LET Practice Test 1 General Science

1.Which is a destructive fishing method whe rein fis hes are driven out of a coral reef by pounding the corals with heavy weight? A. Corals entrapping B. Reef fishing C. Cyanide fishing D. Muro-ami 2. What may occur when there is a severe damage to some parts of the brain due to lack of blood supply? A. Heart attack B. Rheumatic heart C. Stroke D. Thrombosis 3. Which can help prevent developing osteoporosis? A. Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D B. Less exercise to decrease bone density C. Adequate intake of Vitamins A and D D. Estrogen replacement therapy 4. Meteorology is a very important branch of natural science, without which we cannot be informed of forthcoming _______. A. earthquakes B. typhoons C. comets D. meteors

5. In the energy pyramid, which organisms occupy the base? A. Herbivores B. Heterotrophs C. First orde r consumers D. Produce rs 6. One approach to lessen vehicular air pollution is: A. remove twenty or more year old vehicles in the street B. ban diesel using cars on the highway C. ask pedestrians to use bicycles D. utilizing the MRT and LRT 7. The theory on the effective use of cellular phones is credited to _______? A. Smart B. McDonald C. Bell D. PLDT 8. Empty bottles and cases of pesticides must be dis posed of properly. This is done this way: A. burying containers in deep pits B. washing with soap suds C. burning in a pit D. breaking the bottles in waste boxes 9. Environmentalists believe that___________. A. opening dumping sites will solve waste disposal best. B. burying plastic will ease clogging of water canals. C. classifying garbage identify biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste D. burning garbage is the safest approach. 10. Famine in Africa found very malnourished children. Several had poor teeth and sight. This is a sign of ___________________. A. deficiency in Vitamin A and D B. deficiency in protein C. deficiency in Vitamin B D. deficiency in iron 11. If something gets a positive electric charge, then follows that something else__________. A. become magnetized B. becomes equally negatively charged C. becomes equally positively charged D. becomes negatively charged, but not necessarily equally negatively charged 12. A lunar eclipse occurs when the ____________.

A. moon is between the sun and the earth B. moon, earth and sun form a right angle C. earth is between the moon and sun D. sun is in between moon and earth 13. In Moh’s scale, which is the softest and the hardest mine ral? A. Talc – Diamond C. Calcite – Feldspar B. Gypsum – Quartz D. Talc – Corundum 14. The energy of a hamme r hitting a nail is A. heat B. chemical

C. electric D. mechanical

15. A large depression caused by a collapse of the slopes of a volcano is called a _________. A. basin C. base level B. syncline D. caldera

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Answer Key : D C A B D C C A C A D C A D D

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