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GENERAL EDUCATION B Multiple Choices 1. An ERRATIC behaviour suggests one that is ___________. a. Norma b. Stable c. d.

Inconsistent Predictable

2. The statue was erected in _______ to war heroes. a. Irreverence b. Defence c. Homage d. Protection

3. The Magsaysay Memorial features a ____________ state of the well-loved President. a. Drab b. Caustic c. d. Casual Colossal

4. I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos rather than one run by foreigners. What does this mean? a. Filipinos are incapable of running the government. b. Though full of difficulties, Filipinos are preferred to lead. c. Foreign leaders are better in government. d. Leadership can be had only from foreigners. 5. The hostages are free. They paid their way! What do these statements tell us? a. They escaped after paying. b. They were released after paying. c. They were freed after negotiation. d. They had a peaceful negotiation. 6. Many hunters wear bright colors to be as _________ as possible. a. Courteous b. Conspicuous c. d. Covert Conscious

7. Wounded, he walked away still suffering from EXCRUCIATING pain. Describe the pain.

a. Mild b. Unbearable

c. d.

Endurable Slight

8. If I could speak Spanish, I_________ studying next year in Spain. a. Will spent b. Would have spent c. d. Has spent Would spend

9. Who among our Presidents promised to make this country great again? a. Garcia b. Magsaysay c. d. Marcos Macapagal

10. When one says it is an ERSATZ coffee, it is probably __________. a. Real b. Genuine c. Authentic d. Artificial

11. The driver of the speeding bus is CULPABLE. This means _________. a. Innocent b. Blameless c. d. Guilty Reckless

12. History is the witness that ______ passing of time. a. Testifies for b. Testifies c. Testifies the d. Will testify

13. The traffic flow at the corner was jammed, Joel feared getting late so he _____________ with a bus and leaped at the door. a. Has caught b. Catch up 14. The flower smells ______________. a. Sweetly b. Sweeter c. d. sweet More sweet c. Caught up d. Was catching

15. She is a vision of feminine pulchritude stands for ___________. a. Ugliness b. Plain d. c. beauty


16. The Rizal Day celebration reminds us about heroes worth ________________. a. Appreciating b. Emulating c. d. Emanating Demanding

17. People who are too ___________ are liable to be deceived by unscrupulous individuals. a. Credulous b. Decide c. d. cynical Demanding

18. Stop shilly-shallying and make up your mind. This serves as a warning not to____________. a. Go ahead b. Decide c. d. hesitate Continue

19. Be sure to fill ____________ the forms correctly. Which is the correct preposition to use? a. With b. In c. d. on Over

20. Children who have been exposed too much to TV usually suffer from short ____________. a. Learning b. Attention span c. d. concentration Understanding

21. What is the instructional procedure used when the teachers gather information about Readers abilities to deal with the content and structure of texts read? a. K-W-L Chart b. Grand Convention c. d. Cubing Cloze Procedure

22. Which TYPE of reading is CHORAL READING? a. Reading aloud to students c. b. Shared Buddy d. Guided

23. Which novel written by Kerima Polotan-Tuvera tells of the story of Emma Mercene who struggles for consummation of pure and clean love? a. THE HAND OF THE ENEMY c. THE FILIPINO REBEL




24. Which of the theories of learning, language and literacy emphasizes comprehension as students read? a. Reader Response b. Interactive c. d. Sociolinguistic Constructivist

25. The statement, Speak of evil no man, refers to _____________. a. Amazement b. Shock c. d. gossip Truth

26. News travels as fast as the wind. This line is a/an___________. a. Metaphor b. Simile c. d. idiom Antithesis

27. The line from the Koran, Woe to every backbiter, talks of ______________. a. Sorrow for those who oppose others opinion. b. Anguish for those who defend c. Punishment for those who say good things d. Misery for those who talks ill of others. 28. Which theory claims that readers have difficulty in comprehension because they are focused on WORD IDENTIFICATION? a. Submersion b. Automatically c. d. Immersion Alphabetic

29. My grandma had some lucid moments before she died. She was _____________. a. Ambiguous b. Confused c. d. sad Thinking clearly

30. Which question falls under the LITERAL COMPREHENSION LEVEL? a. Do you agree with the horse when it said that it is best to be what you are? b. In the story, who is short?

c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being tall and short d. Why is it good to be short? 31. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today Such is a good advice for those who__________. a. Proliferate b. Procrastinate c. d. predict Profess

32. He was excused because all he said were white lies. This idiomatic expression means ___________. a. Lies are written in white pages b. Lies recited are excusable c. He recited the lines in public d. Lies are really not that harmless 33. Our guest of honour was a LOQUACIOUS speaker. This means he is __________________. a. Taciturn b. reserved d. c. verbose


34. It may seem FRIVOLOUS to you, but its important to me. What does frivolous mean? a. Vital b. Practical c. worthless d. Significant

35. Which is an advantage on the use of VCR and TV? a. Interactive from experts b. Teacher-directed c. Access to have relevant information d. One on one interaction

36. Which order should be followed in viewing videotaped lesson? I. II. III. Reflection-discussion Viewing Pre-viewing


Follow-up activities a. III-I-II-IV b. III-II-I-IV c. d. III-II-IV-I III-IV-II-I

37. Which of the following should develop speaking skills in the application level? a. Present a summary of a book you have read or a current-events topic. b. Circle yes if the printed word pairs would rhyme when read aloud and no if they would not. c. Interview a friend d. Respond with the appropriate form according to the cue given. 38. There was HIATUS of two years before I went back to college. HIATUS means _____________. a. Length b. Lapse c. d. continuation Unenterruption

39. Which best describes the processes of reading and writing? a. The different stages merge and repeat. b. Children use different mental processes for reading, listening, talking and writing. c. The arrangement implies that the different languages arts develop separately d. The stages occur in sequence. 40. What system do students use in capitalization and punctuation rules? a. Syntactic b. Semantic d. c. Phonological


41. Ang isa sa mga katangian ng maikling kwentong pambata ay_________________. a. May kaunting tauhan b. May ibat-ibang tagpuan c. d. Naiiba ang panahon Nakakaaliw sa kanila

42. Kung sa langit ay nabubuhay, ang sa lupay namamatay Ano at kinatatakutan ang oras ng kamatayan. Ang saknong ay nagpapahayag ng damdaming _____________.

a. Maging matatag b. Maging mapagpasensya

c. d.

Maging mapagbigay Maging matapang

43. Huwag pagbuhatan ng kamay ang batang walang kalaban-laban. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito? a. Huwag kalabanin ang bata c. b. Huwag galawin ang kamay d. huwag saktan Huwag pagtrabahuhin

44. Siya ang BUGTONG NA ANAK ng mag-asawa. Ibigay ang kahulugan nito. a. Hindi mabuting anak b. Pinakamamahal na anak c. d. pinakamabuting anak Kaisa-isang anak

45. Siya ay MAY KUTSARANG PILAK nang ipinanganak. Ano ang ipinapahayag nito? a. Marani siyang kagamitang pilak b. Siya ay mayaman c. Gusting gusto niya ang kutsara d. Siya ay mahilig sa pilak 46. Walang ligaya sa lupa na di dinilig ng luha. Ito ay isang ______________. a. Bugtong b. Salawikain d. c. kawikaan


47. Sanay umulan na upang matubigan ang bukirin. Magdilang anghel ka sana. Sagot ng kausap. Ang ibig sabihin ay _____________. a. Magsimba ka para umulan b. Maging totoo ang iyong sinasabi c. Sumamba ka sa anghe d. Maging manghuhula ka 48. Ang tambal na salitang matang-manok ay may ibig sabihing ____________. a. Nakakatakot b. Nanlalabo c. d. nanlilisik Matalas

49. Nadurog ang kanyang puso sa tindi ng dalamhati. Ano ang ipinatatalastas dito?

a. Pagpapalit-tawag b. Pagmamalabis


pagwawangis d. Personipikasyon

50. Alin ang pinakatamang pahayag? _____________ niya ang langit. a. Tinitingala b. Tinitignan c. d. sinulyapan Tinitigan

51. Inaawitan ako ng mga alon sa dalampasigan.Ito ay halimbawa ng ___________. a. Personipikasyon b. Pagwawangis d. c. paglilipat-wika


52. Aling pangungusap ang wasto ang pahayag? a. Pinapirma sa akin ng pangulo ang resolusyon. b. Pumirma ako sa resolusyon ng pangulo c. Pinapirmahan sa akin ng pangulo ang resolusyon d. Pinapirmahan sa akin ang resolusyon ng pangulo 53. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang opisyal na wika mula panahon ng republika hanggang kasalukuyan? a. Tagalong b. Kastila d. c. Ingles

Ingles at Filipino

54. Anong kayarian mayroon ang pangungusap na Ang pagbaba ay mapipigilan at masusugpo ang polusyon kung magtatanim tayo ng mga puno? a. Payak b. Hugnayan c. d. tambalan Langkapan

55. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang may wastong gamit ng tinig ng pandiwa? a. Ang hinog na papaya na kinuha sa puno ni Marie. b. Kinuha ni Marie ang hinog na papaya sa puno. c. Kinuha sa puno ang hinog na papaya ni Marie. d. Papayang hinog ang kinuha sa puno ni Marie. 56. Ano ang uri ng pangungusap na walang paksa tulad ng WALANG ANUMAN? a. Eksistensyal c. pormulasyong panlipunan

b. Panagot



57. Alin sa mga ito ang nagpapahayag sa paraang organisado at artistiko maging tulayan sa berso na nagmula sa imahinasyon? a. Panulaan b. Sanaysay 58. Basahin at sagutin. Matulog ka na bunso Ang ina mo ay malayo Hindi naman masundo May putik at may balaho Ito ay halimbawa ng awit sa ___________. a. Pamamangka b. Pakikidigma c. d. pampatulog ng bata Pag-ibig c. d. Epiko Panitikan

59. Ano ang uri ng pangungusap na UMAARAW NA. a. Panawag b. Pormulasyong panlipunan d. c. Sambitia


60. LUMILIPAD ANG SAYA ng nanay sa pag-alis kaninang umaga. Anong uri ng pahayag ito? a. Eupemistiko b. Patayutay c. d. patula Idyomatiko

61. Anong panghalip ang ginagamit bilang pananda sa pangalang pinalitan sa hulihan ng pangungusap? a. Panao b. Anaphora c. d. pamatlig Katapora

62. PINASYALAN ng mag-anak ang Enchanted Kingdom noong isang buwan. Ano ang pokus ng pandiwa? a. Sanhi b. Tagatanggap c. d. direksyon Tagaganap

63. Kalian ginagamit ang IKA na may gitling? a. Kung ginagamit na panlapi sa isang salita b. Kung mismong bilang ang susunod na isusulat c. Kung ang ikakabit ay isang panlapi d. Kung ang bilang ay isinisulat na buo 64. Sa tanong na Hanapin ang pandiwa at sabihin kung ito ay palipat at katawanin. Ano ang ginagamit pagdulog? a. Literal b. Nosyunal c. d. Gramatikal Sitwasyonal

65. Ano ang tatlong layunin ng Katipunan? a. Pampulitikal, sibiko at reporma b. Pampulitikal, moral at propaganda c. Pampulitikal, sibiko at panrelihiyon d. Pampulitikal, moral at sibiko 66. DAMHIN mo ang init ng pagmamahal ng iyong magulang. Ang salitang nasa malaking titik ay nasa anyong pandiwang di karaniwan na _____________. a. May pungos b. May kutad c. d. may kaltas May palit

67. Alin sa mga sumusunod na parirala na ang larawan sa isip ay nabubuo mula sa hinabing salita ng isang akda? a. Larawang-buhay b. Larawang-damdamin c. d. Larawang-diwa Larawang-isip

68. Kung kilala ang Cebu sa kanyang Sinulog, kilala naman ang kalibu sa kanyang ______________. a. Dalampasigan b. Kadayawan d. c. ati-atihan


69. Alin ang angkang pinagmulan ng mga wika sa Pilipinas? a. Malay c. Malay Polensyo

b. Indones


Indones Polenesyo

70. Magtatrabaho ako at ikaw ay mag-aaral upang makatapos ka ng pag-aaral Anong uri ng pangugnusap ito? a. Tambalan b. Payak c. d. Langkapan Hugnayan

71. Alin dito ang isang mabisang gamitin ng guro sa pamamagitan ng pagdadala ng mga mag-aaral sa labas ng paaralan upang makakuha ng unang impormasyon tungkol sa bagay na pinag-aralan? a. Lektyur b. Seminar c. d. Training Field Trip

72. Alin ditto ang aklat na ginagamit ng guro n nakaayos sa masistemang paraan ang mga paksang-aralin na binuo ng isang partikular na kaalaman para sa isang tiyak ng aralin at antas? a. Manwal b. Magasin c. d. Workbuk Teksbuk

73. Alin ditto ang gagamitin kung hanap ay kalipunan ng mga araling nakaayos ayon sa layunin at mga mungkahing paraan kung paano ito ituturo? a. Pantulong na aklat b. Pamphlet c. d. Manwal ng guro Teksbuk

74. Alin ditto ang uri ng mga kagamitan radio, teyp rekorder at ponograpo? a. Panteknolohiya b. Naririnig at namamasid c. d. Nakikita Naririnig

75. Alin ang mabuting gamitin ng guro sa pagtuturo ng sanaysay, tula at iba pang genre ng panitikan? a. Pasaklaw b. Araling pagpapahalaga c. Pabuod d. Pamaraaang koseptwal

76. The simplest expression for 2/4 is ____________. a. 1 b. 4

c. () d. 2 77. If the ratio of women to men in a meeting is 4 to 1, what percent of the person in the meeting are men? a. 80% b. 20% c. d. 33 % 25%

78. Joel repacks a 60kg of sack of sugar into small packs of 750g. How many small packs can be made? a. 90 b. 45 79. How much bigger is 2 than 9? a. 175 b. 73 c. d. 45 431 c. d. 75 80

80. What is the average of , and ? a. 13/12 b. 13/27 c. d. 13/29 13/24

81. The product of 2 whole numbers is 36, and their ratio is 1:4. Which of these is the smaller number ? a. 9 b. 12 c. d. 3 2

82. The ratio 1/6 : 1.5 is equal to the ratio 35 to _____________. a. 30 b. 36 c. d. 42 45

83. An arithmetic book is 2cm thick. How many copies can be placed in a meter long shelf? a. 44 b. 40 c. d. 36 45

84. What is the smallest positive number that is a multiple of both 12 and 14?

a. 36 b. 42

c. d.

84 168

85. 40% of 35 is what percent of 140? a. 28% b. 29% c. d. 10% 14%

86. An employee earning P9,200 a month will receive a 10% increase next month. How much will his/her new salary be? a. P10,500 b. P10,530 c. d. P10,580 P10, 560

87. In a certain school the ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 7. If there are 150 boys and girls in the school, how many boys are there? a. 45 b. 90 c. d. 105 75

88. A park has a triangular shape. It has a base of 12m and a height of 9m. What is its area? a. 122 m b. 42 m c. d. 108 m 54 m

89. The length of a new piece of chalk is about ______________. a. 1 mm. b. 10 mm. 90. If 50% of x is 20, what is 30% of x? a. 30 b. 12 c. d. 20 16 c. 10 cm d. 1 cm.

91. Which of these fractions has the largest value? a. 4/5 b. 9/16 c. d. 7/10 5/8

92. Which of the followingis exactly divisible by 3 and 11?

a. 357404 b. 114345

c. d.

991111 135792

93. If the variance of distribution is 25, then the standard deviation is ____________> a. 30 b. 5 c. d. 625 12.5

94. Which of these numbers is greater than ? a. 04 b. () c. d. 1/0.04

95. If x is odd, which of these statements is true? I. II. III. x is odd x is odd x + 1 is odd

a. II only b. I and II only

c. d.

I only I and III only

96. Three times the first of three consecutive odd integers is 3 more than twice the third. Find the third integer? a. 9 b. 13 c. d. 11 15

97. A senior class of 50 girls and 70 boys sponsored a dance. If 40% of the girls and 50% of the boys attended the dance, approximately what percent attended? a. 44 b. 46 c. d. 42 40

98. What is the smallest positive integer that has 6, 8 and 10 as factors? a. 300 b. 240 c. d. 80 120

99. Joseph has more money that Mila but less than Billy. If the amounts held by Joseph, Mila and Billy are x, y, and z, respectively which of the following is TRUE? a. Z < X < Y b. X < Z < Y c. d. Y < X< Z Y<Z<X

100. How many ounces of pure acid must be added to 20 ounces of a solution that is 5% acid to strengthen it to a solution that is 24% acid? a. 2 b. 10 101. What percent is 14 of 24? a. 14% b. 41 2/3% 102. The value of a. 35 b. 6 c. 62 % d. 58 1/3% c. d. 3 5

is approximately ______________. c. d. 18 9

103. Michael is 15 years older than his brother Rafael. However, y years ago Michael was twice as old as Rafael. If Rafael is now x years old and x > y, find the value of x y. a. 13 b. 14 104. What percent is of 5/6? a. 65% b. 90% 105. 10. c. d. 80% 75% c. d. 15 16

What is the median of the following numbers ? 8,5,7,5,9,9,1,8,10,5 and a. 9 b. 8 c. d. 5 7

106. A certain pole casts a shadow 24 feet long. At the same time another pole 3 feet high casts a shadow 4 feet long. How high is the first pole, given that the heights and shadows are in proportion? a. 20 ft b. 24 ft 107. c. d. 18 ft 21 ft

What is the ratio of to 3/5 ? a. 3 to 20 b. 5 to 4 c. d. 3 to 4 5 to 12

108. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 42 in. The 2 equal sides are each3 times as long as the third side. What are the lengths of the three sides. A a. 18, 21, 3 b. 21, 21, 21 109. d. c. 6, 6, 8

18, 18, 6

Which of the following will give the same value as a a(b + c d) ? a. ab ac + ad b. abc d C c. d. ab + ac ad abcd B


If x + 6 = 9, then 3x + 1 = _____________. a. 3 b. 10 c. d. 9 34

111. If a certain job can be finished by 18 workers in 26 days. How many workers are needed to finish the job in 12 days? a. 45 b. 39 112. c. d. 24 30

If ( x/4 ) 2 = 22, what is the value of x? a. 60 b. 104 c. d. 80 96

113. A box is 12 inches wide, 16 inches long, and 6 inches high. How many square inches of paper would be needed to cover it on all sides? a. 192 b. 720 c. d. 360 900

114. P8,000 is invested at 12% simple interest. What is the amount at the end of 2 years? a. P9, 600 b. P8, 960 115. c. d. P8,240 P9,920

If x + 3x + 10 = 1 + x, then x = ___________. a. 7 b. 4 c. d. 1 9

116. How long will it take P10,000 to grow to P12,000 if it is invested at 9% compounded monthly? a. 18 months b. 25 months 117. c. d. 20 months 15 months

Which of the following sets of numbers can be sides of as right triangle? a. 4, 5, 6 b. c. d. 2, 2, 3

118. A meterstick was cut into 2 at the 25cm. mark. What is the ratio of the smaller piece to the larger piece? a. 2:5 b. 4:5 119. c. d. 3:4 1:3

What do users of electricity pay for? a. Time for using the electricity b. Electrical energy used c. Current though the applications d. Electrical power consumed


Which law of motion explains what happens every time we walk?

a. Universal gravitation b. Interaction d.




121. The tremendous energy of the sun is produced through atomic ___________. a. Fission b. Radiation c. d. disintegration fusion

122. The force required to maintain an object at a constant speed in free space is equal to____________. a. Force required to stop it b. Mass of the object d. c. zero

weight of the object

123. Which structure closes the opening in the larynx while we are swallowing? a. Glottis b. Septum c. Epiglottis d. pharynx

124. The union of an egg and sperm in an artificial environment such as a test tube or laboratory dish is called __________. a. Embryonic induction b. Internal fertilization c. d. in vitro fertilization conception

125. The point in the earths orbit is farthest from the sun is called ___________. a. Parallux b. Aphelion 126. c. d. perigee perihelion

Which has greater density, a lake full of water or a cup full of water? a. Not enough information b. The cup full of water c. They have the same density d. The lake full of water

127. In an aquarium, which abiotic factor may affect the continuous increase in fish population?

a. Available space b. Amount of carbon dioxide d.


oxygen in the water

available food

128. Steam burns are more damaging than burns caused by boiling water because steam _________. a. Is vapour of water molecules during boiling b. Occupies more space than water during boiling c. Has more energy per kilogram than boiling water d. Has a higher temperature than the boiling water 129. Climate in a particular region is greatly affected by ______________. a. Atmospheric pressure and wind b. Rainfall and atmospheric pressure c. Temperature and rain fall d. Wind and temperature 130. Why is a dam built wider at the bottom than at the top? a. To withstand the greater pressure at the bottom b. It holds up the dam better than the at the center c. To balance the pressure at the top d. It anchors the dam better 131. Which of the following shows mechanical weathering on rocks? a. Formation of caverns b. Acids dissolve rocks c. Freezing water between rocks particles d. Iron in rocks combine with oxygen 132. Ants and honeybees exhibit a caste system in which each member has a specific duty to perform. This is referred to as ______________. a. Morphology system b. Adaptive system c. Polymorphism d. Matamorphism

133. Which hormone promotes the development of secondary male sexual characteristics? a. Progesterone b. Testosterone 134. c. d. Estrogen gonads

If an object has kinetic energy, then it also must have _____________. a. Impulse b. Acceleration d. c. force momentum

135. Two pots of the same size are filled with boiling water. One pot is colored white and the other is black. In which pot will water cool faster? a. In the black pot rate b. In the white pot c. d. both pots will cool at the same in both pots

136. With old age the bone mass decrease especially in the vertebral column which causes it to collapse. What is this syndrome called? a. Osteocytes b. Osteoporosis c. d. osteocyclosis osteoblasts

137. Physical traits are transmitted from parents to offsprings through ___________. a. Genes b. Chromosomes c. gametes d. alleles

138. Which pigments of flowers and fruits are responsible for their change in color upon reaching maturity? a. Chloroplasts b. Tucoxanthin c. d. Carotinoids phycocyanins

139. At present, a patient fights cancer either through surgery or by subjecting him/her to a drug treatment called ______________. a. Irradiation b. Immune therapy c. viral treatment d. chemotherapy

140. As the earth revolves, due to the tilting of its axis what natural phenomena occur?

a. Global warming b. Day and night d.




141. Which of the iron-containing compounds gives the red corpuscles its color? a. Albumin b. Serum globulin c. d. Hemoglobla fibrinogen

142. The rocks brought by astronauts from the moon were found to be approximately ____________ billion years old. a. 5.5 b. 2.5 c. d. 4.5 1.5

143. What important metallic elements are found at the inner core of the earth? a. Phosphorous and silicon b. Iron and silicon 144. c. d. Iron and nickel Magnesium and potassium

Why do we see the sun rise in the east? a. The sun is stationary in the east c. west b. The earth revolves clockwise east d. The earth rotates from east to The earth rotates from west to


Which connective tissue makes up the tip of our nose and external ear? a. Tendon b. Ligament c. d. Cartilage Tough cords

146. If you lose your direction while travelling at night, which star should you look for and in what constellation? I. II. III. IV. Polaris Rigel Ursa minor Ursa major

a. I and IV b. II and IV

c. d.

II and III I and III

147. Riders in a bus are pushed forward during a sudden stop. Which law of motion provides an explanation? a. Hookes Law c. Law of Interaction d. Law of Inertia

b. Law of Universal Gravitation 148.

Which part of the brain controls heartbeat, breathing and digestion? a. Cerebellum b. Hypothalamus c. Cerebrum d. Medulla oblongata

149. The two minerals that are needed for bone and tooth formation and blood clotting are__________. a. Sodium and iron b. Calcium and potassium 150. c. d. calcium and phosphorous iron and iodine

What type of joints are found in our knees and fingers? a. Hinge b. Ball and socket c. Pivot d. Sliding


Bile is secreted by the liver and is stored in the ____________. a. Kidney b. Small intestines c. gall bladder d. pancreas

152. In our daily weather forecast, the region where two tropical wind systems converge characterizes by showers and widespread thunderstorm is called _________. a. Local disturbance b. Warm and cold fronts c. intertropical convergence zone d. tradewinds

153. Which hormone promotes the development of secondary female sex characteristics? a. Progesterone b. Gonads c. Testosterone d. Estrogen

154. Today, a computerized machinecould send regular electrical impulses to the heart muscles in order for it to beat rhytimatically. This machine is called ___________. a. Homeostatic machine b. Pacemaker d. c. pressure maker

heart implant


Organisms that can manufacture their own food are called _____________. a. Carnivores b. Autotrophs c. d. omnivores hetetrophs


Which is an adverse effect of deforestation? a. Increase in atmospheric humidity b. Cause flooding in the lowlands c. Paves way for human settlements d. Contributes to greenhouse effect

157. What is the difference between the highest and the lowest note on the piano? a. Highest note is always a softer sound b. Highest note has more vibrations per second c. Lowest note is always a louder sound d. Lowest note has more vibrations per second 158. Which of the following organisms are capable of emitting light, hence described as bioluminescent? a. Lichens b. Diatoms c. d. Blue-green algae Dinoflagellates

159. Which human right violation is a deliberate and systematic extermination of an ethnic or national group? a. Parricide b. Homicide d. c. Politicide



Are rights absolute? a. It depends on the kind of right exercised b. No, they are limited by the rights of others c. Yes, they are absolute d. It depends on the situation


Do the unborn have right to life a. Yes, but only those 5 months old in the womb b. No, they are not yet born c. Yes, unborn have the right to life d. No, they are not yet human

162. Every right has a corresponding duty. This means that rights and duties are __________. a. Absolute b. Reciprocal 163. d. c. related


The right to life is inalienable. Which action logically follows? a. An individual can give it up if she wishes to. b. An individual can exchange it with another right c. Society sees the sanctity of life d. The government has the obligation to secure the peoples right to life


My right ends where the right of others begin. What does this imply? a. Rights are absolute b. Rights are inviolable c. d. Rights have limits Rights are alienable


Is marriage a perfect right? a. Yes, because it is an obligation of healthy men and women b. It depends on the physical condition of the man or woman wanting to marry c. No, it is an imperfect right

d. Yes, because if man and woman do not marry the perpetuation of the human race is at stake. 166. From which does the exercise of human rights flow? From the _________. a. Various philosophies of man b. Exercise of a persons duty c. Dignity of the human person d. Fundamental law of the land 167. The following are the primary purposes of professional fees EXCEPT. a. To provide a reasonable income for professionals and their families b. To attract the right persons to the professions c. To reap return of investment d. To gain advancement in professional knowledge and skill 168. Are all rights inalienable? a. This is up to the person to whom the right belongs b. No c. Yes d. Some rights should be inalienable 169. I. II. III. IV. Which acts destroy another persons good name? Libel Oral defamation Treason Slander by deed

a. I, II, and III b. II, III, and IV

c. d.

I, II, and IV I, III and IV

170. A violation of human rights in the Philippines which was demonstrated against by active in the streets recently and has gained notice of the international community is the_________.

a. The imposition of oppressive taxes b. The exorbitant increase in the prices of commodities c. The cheating in the most recent election d. Mysterious killings of Filipino journalists 171. Which is a system of maintaining peace through an even distribution of military and economic power among nations? a. Diplomacy b. International relations c. Collective security d. Balance of power

172. I. II. III. IV.

Which are consequences of continuing armed conflict? Scarce economic resources are eaten up by militarization Disruption of normal economic development Displacement of people Emergence of local leaders a. I only b. I, II and III c. d. I, II, III and IV I and II only

173. Which peace efforts are most governments engaged in when they have representatives other countries to promote international cooperation and harmony? a. Disarmament b. Collective security 174. c. d. Diplomacy International organization

Which is a correct statement about peace? a. Peace means no conflict b. Peace is the absence of war and violent conflict c. Peace involves a lot of aspects. It is not just a single or simple good d. Peace is the opposite of violence and aggression

175. Which of the UNESCOs four pillars of education is most related to peace education? a. Learn to do b. Learn to know 176. c. learn to live together d. Learn to be

To what does conscientization lead? a. Perpetual opposition to the status quo b. Lack of trust in political leaders c. Political activism d. Critical awareness of issues


Which is the true way to peace? a. Absence of war b. Radical revolution c. Way of force and violence d. Way of brotherhood and solidarity


What does EDSA I in our history as a people prove? The power of________ a. Preference for the poor b. Information d. c. armed violence

people power

179. I. II. III. IV.

Which does long lasting peace involve? Social integration Economic development Social exclusion Political participation

a. I, II, III and above b. I and II d.


II only

I, II and IV


Why was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization organized? a. For collective security b. For diplomacy d. c. For international communication

For international trade


Why is the Filipino trait of pakikisama said to be ambivalent? a. It helps a person develop good values b. It can be used for or against the person who values it c. It makes people show their concern for others d. It encourage a person to do wrong

182. Our close family kinship as Filipinos has both a positive and negative influence. Which adjective describes our Filipino values? a. Subjective b. Ambivalent c. d. Situational Objective

183. In Kohlbergs Theory, which level of moral development does a principled person reach? a. Beyond post-conventional level b. Post-conventional level c. In between conventional and conventional levels d. Conventional level 184. The words dangal, delicadeza, and palabra de honor prove thatthe Filipino is___________. a. Respectful of others b. Religious person 185. c. reflective d. aware of his/her worth as a

If you are pragmatic, which will you do most likely? a. Frown on sacrifice b. Always ready to sacrifice c. Encourage people to sacrifice d. Look for opportunities to sacrifice

186. When we claim that values are objective, we believe that values ____________. a. Are changing c. are dependent on time and place

b. Are personal them 187.


remain a value even if nobody values

What do the advocates of value clarification believe in? a. Values are unchanging b. A value remains a value even if nobody values it c. There is no such thing as absolute value d. Values are objective.

188. first?

Sociologist Massey cites 3 periods of value development. Which is the c. d. Socialization period Absorption period

a. Modeling period b. Imprint period 189.

A government employee is in his office at or before 8:00 A.M. and leaves

at 5:00 P.M. because that is what expected of him. In which level of moral development does his behaviour manifest? a. In between pre-conventional and conventional levels b. Conventional level c. Pre-conventional level d. Post-conventional level


Which value/s is/are rooted on he Filipino awareness of his/her social-

relatedness? I. II. III. Delicadeza Pakikipgkapwa-tao Pakikiramay

a. II only


II and III

b. III only 191.


I, II and III

Which type of cooperative promotes thrift among members and

generates funds in order to lend to its members? a. Service cooperative c. Consumers cooperative d. Credit cooperative

b. Producers cooperative credit 192.

How does the government tax peoples labor? a. Through inheritance tax b. Through real estate tax c. d. Through an income tax Through value added tax


What holds TRUE to a cooperative? a. Membership is open only to a group for whom the cooperative is founded b. Each member is entitled to only one vote, regardless of his total shares. c. Distribute of patronage refunds is equal for all d. A member who has more shares has more votes


Which is the supreme body in a cooperative? a. The elected officers b. The assembly c. d. The Board of Directors The management staff


In the capitalist system monopoly and control of prices are done through

cartels while in the cooperative system _____________. a. Monopoly and control of prices are done by the chairman of the Board b. There is no monopoly by a powerful group because efforts are geared toward the upliftment of the life of the members c. Control of prices is done by the Board of Directors and management staff d. Monopoly is done through the members with the highest capital build up


Because of the onset and proliferation of AIDS cases, which social

problem gained renewed attention and concern? a. Child labor b. Drug addiction 197. c. Prostitution d. Pornography

Our opposition to divorce could be an influence of the____________ a. Educational system of the Spaniards b. Protestant religion introduced by the Spaniards c. Roman Catholic religion introduced by the Spaniards d. American constitution


Which statement on Alcoholics Anonymous is CORRECT? a. It is a group of alcoholic fathers and mothers who has made if its mission to help alcoholic fathers and mothers b. It helps alcoholics to avoid alcohol use and rebuild their lives c. It is a group of businessmen bent on stopping manufacture of alcoholic drinks d. It is an association of alcoholics who remain unknown to each other.


Which is the primary factor that drives most Filipino men and women to

leave their families and work abroad? a. Literacy b. Insurgency 200. d. c. Poverty

Dissatisfaction with Philippine society

Which virtue helps us regulate our passions and use of earthly goods? a. Fortitude b. Justice c. d. Charity Temperance