We recently submitted a complaint to the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Committee hereinafter, GJQC, to investigate attorney Lisa C. Rambo.

Said complaint was comprised of evidence to support allegations of: 1. Numerous violations of Georgia's fundamental Laws 2. Numerous violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct 3. Willful misconduct in office(Attorney Lisa Rambo was noticed,in writing, of the Laws she was violating then proceeded forthwith to violate said Laws.) 4. Lisa Rambo's being signatory to multiple fraudulent documents resulting in the kidnapping of our son and the disclosure of his private medical records to unauthorized third parties. 5. Failure to have a lawful Article VI Oath and other criminal violations. A rejoinder to this complaint was provided by written letter from GJQC Director Jeffery R. Davis. Said refusal letter from GJQC indicates that our complaint detailing the allegations aforementioned indicated that we (victims) "revealed no conduct on the part of the Judge evidencing any violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct.". Mr Davis makes no mention of our other complaints in addition to violation of the code of conduct. Why would this be when the GJQC well demonstrates that it can do so as is evidenced below in another case: NOTICE OF FORMAL PROCEEDINGS TO: Chief Judge Amanda F. Williams Superior Court, Brunswick Judicial Circuit This is to notify you that, after conducting an investigation into various complaints against you, the Judicial Qualifications Commission (the “Commission”), has decided to initiate formal proceedings for the purpose of determining whether you are guilty of violations of Georgia law, the Code of Judicial Conduct, willful misconduct in office, or other conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice which brings your judicial office into disrepute. The Williams case can be found at: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/sites/default/files/Formal_Charges_Judge_Williams.pdf Our allegations are well supported by the evidence as dozens of people electing to read this case are asserting. A Common Law Court has found Lisa guilty of being an usurping imposter to an Office of the Public Trust. Why is our evidence insufficient for the GJQC? Does the refusal to investigate Lisa Coogle Rambo have something to do with the fact that Nathan Deal has appointed Bill Rambo as State Judge and Lisa Rambo as a member of the Georgia Commission on Child Support? Would our evidence compromise the ongoing judicially sponsored kidnapping racquet? Would our complaint, acknowledged by the GJQC, threaten federal CAPTA (Mondale Act) funds being funneled to Georgia? Our family has been victimized. traumatized, and terrorized by attorney Lisa Rambo and her servants within the DFCS. Where is our justice? A grand jury needs to be made awares of these sophistications.