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Healthy Lifestyle with a Nutritional Aid

Runbo Wang NF25, Thurs 6:30 Professor C. Betty Crocker, MPH, RD Mont San Antonio College Spring 2013


Table of Contents:

1. Quality Levels --------------------------------------------------------------- 3 2. My Nutrition Profile -------------------------------------------------------- 4 3. Prefect Plan Analysis ------------------------------------------------------- 9 4. Super Foods ----------------------------------------------------------------- 14 5. Farm to Table --------------------------------------------------------------- 16 6. My plate --------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 7. Water ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 8. Fiber -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17 9. My Wellness Life ----------------------------------------------------------- 18


1. Quality Levels


2. My Nutrition Profile






3. Prefect Plan Analysis


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During the perfect plan, I adjusted my diet to include more vegetable and fruit. Also, I reduced some meat based food consumption because of the increase intake of other food which is helpful to get a feeling of fullness. In order to have more n-3 intake, I had additional nuts which is easy accessible and good in nutrition.

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4. Super Foods

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Spotlights of my superfoods Easily accessible Good source of vitamins and minerals Such as Vitamin A, Riboflavin, B6, B12, Calcium, Iron Very enjoyable which eating, no problem eating them everyday Easily cooked and flavorful

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5. Farm to Table
The Superfood of my choice is mushroom. Most colorful wild mushrooms are well known for poison, but the edible mushrooms are also very nutritious. My superfood receipt includes mushroom and tofu which are both nutritious and low in calories. There are also many various change in cooking technique and flavoring which can make this dish more enjoyful! There are many mushroom grower associations in the USA. California has about 17 mushroom farms (mushroomcompany). Mushroom can be raise in many type of environments because the nature of mushroom. There are many kinds of mushroom in the supermarket. The price is around $2-5 a box. Overall, mushroom is a easy accessible and nutritious food.

Example recipe:

Mushroom cooked with Tofu

Ingredients: Tofu - 300g Mushroom - 150g Green onion some Ginger some Salt little Sugar 2g Oyster sauce 20g Soy sauce 15g Starch some Sesame oil some Steps: Prepare all the ingredients. Slice the tofu and soak in salt water for 10 minutes. Stir fry green onion and ginger with oil first, then put washed mushroom in later. When the mushroom is become soften put tofu in the wok. Pour in some oyster sauce. Add some water and cook for about 8 minutes. Add desirable amount of salt, and then pour in water stirred starch. Pour in some sesame oil then finish.

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6. My Plate
In my plate analysis page DRI goals are calculated based on height and weight My calories goal is 2684 kcal and the actual intake is 2589 kcal which reaches 96% of my goal The analysis calculated all my foods nutrition and give me a idea about the quality of nutrition I am taking My plate is a helpful application to find out our foods nutritional information as well as to calculate a whole day plan for health meals

7. Water 8. Fiber
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9. My Wellness Life

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