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This chapter covers background of the study, purpose of the study and research questions. 1.1 Background of the Study Vocabulary is one of languages elements that has important role of delivering messages. Mastering vocabulary must have by students who want to learn foreign language, like English. Without mastering vocabulary well, students are not able to communicate well in English. The statements supported by expert, Paulston et al (1976: 55) state that the one thing that interferes most with our students communicative competence is pitiable vocabulary and we have recently come to accept the fact that our student have been right all these years when they complained about not knowing and not being taught sufficient words. According to Thomas and John (1997: 159) cited in Leny (2006) Yet it is true that the vocabulary is the focus of language. It is in words that sounds and meaning interlock to allow us to communicate with one another, and it is a word that we arrange together to make sentences, conversations, and discourse of all kinds. Thus we have a paradox in that the most ephemeral part of language is also the center where meaning, pronunciation and grammar come together. Learning vocabulary usually more emphasize in the elementary school in order students can easier to master of vocabulary. Besides that, students of elementary school can learn English faster than adults or junior and senior high

school students because their brain still fresh and easier to catch something new that they heard or saw. The problems that faced by students of second grade elementary school are they do not understand the English vocabulary, the meaning and how to relate in the sentences. Besides that, they also difficult to remember new vocabulary that they got, because English learning process in their class so bored. Teachers must solve the problems of learning English that faced by their students. The teacher should choose the appropriate strategy, method and media of learning. Media is the teaching aids to get the aims of teaching learning process itself that influence towards increasing of students learning ability. The

statement appropriate with Van Els et al. (1984), state that media are all aids which may be used by teachers and learners to attain certain educational objectives. Because of that, the writer will discuss what the appropriate media to teach vocabulary and how to increase students ability of remembering vocabulary, especially students of second grade elementary school. According to the writer, the appropriate media to increase students ability of remembering vocabulary is picture. Picture is the media that very interesting for students of elementary school. Picture also can increase students motivation of learning English. The explanation above strengthened by Wright statement (1989: 2) that pictures contribute to interest and motivation, a sense of context of the language, and a specific reference point or stimulus.

Pictures also can help both students and teachers of English teaching learning. It can make the learning process more real and live because students can see the shape or form of the new vocabulary that delivered by the teacher; therefore, the students easier to remember it and can use it of complex sentences. The statements above supported by Latuheru (1988) states that pictures have several functions in the teaching learning process. First, picture can translate abstract ideas into more realistic forms. Second, pictures are easily obtained, e.g. from schoolbooks, newspapers and magazines. Third, pictures are usable in different kinds of academic levels. Fourth, picture can save the teacher's time and energy. 1.2 Purpose of the Study This study seeks to increase vocabulary mastering through picture media. This research aims to: 1) To increase elementary school students ability of remembering vocabulary by using picture. 2) To know students response of learning English vocabulary by using picture.

1.3 Research Question In the line with the above-mentioned purposes, the problems of the present formulated in the following research questions are: 1) Can picture media increase elementary school students ability of remembering vocabulary? 2) How students response of learning English vocabulary by using picture?