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Committedto the missisnof Jesasund dedicatedto be welcoming to aII, we, the conmunily of Sf Philrp Neri, striveto reach out, to reconcile, and to promotc unityfor all of God's creation throagh worship, edaeatixn,sredsewieetoward the eonmor good

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Thereis a po1Erboardwith all nominees in the foyer. Electiorr are ending $ri;sweeftcnd (Juna 15-16), Our nsmines are: RobertAeorge,noU Nos6e,l-eo PlanE, Wolicki Sandra ard AmgriaWurg. ' Ballotformsare @de *re:bailot bo; sn Sretable in the toyer.Please bke a flneq androte, ESGRXPI TellyourfrienG and relatfues, eventhse who'lfue out of Oregon, how they can makeeasycontribt-rtions to St.Philip l,leriParish. If they shoponline,they can makepurchases at the Online Mallat www, andshoponline without beingregistered. Thry will be givingbackto St. Philip Neri.

Thank you b all who participatedin the Photo Directory. It was a lot of fun and we had a verygood turn out, This was the best corpany we have ever pick worked wi,thlIf )ou hadyour picturetaken,please up your free photoin the vestibule of the Church after Mass. If youtookyourownpicture andwantit included in the directoryplease conbct Rose Wolfein the Parish office to make those arrangements,

Also,the eScrip renenralperiod is fromAugust1 to November1 fior those registerd and is required annually. Finally, the 10o/o ULct to our Parishbegins soon.We will publish the datesfrom eScrip oncewe BOOK CLUB/NEW DATEI have them.Register nowandbe ready for the Back-toSchoolprogramat all Safeway stores. Formsare TheBookClubwillmeetMonday, June17hfrom12-1 available for your registration in the foyer of the in the Paulist Center. Wewillbefinishing thediscussion Church. on "Talking Treason in Church."Bring a sacklunchif you like. We will also be choosing our next book. THANK YOU BLOOD DONORS! Everyone is welcome! youto all who donated Thank blood and helped with CONGRATULATIONS! thisverysuccessful event. Wehad18qualified units of blood donated, and for a first-timeevent,the Red Congratulations to FatumaEca (Wasongolo) who said it was Cross a "success." We will be doingthis graduated from Roosevelt HighSchool this pastweek! probably again, around Thanksgiving. Blessings on yournextchallenge!

2013 1lth Sundayin Ordinary TimeoSundayr June 161
Sunday, June16: Monday, June17: Tuesday, June18: Wednesday, June19: Thursday, June20: Friday, June21: Saturday, June22: Sunday, June23:

amMass 8:30 10:30 amMass 8:00 amMass 8:00 amMass 8:00 amMass 8:00 amMass pm Mass 12:10 8:00 amMass 4:00pmMass 8:30 amMass 10:30 amMass 10:30 amMass

Sarah Amato Church tFor the Deceased of our Parbh Church Forthe ill Chapel ForSpecial Intentions Chapel Forthe the underemployed and unemployed Chapel Forthosewho are troubled Chapel tMarianRathke Chapel & Mollie Schofield Forthosewho are deprcssed Chapel ForSingle Parents Church Forthoseseeking God Church ForSpecial Intentions Church DeafCommunity Mass Chapel

Please fill out a MassIntention Fom (locaEd in the foyer of the Church)if yat wald like a Masscelebratedfor you, for an anniverary of death, birfiday or marriage,or some other sry---------------cial event Youcanalso call the offie, Church cleaning for JuneL7-23:Eleanore Baccellieri Dehen and Dorene

pm Tuesday PARISH HOURS: OFFICE 9:OO am - Noonon Mondays o 9:O0am - 4:OO throughFriday Offie: 503.231.4955 PARISH STAFF
BusinessManager Pasbr, Direcbr of the NW Paulist Center Fr.Charlie McPherson, BrunicK CSP, x 117, Jeanne x 103, Associab Pastor Receptionist/Bulletin Edibr Fr. Michael Evernden, x111, StarStudonivic, x101, CSP, Associab Pastor Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Fr.JimMcCauley, CSP, x 109, Rose Wolfe, x101, Directorof Adult Faith Formation Maintenanceand Grounds Edward Barbara Harrison, x107,barbarah@stphilipneripdxorg Danila, BULLETIN SUBMISSIONS: Deadline(unless otheruise noted) is the MONDAY morning prior to the Sunday Massas the bulletin is sent b Seatdefor printing. Thank you.

for WISH LIST: 4 dustmops/Swifters andbuffers newhall. We have a beautiful newfloorandwantto years. it lasts for many Wearealso stillin need ensure of a commercial vacuum. REGULAR MONTHLY CALENDAR ITEMS:
First Wedneday of ttre monttr: B- Catholics, 7:15 in the Paulist Center Forum, Third Wednesday of the mont{r: Questionable 7:15in the Paulist Center French Toast Third Sunday of the month: FABULOUS breaKasthosted by the BreaKastClub after both Sunday Masses. EXCEPTION: June 23 for breakfast in June. Second and Fouflfi Sunday: Lee and James Xiong will be offering seasonalflowers and vegetables in front of

DrvrsroN/crNToN STREET FAr&
27 - PLANNING MEETING JUNE 25: 'UtY We will followlastyear's tradition of a children's concert (the Alphabeticians) hot dogsand soda.Our and selling first planning meeting will be Tuesday, June 25, at 7:OO in the Paulist Center. OutgoingCouncil memberJohn Afth has volunteered to co-chairalong with RoseWolfe.We will needadditional supportfrom parishioners other non-Council as well.If you can help with this project, pleasecome to the meetingon the 25th or contact Rose or Star at the Parish office, s03.231.4955. SAUE THE DATE! PARISH PICNIC Septemhr f afler tO:gO Mas. Sunday

Mass. theChurch after each Next Sunday's ScripturcReadings:
l2h Sunday in Ordinaly Time: June 23, 2013 Reading L: Zecharbh12:10-11 Psalm: Responsorial Mlms 62:2,3-a,5-6 8-9 Gosoel:Luke9:18-24 .

PARISH BREAKFASTON JUNE 23: Because of Fathe/s Day,June 16, we have movedthe monthlyParish BreaKast from June 16 to the following SundayJune 23, followingthe Sunday Masses. If anyone ctrn help us Nt, please contact Barbara Harrison or Rose Wolfe in the Parish Office. We needpeople to set up, serveandcleanup. specifically

llth Sundayin Ordinary Time, Sundayr June 16,2013
As the old sayinggoes"don't throw out the baby with we knowthis and literally the bathwater."Symbolically isn't something that we want to do. Why would we have such a saying? I believebehindevery "saying" there is a reality; so at some point peoplemust have been throwing babies out with the bath water, ThanKully we don'tdo thisanymore. Unfortunately this seemsto be the modusopenndifor who the publicface of the Church. If there is anyone divorce, doesn'tknoar the Church's standon: marriage, gaysand lesbians, and otherhot buttonissues aboftion please raiseyour hands. Behind all of the aboveissues there is a boatload of huft, pain,dasheddreamsto say nothingof suicides, child, adult bashing and bullying, and spousal abuse to nameonly partof the painthat is all aroundus. Oh, sure,we are againstall of that but is saying to all the above the publicfaceof the Church people go people All shouldbe in away. of the above parishes the front rows of our becausethey are the most needfulof the healing touch of JesusChristand faith-filled communities of suppoft. I believethat we grow strongerwhen we can openly anr diversity, when we can openlyshareour celebrate brokenness and cometo newandfullerlifetogether. Fr. MichaelEvemden, 6P

FOOD BARRELS: non-perishable food items Yes,we are still collecting (toothpaste, and sundries shampoo, diapers, soap, lotions) for our FoodPantry. We toothbrushes, combs, (we do keepsome havebeensharing food itemshere for emergencies) with St. Rita'sParishwho helps approximately 200families a month. \l/hy not pickup week whenshopping anddropit in the oneitemeach Thisis a greatwayto helpwiththe barrel on Sunday? Works Corporal of Mercy! FRENCHTOAST BREAKFASTSCHEDULE: Summer Schedule: June23,July21 andAugust 18. Good foodandgood company. FROM ACTRESS to MOTHERSUPERIOR to AUTHOR:

welcome, no washing, no greeting with a kbs. They,to "sinner" test Jesus,invite a to see how Jesuswould react. She, washes,anoints,greeb and kissesand with thanksgiving, Jesusresponds and in the process heab. Our compassionate with those companionship who are hurting,with those in crisis,with thosewho feel unwanbd will bring about this Gospelhealingin our own day.

Dolores Hart--orMother Dolores Hartas she is now knownis back in the star line-up again-50 years I will give the Institutional Churchthe benefitof the prioress her last Dolore, movie. Mother the of a go away, Ffter this may not be the message, doubtby saying Benedictine women's monasbry in Bethlehem, Conn. -that it wants to preent; but this is the message that is just had her memoirpublished year has a after a beingreceivedby manyif not the majorityof peoplein featuring life in as a cloistered nun documentary her variouslife crbis, Somehow, and teaching picked as a healing nomination for bestdocumentary up an Oscar Church we have to find new ways to frame the short subject. question,to proclaimthe truth without denigrating those who disagree. All deserveto be met with Sheis crbscrossing thecountry thissummer to promote compassionate dialogue, healing listening, the book, 'The Ear of the Heaft: An Actress' love. understanding JourneyFromHollywoodto Holy Vows.' "It makes me realize thattimeis the illusion. Wedothings in our This is precisely what we see and hear in today's life,andwe constantly do them.Ifs onlyseparated by people offer Jesus no Gospel. The instructional time," nun. said the74-year-old Mother Dolores, in her Hollywood dap, made only 10 movies, but madethem count.She was cast twice opposite ElvisPresley, in 1957's"Loving You" and 1958's"KingCreole." She starredin the first film ritualof spring in 1960's celebraUng the annual break "Where the Bop Are."Sheevendida starturn as St. in the 1961 But Clare religious biopic "Francis of Assisi." she'smostproudof playing in the the title character Pope Francishas openedthe window to the pastoral girl who survived 1962 drama"Lisa," as a Jewish the side of the Churdr. He tells us to go to the Nazis' AuschwiE camp death onlyto be pursued by marginalized to, the non-believer, to the doubtfuland traitorsafter WorldWar II intending to forceher into presence. prostitution. unbeliever and bringthem a compassionate (CNS/edited) OTHER PARISHES: Resurrection Catholic Churchhas starteda Catholic Singles Grorp which willmeet for various activiUes. The second Night at the Church eventwill be a Game on the 29th of June.Directions andRSVP, emailElaine at or call Donna : 425.791.2323.

We here at St. PhilipNeri needto say loud and clear, "we want yoq cone closer,find out what life in a believing community can be like.' I am willingto bet that each and every one of us knorusat least one person who b hurting, who feeb unwanted and marginalized, and to whom you need to offer this invitation.

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