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Choose the word which best completes the sentence.

1. It comes out the __________ at the top of the tube. a) nose b) noose c) nozzle d) node 2. The crane looked like it was going to __________ over. a) ripple b) topple c) tipple d) huddle


3. The robot can control the pressure it exerts because it has _________ sensors. a) touchable b) tasteful c) tactile d) visible 4. Religion and politics interest him almost __________. a) equally b) the same c) similarly d) alike 5. Employees who have a __________ are encouaged to discuss it with the management. a) hindrance b) disturbance c) disadvantage d) grievance 6. Sparkling pools of water lay trapped among the rocks as the tide ___________. a) removed b) refilled c) retired d) receded 7. The police have been ordered not to ___________ if the students attack them. a) combat b) retaliate c) challenge d) rebuff 8. The woman was ____________ from hospital yesterday only a week after her operation. a) ejected b) expelled c) evicted d) discharged 9. Our salesmen normally ___________ their travel expenses from the company once a month. a) settle b) reimburse c) cover d) claim 10. This travel guide is very useful, but it does not ___________ to cover aspect of the country. a) proclaim b) announce c) state d) expect 11. The purpose of the survey was to ___________ the inspectors with local conditions. a) inform b) acquaint c) instruct d) notify 12. The organisers of the competition are unable to ___________ into any discussion of the results. a) embark b) enter c) undertake d) negotiate 13. __________ further rioting to occur, the government would be forced to use its emergency powers.

a) Should b) Did c) Were d) Had 14. A property company was making a take-over ____________ for the supermarket site. a) proposition b) bid c) tender d) proposal 15. It's the Prime Minister's right to ____________ an election at any time he likes. a) summon b) nominate c) call d) submit 16. He was disqualified for failing to ____________ with the rules of the competition. a) accommodate b) compete c) comply d) acquiesce 17. The dampness of the walls caused the paint to ____________ off. a) crumble b) splinter c) flake d) scale 18. Unfortunately our local cinema is on the ____________ of closing down. a) verge b) hint c) edge d) threat 19. ____________ had they recovered from the first earthquake when they felt the second tremor. a) Never b) Scarcely c) No sooner d) Just 20. ____________ his advice, they would have never got the job. a) Except b) Apart from c) But for d) As for 21.She realised that the manager was angry from the ____________ tone she adopted. a) brief b) smooth c) curt d) high 22. ____________ the government fall, the stock market will crash. a) Provided b) In case c) Should d) Had 23. All courses at the college are offered on a full-time basis unless ____________ indicated. a) further b) otherwise c) below d) differently 24. These suggestions are ____________ to be accepted by the majority of members. a) unlikely b) impossible c) undoubtedly d) inconceivable 25. The unscrupulous salesman ____________ the old couple out of their life savings. a) deprived b) swindled c) robbed d) extracted

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