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Capital Project List

Priority Capital Improvements to eliminate health and safety hazards Capital improvements to enhance City operations, improve regulatory compliance and reduce flood hazard Capital improvements for the maintenance of City properties and operations, support local commerce and to minimize the potential for property damage
Category Project Name Description Justification Remarks Cost Priority

Kingston Fire Department Rondout Firehouse City Hall City Hall Tower Rehabilitation Transportation Uptown Parking garage Stairway Rehabilitation Repair / replace existing concrete stairs from North Front Street to at-grade lot below $50,000 A Long-term stabilization of the structure with Continue rehabilitation of City Hall Tower and repairs to Lunets damaged by water the Council Chambers penetration $450,000 A Remove and replace the existing oil fired boiler with new natural gas boiler Old age and poor condition $75,000 A

Controll equipment is failing, signal heads do not conform to size requirements, cable towers Replace controllers, signal heads, cable towers Rt. 9W & Rt. 32 Intersection do not allow for raising the signal heads to the Maintenance of this intersection is and sensors; Install pedestrian crossings and Signalization required elevation, traffic loop detection is non- a City responsibility count-down signals functional; pedestrian crossings and signalization is non-existent The existing lots are in very poor condition; restriping will provide for better circulation; Resurfacing and Striping of the North project has been discussed for improved lighting will enhance safety; Parking Front Street Parking Lots (2) and Resurface and stripe the surface parking lots several years and has been on our Permit dispenser will provide a mechanism to Broadway Lot list of "things to do" defray improvement costs and future maintenance WWTP Settled Sewage Pumps Discharge Piping and Mag-Meter Increased pipe size will reduce piping head Replace 14" Dia. Piping with 18" Dia. Piping lossess and result in higher flow capacity to meet 2X requirement Replace existing blowers with turbo blowers Regulatory / Energy Efficiency / Possible NYSERDA Flex Tech Grant Energy Efficiency (NYSERDA FlexTech Grant - 7 to 10 Year Payback) / Future Treatment Capacity Energy Efficiency (NYSERDA FlexTech Grant - 7 to 10 Year Payback) / Future Treatment Capacity




Aeration Blowers


Aeration Blower Filters and Controllers with VFDs

Existing controllers are 20 years old and Remove and replace existing filter ystems and subject to failure, also provide for VFD controllers commonality with Turbo-Blowers Currently two generators are required to provide sufficient electrical power to operate the WWTP, consolidating to one generator would reduce owning/operating costs, and could be coordinated with all other electrical upgrades


500 Kw Natural Gas Emergency Generator

Replace the existing 300 Kw Diesel Emergency Generator


Stormwater Affects approximately $42M in assessed valuation Existing pipe is crushed and the existing alignment is now inaccessible due to previous commercial development. Previous property loss due to flooding Sediment build-up partially blocks outflow, reducing culvert capacity Existing pipe is collapsed and causes the Broadway Underpass to flood periodically as well as Summer Street and a portion of Wiltwyck Cemetery; the Wiltwyck Cemetery has put the City on Notice. $75,000 for Project Assessment, meet with Congressman Gibson's Office April 15 to review issue A portion of this drain line has been replaced, but the bulk is in need of replacement and realignment DPW Project / Equipment Rental and Material costs only

Kingston Plaza Levee Re-Certification


Herzog Drainage

Replace / Realign existing 15" stormsewer


Twaalfskill Creek Outlet Sediment Removal Twaalfskill Creek Repairs Jacobs Valley Storm Sewer Replacement

Remove sediment by means of HydroVac Repair / Replace Gabion Basket Walls

$50,000 $125,000


Replace existing RCP

Stabilize and armour the Lower Pond Twin Ponds Outlet Improvements (see embankment, develop stabilized emergency Andy) overflow and pond outlet pipe discharge Sanitary Replace 100 year + concrete horse-collar sanitary sewer, separate stormwater.

FEMA reimbursement CSX will also be replacing the box culvert under the tracks and embankment between the Cemetery and the DPW Wilbur Ave Annex. An existing agreement provided Twin Ponds accepts and manages stormwater for new outlet controls and drainage from the Town of Ulster and portions protection at the Lower Pond, of Linderman Avenue, enhancements at the improvements to the embankment Upper Pond Drain and Lower Pond Outlet will and drainage channel were to be protect downstream properties from flooding accomplished by DPW The Grand Street and Broadway concrete Emergency closures to Broadway sewers have failed four times in the past four are very disruptive to the public years, three times under emergency conditions, and business interests emergency repairs are very expensive STAVO and Wolf Tech are relocating under an economic development initiative What-If senarios The Block Park Pump Station is hydraulically overwhelmed at times during wet weather events



Grand Street and Broadway Sewer


Flatbush Avenue and Foxhall Avenue Replace existing undersized sewers with Sewer Replacement geometric issues (slope, configuration)

Washington Avenue Tunnel

The relocation of STAVO and Wolf Tech will add significant flow to a sewer with inadequate capacity. Provide information for use in reaction to a A "planning-level" design for future use in the possible future emergency (by-pass pumping event of a Tunnel collapse rates / connections / detours / design alternatives) Separate sewers near Block Park that are tributary to the Block Park Pump Station Elliminate significant I/I to the Pump Station, and "regular" overflows These tanks were cleaned several years ago and need to be done on a bi-annual basis to ensure proper operation of the system.



Abeel Street Sewer Replacement CSOs Sediment Removal at Wilber Pretreatment Pump Station Pump Stations


Removed sediment, dewater and dispose


North Street, Frog Alley, North Street Pump Stations are hydraulically overloaded and Harding Ave Pump Station Replace pumps and increase wet well capacity during periods of wet weather Improvements DPW


Wilber Complex improvements

Construct equipment sheds and wash bays

Heated storage is required for Sweeper and VacTruck, Wash Bays needed for vehicle cleaning, "Drying Bed" needed to dewater VacTruck waste PRIORITY SPENDING PRIORITY SPENDING PRIORITY SPENDING


$1,465,000 $1,855,000 $2,931,000