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Sachin Tendulkar Role Model for the Indian Youth

Ramesh Tendulkar Sachin is known as the god of modern cricket. That has everything a normal human being can only dream. Ramesh Tendulkar Sachin is the perfect role model for young indigenous people did not only because so many miles of stone on the cricket field, but his behavior off the field is also admirable. People often say of success is easy compared to maintaining the success or reach the top is easy but maintaining itself at the top is very difficult. Ramesh Tendulkar Sachin has done exactly the same thing. During the past two decades is one of the few cricketers who are always away from controversy. Even the opposing teams on Master Blaster, not only for their cricket skills, but because of his approach to life. His courtesy can win anyone's heart. Today every young hitter in India Ramesh Tendulkar Sachin wants to keep. He is a very good hitter, but that is a gem of a person. We have many examples. Recently he has chosen not to sign a millionaire with a well-known for promoting their products ~ alcohol just because he had made a promise to his late father never approved alcohol or snuff products. His record speaks volumes about their cricket skills and kindness speaks volumes about him as a person. He is always good for their fans. Sometimes even manages tickets or passes for their fans so they can enjoy the game from the stadium. Never given to activities that are

but the image stayed clean Sachin Tendulkar as ever.unethical. the match-fixing scandal broke the back of cricket in India. is a perfect role model for indigenous youth. was Sachin who took charge of the captaincy when India is in a difficult phase. not only with Indian cricket. the Bharat Ratna. He's a great hitter great human being in a word. It is believed that many people will stop watching cricket after Sachin Tendulkar's retirement Ramesh. It is a gem. I will not name. . but for the game of cricket. is due to the prohibition of match fixing. That's incredible contribution to the world of the people here in the Indian cricket appeal granted the most prestigious award in India. People still love to watch Test cricket just to see this great man of hitting. During the latter part of 1990. Many players on the team in India.

I was also his captain during our days as budding cricketers at St Joseph's Boys High School. He would always put a price on his wicket. He would always keep thinking about the way he got out and what he could have done better to stay at the crease. It was a great effort. I have played with him during my school days and one attitude that stood out was his urge to revisit the errors and correct them. longevity. Many articles have been written about this facet of Rahul but it doesn't surprise me. There was one instance in 1987 during the 30-overs-a-side Aryabhatta tournament final between SJBHS and SJIHS. hard work to eradicate your short comings and dedication to . Come March 10 and Indian cricket will be left with a huge void to fill in terms of runs. A void which may not be filled for a long time. commitment and determination. He never liked it when he got out. It was tough and we overhauled the target with very little to spare. he would return to the nets the next day to re-focus and practice the drill till he was satisfied he had got it right. Right from his school days.Rahul dravid My best memory of Rahul Dravid is his unwillingness to accept defeat. A common refrain by opponents during the school days was "You get Rahul. Indian sport has but a select few sport personalities who have started and finished their long careers without a blemish. Rahul is one such person. no matter what. How often have we not seen this at the highest level with Rahul holding fort for India. Right from our days at St Anthony's primary school. We had been penalised around 30 runs for poor over-rate. he hated losing. I played hockey and cricket alongside Rahul. What makes Rahul what he is? In my opinion it is a perfect balance of hard work and dedication. you win the game". the perfect role model to any aspiring sportsperson. Not merely that. We found ourselves together at one point of time and decided to chase. What caught my attention was his attitude towards the game. A bowler had to earn Rahul's wicket.

Here's wishing him all the very best. . He will continue to be an inspiration to many youngsters who have looked up to the wall.accomplish the task on hand.

” ~Mother Teresa When was she alive? 26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997 What was she famous for? Mother Teresa was an Albanian Catholic nun who spent 45 years as a humanitarian caring for the sick. Help one person at a time. She is known by many as a modern day Saint. and always start with the person nearest you.MotherTeresa “Never worry about numbers. she left her mother and sister and went to India to join the Sisters of Loreto. and began the . which was a missionary order of nuns. What did she do? This strong and independent woman was born in Skopje. At the age of 19. the hungry and the dying in India. and her maiden name was Gonxha (Agnes) Bojaxhiu. Teresa travelled to the slums of Calcutta. the poor. One day she had a realization that her life's mission was to help the poor and unprivileged. Yugoslavia. which was without a doubt one of the poorest cities on the planet.

and making the world a better place. which is inspirational just at that. Mother Teresa did many things that everyone can look up to and aspire to be like. Mother Teresa is definitely crew approved! . all those people who feel unwanted. She devoted her life to promoting peace. the blind. She began giving speeches worldwide. people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone. Mother Teresa's work is being carried on by the 3.Missionaries of Charity." Mother Teresa soon became known internationally. unloved.000 + members of the Sisters of Charity. uncared for throughout society. the crippled. helping to bring attention to the difficulties of the poor everywhere. independent and loving woman. continuing the selfless legacy that Mother Teresa spent her long life establishing. Interesting Fact Today. she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. the naked. Why is she a Role Model for girls and women today? Mother Teresa is a good role model to teen girls and others because of how she proved the capability of change from just one person. This was where she tended to what she called "the hungry. who will always be remembered for the things she accomplished. In 1979. the homeless. She was a strong. the lepers.