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A New Beginning
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A New Beginning Paraffin Treatments Price List Reflexology Essential Oil: Jasmine

June 2013 Volume 1 Issue 1

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I am so excited to be launching my own massage practice. Massage is something I have been interested in since around 2003 and to finally be moving forward with this dream is amazing. I’ve had wonderful support from my friends and family that has helped me push through an accelerated program and jump head first into my own business. I want to be able to help people who need bodywork. Being a theatre person and a character performer, I understand the need for bodywork. I also understand finding the time and money to give your body what it needs is often impossible to do on our schedule and budget. I’m hoping that with the opening of Elaborate Lives I can help change that in the Disney community and Orlando area. I have tried to establish prices that are competitive and fair. By basing my work as a mobile business, I am able to offer a wider variety of session times. If you need work at 11 o’clock at night because that’s when you get off work, I can do that for you. I
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Dip Into Relaxation
“Just relax. Everyone around you is working too hard.” - Bauvard

By John T. Gardner
Give your body a break! It is amazing how much stress can be relieved by a receiving a good hand treatment. Paraffin dips not only can help decrease stress but also sooth arthritis and other functional ailments people have in their hands. Liquefied paraffin gives a deep heat therapy that encourages your muscles to relax. As the heat transfers from the way to your skin it increases circulation which decreases pain and stiffness in joints and muscles. This treatment can also open your pores while moisturizing your skin leaving you feeling smoother and softer. Follow this up with a hand massage the further enhance the effects and you will feel the stress of your day melting out of your body. The combined heat of the paraffin with the muscle manipulation is truly a
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A New Beginning

Reflexology: It’s All in the Foot
By John T. Gardner
Most of us know everything in the body is connected. What affects one area of the body can affect many others, especially if the problem persists. Reflexology uses this knowledge and provides some exceptional results. “Massage therapists listen with their hands and their hearts.” In its simplest form, reflexology is the application of pressure along the foot, hand, or sometimes ear. There are zones in the body, 5 on the left and 5 on the right, which can be effected when stimulated at either end (the hands or feet). Reflexology allows the therapist to stimulate organ function and muscle action without having to work directly on that organ or area. This can be very helpful with post-surgery and burn victims. Recent studies with brain imaging support the claims of this ancient technique. There have been wall paintings from ancient Egypt and tattoos on the skin of members from many indigenous tribes showing body mapping on the feet at hands. Researchers have taken MRI photographs of volunteers’ brains while they received reflexology treatments. Then the area of their foot corresponding to the small intestine was pressed, the brain lit up not only for the foot sensation, but in the area known to control small intestine function. When the area associated with the eyes was pressed, again the MRI showed activity both in the foot and the area of the brain responsible for vision, and so on. This empirical evidence confirms the zone connection theory. This therapy is suitable for the majority of clients. It will help soothe the nervous system and can be used for general relaxation or to affect specific areas and ailments. Though it is not used to diagnose or cure these ailments, it is a growing choice of complimentary therapy.

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also have a new focus on Alternative Medicine. I believe Americans as a whole have become too dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and dealing with the symptom not the problem. This is why I am offering Reiki along with my massage sessions. We need to start look at our bodies as a whole being: physical, emotional, and spiritual; and not just a set of symptoms. I hope in the future to expand to a complete wellness center with many more alternative treatments to enhance each clients’ quality of life and give some clarity in a fast-paced and confusing world.

A New Beginning
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Deep Tissue Deep Tissue Deep Tissue Deep Tissue Chair Reflexology - Feet Reflexology - Feet/Hands Stretching Swedish Swedish Swedish Swedish Add 15 Minutes Reiki Long Treatment Reiki Short Treatment Reiki Chakra Balance

30 60 90 120 30 30 30 ~30* 30 60 90 120 15 ~60* ~30* ~15*

$35 $60 $75 $95 $20 $33 $40 $17 $30 $50 $70 $90 $15 $50 $30 $15

$40 $75 $90 $115 $25 $40 $50 $20 $35 $60 $85 $110 $20 $60 $40 $25

$45 $85 $105 $130 $30 $45 $60 $25 $40 $70 $100 $130 $20 $70 $50 $35

*Time may vary on a case by case basis. *Price refelexs the cost of service not a specific length of treatment.

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A New Beginning

The Essence of Jasmine
By John T. Gardner
Many people enjoy aromatherapy whether they realize it or not. The use of perfumes, candles, and plug-ins are all types of aromatherapy we come into contact every day. They are smells the person enjoys that elicit and specific response from them or that they hope will get a certain reaction from others. Olfactory (smell) connections are tied most directly to memory. In the spa setting, many of these same scents you use everyday are chosen and used to create a specific environment and have a specific effect on the body. The key to aromatherapy is Essential Oils. These are the chemical compounds that produce the scent we are looking for. Jasmine, a beautiful and delicate white flower, is harvested to make an absolute. Though the preferred method of extracting essential oils is through steam distillation, the petals of the jasmine flower are too delicate the go through this process. Instead they are place in a solvent. The oil or Absolute is then extracted from the resulting resin.
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A Jasmine Blossom

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special treat for your body and spirit. Paraffin can also be used on the feet and other areas of your body with similar effects. Increased circulation and decreased stress are just the beginning of the benefits you might notice after receiving this treatment. There is caution, however, to anyone with diabetes or other circulatory issues, as well as anyone suffering from neuropathy. Talk to your primary care physician and therapist before receiving your Paraffin dip.

“Massage is therapy for the mind, body, and soul.”

Paraffin treatments as well as salt and sugar scrubs will be available at Elaborate Lives: Massage & Bodywork soon!

Soothing Paraffin with rose petals

A New Beginning

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Jasmine is considered a multi-use oil with many holistic properties. Currently, it is being used with seizure and autism patients with great success. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and therefore reduces the symptoms and frequency of episodes for both pathologies. Jasmine can also be used within topical applications and be absorbed through skin promoting skin health, uterine health, and has shown apparent prevention of tumor development.

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