearly shows Jesus desire for our unity. We are united in most beliefs , but divided in approach or traditions. If there is 800 million non Catholics at $1million dollars per member as a cost to reunify the church would be $10^14X8. That would last until the next schism. As the Protestant asserts his rights and the Catholic defends his church there is the sinner with no clue how to get to heaven or who is the right choice and as most Americans he’ll choose the one closest to his taste or beliefs or caters to his sinful nature or choose the most difficult to be sure and be educated in such historical resentment as we started this essay . Some have said the whore on the seven hills in Revelations/Apocalypse is the Roman church whereby we are commanded to leave if we are to be saved or spared, ignoring historical context of Nero’s Rome.God sees the heart and not how smart you are to choose the right answer on a multiple choice quiz whereby if you are wrong you go to hell. Some people have worked so hard to get to heaven they’ve gone through hell never to have the kingdom in their hearts at all. The original question of do Protestants go to heaven from a question based off of a almost five hundred year old declaration was a mistake made out of caution, fear and rage as the bishop or cardinal who stated such was human and fearful of what we have now occurring. So I can lead you to an answer, but you have to do the math.The real question is what spiritual nature do you wish to learn from or emulate deserving of heaven? The person who ask such questions is proposing a trap. If you agree with him why leave and if you do not then leave as he does not have the answer unless you agree with him. Likewise agreement would boost his insecure confidence in his own choice.Perhaps he thought if I agreed with him I’d feel less insecure, but the truth of saying I do not know why I believe what I believe except out of habit or conformity seemed a better choice than rebellion in rewards. A sociologists named Simmel understood dialectics which means every ideal system contains its inherent ability to contradict its initial purpose or contains its own implied tendency to anomie. Marx also understood this and as with all such ideas I am forced to decide what information of all that is knowable to discard or not retain or which ideas are foolish which was our initial starting point. No man can plan to reunite the churches of Christendom and if it occurred it would only be a coincidence for evil and not good or holy or godly purposes. On a heavenly note when we avoid social ministries or efforts not to invalidate grace calling our efforts polluted rags fearing to become so socially vested we become liberal and leaving Jesus’ message it is a rational fear. On the other hand we have to express his love or it degenerates into holy legalism. As pagans we fear limited resources to the point, we in effect worship the Earth instead of the creator, who is blessed forever. We may even wait for the dreaded a day when creation moves on without humanity or see God as an alien, forgetting all of this was given to us for us. In hate or love or excessive

sexuality or looking too long at morbid death we seek to be blind to all of our overwhelming vulnerability. In America we pretend we have a choice of churches as a buffet yet this sophistication is a being well adjusted to a sick and sinful state of affairs. We call out to God based on systems of self sufficiency which abhors God and feeds our sinful human nature. God therefore does not answer or the other side answers pretending to be God misleading. We say there is no devil or accuse ourselves of being him or even God manufacturing reassurance to our deity like nature. We are alienated from God due to an inherited sinful nature and the other side utilizes this as we are materialists or magicians as stated by CS Lewis. Jesus Christ is the only acceptable mediation regardless of church choice and he empowers our ability to meet his commands not seeking every excuse to be not responsible or gain or be lawless, self sufficient or sophisticated.This is my understanding of knowing him while trusting him will be a matter of experience in the invisible as before. All denominations flee in presence of this truth as does the sophistication of karmatic religions of self attainment by works or mysticism, although as a Catholic in respect of ethnic orthodox faiths I believe faith without works is dead especially as a measuring rod of our own respect of these truths. We can not repent with clear intent on sinning forever. Although perfect holiness before death is also a fallacy as no one can do so. Otherwise it would be salvation by eventual works and as what is seen or not seen as redeemable qualities or sheer mercy is up to God and not discoverable by human senses. As most of the world has deemed the evil found in seeking money to be the will of God to their perception others rebelling against this deceiving spirit in his place found metal music as the shared insanity of sanity in rebellion against this also doing the deceiving spirits’ will whereby at the loss of insanity liberal institutions conformity of hopelessness occurs. Only through Jesus can God be found and as for science’s hope of humanity we forget the lobotomy, spinal taps, electro-convulsive therapies and other horror’s found in trial and error of medicine or the hope of immortality. We had inquisitions when politics usurped religion. In all cases we are unprofitable as a race as humans as at every turn we are skilled at doing the devil’s will naturally, but all we can find is caution signs in the gospels until we get it right for ourselves. The world is composed of systems by its usurper and we see systems where there are none, especially in religion or the holy. Jesus is the exit to these systems of proposed sanity by the world, the flesh (senses) and the devil. To this truth, the world has been blinded by Satan himself. If that is too difficult to digest then see the devil as the embodiment of all entropy, its cause and modes of death. We live on borrowed time to get whatever we can in rebellion to nature’s intent to kill us and equate that nature as God while nothing could be further from the truth. In American culture we are so self centered that Faust’s proposal of selling a soul is considered credible as if nobody knows all souls belong to God in as much that they can not bargain with God or God is not out to contractually extort righteousness.