7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia

26/02/13 10:48 AM

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7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia
by Simon Black on March 22, 2010 March 22, 2010 Hong Kong, SAR If you have been considering planting a flag somewhere in Asia, I think you should really consider Malaysia. I briefly discussed the country in Friday’s Q&A updates, but I wanted to dedicate a full letter on the subject because I really think the country is worthy of your attention. 1) Malaysia is cheap… it’s one of the cheapest countries in the world, actually, on par with the costs in Thailand or the Philippines. Property prices are among the most undervalued in Asia. In fact, at roughly $1,400 per square meter, property in Malaysia is cheaper than just about everywhere else in Asia with the exception of Indonesia. Rental prices are also quite low, as are standard living costs– Malaysia is rich in agricultural resources, so high quality food is cheap and plentiful; additionally, the government subsidizes gasoline with its oil revenues, so petrol only runs around $2/gallon. 2) Despite the low prices, Malaysia is full of modern conveniences, including top quality medical care and foreign luxury products. This is not a place where you have to learn how to do without most of the creature comforts of your home country. 3) Malaysia is safe. It’s one of the most multicultural countries in the world where Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism all coexist peacefully and respectfully. Crime is extremely low, and violent crime is virtually unheard of, especially involving foreigners. 4) Rights for foreign asset ownership are quite strong in Malaysia, unlike much of the region. In Thailand and Vietnam, for example, it’s quite tricky for foreigners to own property. In Malaysia, there is only a minimum pricing threshold set by each state, above which foreigners can own property. 5) It’s very easy to move to Malaysia. The government’s “Malaysia- My second home” program (MM2H) is a streamlined, online process to grant an extendable 10-year visa for foreigners of all ages and nationalities. They require a small investment to qualify– less than $100,000– which can go towards the purchase of a property. It’s one of the most welcoming residency visas in the world, rivaling even Panama’s pensionado program.
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239+ subscribers and get my Notes from the Field newsletter with actionable information on how to build your freedom arrow 3 7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia Enter Your Email Get Instant Access Related posts: 1. and then moving on to second tier cities like George Town. further bolstering the banking sector and creating demand for Shariahcompliant products. 6) Malaysia is a transportation hub with loads of cheap flights to and from many of Asia’s capitals. I think you should strongly consider Malaysia. Malaysia is no great deal. as well as several transpacific flights. or Vietnam which requires a visa for entry. Get Free Updates and Build Your Freedom Join 117. Furthermore. Malaysia is a great place to be traveling from… you’re just a few hours flight at most from anywhere in the region except Japan or South Korea. 4. because Malaysia is a stable. the country is also attracting a great deal of Islamic capital. Labuan. Bill Goode At $1400 per square meter. 2. Why not Thailand and Uruguay? My top picks for Asia and Latin America Five reasons you should consider China as a place to live and do business Four reasons to short Sweden Comments on this entry are closed. it has a strong and stable economy– the country sidestepped a chaotic breakdown in 2008/2009 and has quite reasonable debt to GDP levels and government spending habits. if you’re interested in planting a flag in Asia. the government automatically grants a 90-day tourist visa (which can be extended quite easily) upon entry for North American and European nationalities. I’d suggest starting off in Kuala Lumpur. Remember my basic rule of thumb– will the country continue to be a nicer place to live over the next 10years? Absolutely. has distinct banking and incorporation advantages because it relies on Malaysia’s vast array of tax treaties while still setting its own tax policy. 3.5 million per acre. That’s $5. Malaysia’s trend is upward. the nation’s capital. There is a growing international finance industry in Labuan. which effectively charges no tax. Overall. If you need to travel anywhere in Asia on business. 7) Malaysia is a great place to do business. One could beat http://www.com/expat/7-reasons-why-you-should-consider-malaysia-1454/ Page 2 of 6 . To give you an example.sovereignman. This is another major advantage over Thailand which only allows 15-30 days. To explore the country. for PTs. well-developed Muslim nation.7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia 26/02/13 10:48 AM Furthermore. I have purchased airfare from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore for the bargain price of $0 (plus a few bucks in taxes) and to Hong Kong for less than $100. Malaysia’s economically autonomous region.

Ka-Ching!!! Anyone wanna buy gold plated carrots from my future farm? Me http://www.com/expat/7-reasons-why-you-should-consider-malaysia-1454/ Page 3 of 6 .400 a square metre. that is no great deal.) at this price would cost $14.$1.m. a 100 sqyare meter condo for $140.000. g.000.47 acres (10. That $1.sovereignman. or what? If that is the case. Simon. http://rhinodev. If you think that’s a great price.400 per square meter must be a misprint.000. could you please write about the pro’s and con’s of Colombia? Thanks Roland Simon. My calculator says 2.my Freddie Lee Hi Bill Goondu The writer is refering to BUILT UP area of proerties like houses or condo or offices and NOT land! FL Al in Austin Even then.7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia 26/02/13 10:48 AM that in most places. http://www. not raw land– e. In today’s issue you say real estate in Malaysia is about $1.com.com michael $1.400 per square meter? Is this for retail office space down town. Duane BobinLA Duane.woodcraftinc. Chris Simon.S. what are the values in other countries you are familiar with? Thank you. Is that just for land. or is something amiss… Duane Hello. I think you must have misplaced a decimal or you are using the wrong conversion factor some where.400 per square meter is for built-up property. I’ve got lots of desert landscape in Arizona I could sell you for a hundredth of that. It's about the same as what you'd pay in many places in the U.000 s.

com/ Jacques Malaysia is a great country for expats. Malasyia still has the NEP/NEM in place. Vietnam. How many times must I close it?? http://www.000 from the previous ridiculously low figure.Malaysia may be cheap.e. Jacques Malaysia is a great country for expats.epu. The minimum purchase for RE has been raised as of Jan-10 to RM500. Who you know often is more important than what you know. 2. Panamanian citizenship If You Value Freedom. http://www. Plenty great deals though if you pay attention and ignore 90% of the agents. eat western food and have regular wine/beer/liquor – then your budget is going to be pretty close to what you're used to back home.Business is not that easy.com/ SPC First of all I think Malaysia need to create an equal opportunity and continue to improve on education and human rights Jack Argh! The pop-up at the bottom of the screen is killing me.com/expat/7-reasons-why-you-should-consider-malaysia-1454/ Page 4 of 6 . but if you want to live “a la Expat” – i.gov. food is great. and even parts of Thailand is like coming home to what we have come to expect as westerners. Great infrastructure. Two notes of caution though. 1. Then http://www. moving retirement funds. eat western food and have regular wine/beer/liquor – then your budget is going to be pretty close to what you're used to back home. Malaysians are friendly. and life is relatively easy. Marquelle Too bad Malaysia does not accept multiple citizenship… http://spcmalaysia. and some industries work in close circles. safe. Details here for anyone interested.Malaysia may be cheap.my/guideacquisitionproperties There is current oversupply in certain RE in KL so be careful. and some industries work in close circles. Malaysians are friendly. Who you know often is more important than what you know.blogspot. but if you want to live “a la Expat” – i. sophisticated and very civilized.7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia 26/02/13 10:48 AM Dead on! Coming back to Malaysia from Indo.Business is not that easy. offshore businesses. Next Post: Banking and Gold Storage in Hong Kong Previous Post: Questions: RFID chips.sovereignman. food is great. Two notes of caution though. 1.expatypus. and life is relatively easy. 2. Malasyia still has the NEP/NEM in place.e.

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7 reasons why you should consider Malaysia 26/02/13 10:48 AM Search To search.com/expat/7-reasons-why-you-should-consider-malaysia-1454/ Page 6 of 6 . All rights reserved – Terms of Use – Privacy Policy – Contact Us http://www. type and hit enter Sovereign Man Home About Products Testimonials Free Newsletter Community & Support My Account FAQ Contact Us Sovereign Man on Facebook Recent Posts How the End of Empire comes. but with a whimper RED ALERT: World's biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens Yesterday I learned about this great residency loophole © Copyright 2012 Sovereign Man.sovereignman. not with a bang.

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